Articles About Basketball: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Basketball is a challenging game of shooting the ball through the hoop. See our top picks of articles about basketball, plus writing prompts you can use.

My father is an avid basketball enthusiast. He’s also a basketball player with annual tournaments and deep roots in our local basketball association. I grew up constantly watching my dad play and talk about basketball for hours, so it’s not surprising that I’m also a huge basketball fan.

Basketball has physical, mental, and social benefits. It can also be a bonding time for families who enjoy sports like ours. Check out our top 20 engaging family essay topics if you want to write on this topic.

5 Example Articles

1. Improving Practice and Performance in Basketball by Aaron Scanlan and Vincent Dalbo

“…key players are missing games or being rested for ‘load management’ in the NBA to reduce player injury risk, despite some initial evidence suggesting greater rest during the regular season does not reduce injury incidence or performance in the playoffs.”

In this article, the authors review various basketball research to use as a reference in planning ways to improve basketball training and player performance. They note that data from the monitoring technologies used in the studies can help create training programs, prevent injury, and optimize decisions. Ultimately, the authors suggest that there should be more research to identify the effects of various training techniques on player performance.

2. Here’s the History of Basketball — From Peach Baskets in Springfield to Global Phenomenon by Tucker Toole

“The nets used by athletes to dunk the ball and score points in the beloved game of basketball evolved from peaches, or rather the baskets used to collect peaches.”

Toole’s article contains valuable information about the origins of basketball. In his article, he talks about how James Naismith made a simple yet complex game out of a peach basket. He explains the original rules of basketball, the umpire’s role in disqualifying a player, the scoring system, and the game’s duration. He then narrates the first public basketball game in 1892 with an audience of 200 and how basketball grew in popularity, creating more tournaments and leagues.

3. The ‘Hot Hand’ Is a Real Basketball Phenomenon – But Only Some Players Have the Ability To Go on These Basket-making Streaks by Konstantinos Pelechrinis and Wayne Winston

“… When we looked at all players together, we found that usually when a player makes more shots than normal after making consecutive shots, they are likely to revert toward the shooting average by missing the next one. Hot hands do exist, but they are rare.”

In this article, the pair examines “hot hands,” or the player’s ability to do a streak in shooting the ball, including the science behind it. The results of analyzing the National Basketball Association (NBA) players with hot hands contradict the initial study of streak theory. The theory states that players who made shots twice had a lower chance of making it a third time. They justify hot hands through the explore and exploit approach but acknowledge that other factors are yet to be uncovered.

4. Is New York Still the Center of the Basketball Universe? By Zak Cheney-Rice

“… New York felt like the bright center of the universe. It not only had a pipeline of position players whose style was so recognizable that opponents could guess where they came from on sight, but the NBA’s premier arena in the Garden, where even non-Knicks like Michael Jordan (55 points) and Reggie Miller (eight points in nine seconds) played some of their best games.”

Cheney-Rice recounts how New York became the “Mecca” of basketball, citing the location’s environment that encourages players to be brave, unique, and influential. While there is no concrete answer as to why New York is not the center of the basketball universe anymore, the writer believes that the Knicks’ mismanagement and other failures are significant factors. However, Cheney-Rice clarifies that he doesn’t see this as negative because there is no “center of the basketball universe.” Any place can produce great players and teams.

5. Why Women’s Basketball Still Fights for Equal Recognition by Tucker Toole

“…in the nearly 50 years since Title IX came into force, women in sports have consistently faced gender inequality.”

Toole reports on how female athletes, especially in basketball, still fight unjust treatment despite the Title IX amendment that specifies a stance against sex discrimination. Much evidence supports this unfairness against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), including prioritizing male over female basketball players in weight rooms, swag bags, and food. He delves into the timeline of female athletes‘ long fight for equality and the reality that society is still far from unbiased receptions, despite adjustments in women players’ base salary and other efforts.

7 Prompts in Writing Articles About Basketball

1. Basketball Then and Now

Since James Naismith invented basketball in 1891, many things about basketball have changed. In this prompt, look into these changes and why they were implemented. Discuss the team size, basket, scoring, and rules. Compare these changes to the basketball games we know today.

For example, early basketball games only had a 15-minute mark, and no overtime often left two teams tied. But when the tournament and leagues started, each quarter had only 12 minutes of play and sudden death to break the tie. You might also be interested in these essays about sports.

2. All About Women’s Basketball

All about women's basketball
Dedicate your article to encourage readers to pay attention to women’s basketball by including how this sport empowers women and how it differs from men’s basketball

The book “Shattering the Glass: The Dazzling History of Women’s Basketball from the Turn of the Century to the Present” contains women’s basketball history. You can review this book and discuss the person behind it, its original purpose, why it became popular among women, etc. 

Collect other exciting information about women’s basketball by doing thorough research or talking with industry experts. Dedicate your article to encourage readers to pay attention to women’s basketball by including how this sport empowers women and how it differs from men’s basketball.

3. Basketball for Newbies

Many people watch and are interested in learning basketball, but the sport is not just about running, jumping, and shooting. Use this prompt to help beginners understand the game better by writing about its basic rules, moves, and other details an individual must know to improve their knowledge and skills

Remember to use reliable and updated sources, as basketball rules can quickly change. For instance, your article can contain information about proper ball handling and dribbling, the different types of shots and team positions, and ways to prevent injuries.

4. Basketball Teams and Imported Players

Countries, including the US, import international players into leagues, and sometimes these players are offered to be naturalized. In your article, identify which countries commonly import basketball players and their reasons. Discuss how these players are selected, then name some players borrowed by foreign basketball teams, plus the amount they are paid per contract.

To give you an idea, Justin Brownlee, an American professional basketball player, became a naturalized Filipino after being in Barangay Ginebra San Miguel of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) since 2018. He’s expected to play for the Philippines in the upcoming Fiba World Cup.

5. The Pros and Cons of Playing Basketball

Basketball has many health benefits, such as building healthy bones, improving movement, and enhancing self-confidence. However, players are also prone to various injuries. Use this prompt to examine the advantages and disadvantages of playing basketball. Identify the people not recommended to be basketball players, plus how an individual can enjoy the sport even if they are not players. 

6. What Is the Latest News on the NBA?

Besides watching the news, online articles often guide viewers to the latest information about basketball, their favorite players, and teams. Writing articles about this sport’s current and popular headlines ensure more engagement. Some popular topics include league openings, a famous player or coach moving to another team, scandals or issues, league standings, and injuries.

7. Basketball Legends

Basketball legends

Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James are just three of the most famous players in basketball. Write an exciting article detailing basketball history’s most famous and influential players. Focus on their significant basketball achievements that inspired many fans and players throughout their careers.

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