Best Citation Generators: The Top 6 Programs to Try

If you are looking for the best citation generators software currently available, here are the top 6 options.

Plagiarism is a serious issue in the writing world. When using content or ideas that are not your own, you must give credit to the appropriate source using parenthetical citations, in-text citations, or citations at the end. There are numerous citation styles, including APA format, MLA, AP, and Chicago-stye citations. It can take a long time to complete citations, and there are automated programs that can make this easier.

What are a few of the top citation generator programs you should consider?

Best Citation Generators

1. Zotero

Price: Free with Google Drive, up to 15 GB of space
Best for: Anyone who needs an open-source program that works with Linux

Best Citation Generators: Zotero
It works well across a variety of platforms

Zotero has become one of the most well-respected citation programs available. Furthermore, unlike most other programs, it is compatible with Linux. It also works well with Microsoft Word and Firefox. It even lets you export in numerous file formats. While it might not have the same features as some of the other programs on this list, it is free as long as you have Google Drive.

  • Free for up to 15 GB.
  • It works well across a variety of platforms.
  • It has a plugin for Firefox.
  • It integrates well with Microsoft Word.
  • It is not the fastest program available.
  • It does not come with an annotation feature for PDFs.
  • The free version limits you to 15 GB only if you have Google Drive.

2. ReadCube Papers

Price: $3 per month for one user. $20 per month for the larger enterprise package
Best for: People with projects that have well-defined needs

Best Citation Generators: ReadCube Papers
It is significantly less expensive than many of the other programs available

ReadCube Papers can help you take care of a wide variety of citations. If you have topics that you can distribute to multiple people, and you can help them keep their scopes clear, this program will handle your citations easily. In addition, the program integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word.

If you need to move your citations from place to place, the program can slow down a bit, and the citations do not always stay organized during the copy and paste process. This is why it is important to use this program with projects with a defined scope. The program also has proofreading features that can help you ensure that your citations are accurate before you move forward.

  • Comes with a convenient user interface.
  • It is significantly less expensive than many of the other programs available.
  • Integrates smoothly with Microsoft Word.
  • The customer support team is not the most helpful department in the world.
  • Older files and PDF programs will not work with this program.
  • Adobe Acrobat is also not compatible with the annotations made in this program.

3. Endnote

Price: A 30-day free trial is available—$ 110 after that
Best for: Anyone looking for a complete citation program can do it all

Best Citation Generators: Endnote
Features unlimited storage space without charging extra money

Endnote is one of the most popular citation programs available, and it is also one of the oldest. It can handle citations in just about any style and provides unlimited storage space. There is also an automatic PDF downloader that can help you save time. Furthermore, Endnote can integrate with numerous other writing tools, streamlining the process.

  • Comes with an automatic PDF downloader.
  • Features unlimited storage space without charging extra money.
  • Can handle numerous citation styles.
  • You can import countless references into the program easily.
  • It works well on desktops but not on tablets and phones.
  • It is pricey when compared to other options.
  • The web sync feature is a bit slow and hard to use.

4. Quillbot

Price: There is a free version. The price starts at $7.95 monthly or $39.95 annually, $3.33 per month
Best for: Those looking for a comprehensive writing tool that includes citations

Best Citation Generators: Quillbot
It features grammar checking tools

Quillbot is a comprehensive writing tool with a summarizer, a grammar checker, and a powerful paraphrasing tool. This paraphrasing tool is very powerful and can help you rearrange, restructure, and rewrite sentences easily without changing the meaning of the content. You can paraphrase the content, make it your own, and still communicate the same point. Quillbot also has a free citation generator that can handle various citation formats, including MLA style, APA style, AMA, and Chicago-style citations. This tool will even explain how to cite certain sources when to cite them, and how to streamline the process.

  • It comes with a wide variety of writing tools.
  • The paraphrasing tool is easy to use and very fast.
  • It features grammar checking tools.
  • It can handle numerous types of citations.
  • There is a character restriction on the free plan.
  • Creative Quill-mode freezes often.
  • The support team is not always responsive.

5. EasyBib

Price: There is a free version. However, there is no free trial of the paid version, which costs $10 per month
Best for: Anyone looking to teach others how to do annotations and citations

Best Citation Generators: EasyBib
It comes with countless tools that explain how the process works

EasyBib is a great program for students and teachers because it has tools that demonstrate how to do citations accurately. A bibliography creator has a step-by-step process, helping people save time and learn how to do citations themselves. Even grammar lessons and writing guides are included in the program, but they are not available with the free version. Users also have access to videos that explain the difference between AP, Chicago format, APA, MLA, and numerous other citation styles. Finally, many infographics and flowcharts can make the process easier.

  • There is a free version available.
  • It comes with countless tools that explain how the process works.
  • Includes a bibliography creator that is perfect for teaching.
  • Has lessons and videos available for added explanation.
  • The free version is very limited.
  • The user interface is not the easiest to navigate.
  • The program can be boring for those who already know how to do citations.

6. Mendeley

Price: $5 per month. No free trial
Best for: Large research departments with lots of academic citations

Best Citation Generators: Mendeley
It has a drag and drop feature that makes moving your citations easier

Mendeley is a great citation generator for anyone who needs a citation program that works well with many people. It can help you annotate your documents, share your references with others, and help you keep them straight across multiple platforms. The collaboration features are exceptional, so it is great for departments where many people need to work together on the same project. While the program can be difficult for non-academic people to handle, it remains one of the top programs available for academic citations, such as Harvard journal articles.

  • It allows you to collaborate with other people easily.
  • It has a drag and drop feature that makes moving your citations easier.
  • It has a variety of organizational features that help you keep everything straight.
  • Works well with numerous citation styles.
  • It is challenging to use for people who do not have an academic background.
  • The servers are not always active.
  • It will not sync across multiple folders or files, leading to versioning issues.

Our Selection Criteria

There are plenty of online citation generators from which to choose, and we considered several factors when making our list.

They include:

  • Price: When looking for the best citation maker, we always considered the price, whether there was a free version available, and whether there was a free trial.
  • Ease of Use: We also considered how easy the program was to use, whether a tutorial was available, how reliable the program was, and whether there was a convenient Chrome extension.
  • Features Available: We also considered the features of the MLA or APA citation generator. How many citation styles could the program handle, and did it produce accurate citations?

We looked at the style guides of each of these programs, applied them to a reference list or two, and made sure the programs worked well.

Why You Can Trust Me

Some of the reasons why you can trust me:

  • I have a tremendous amount of experience producing a reference or works cited page.
  • I have used countless apps and programs to simplify this tedious process, and I have personally used these citation tools.
  • I know what programs make an APA or MLA citation easier to write, and I am confident that one of these tools will work well for your needs.

Consider some of the citation generators above for a worthwhile and reliable citation generator for your research papers and essays.

If you are interested in learning more, check out our paraphrasing vs. plagiarism guide!

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