Articles About Camping Trip: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Going on a camping trip is an escape from city life’s daily hustle and bustle. Read the examples and prompts in our guide to write articles about camping trips.

The global spread of COVID-19 canceled all travel plans. To experience the wonders of the great outdoors despite the closure of borders and establishments catering to tourists, many turned to camping trips for a vacation. At the height of the pandemic, about 50 million Americans went camping.     

Aside from escaping stress, camping also develops independence and builds stronger relationships among camping partners. An excellent way to remember your camping adventures is to record them in a diary or journal.

Articles About Camping Trip Examples 

1. How To Plan a Camping Trip: 4 Simple Steps by Jessica Sanders

“When it comes to planning a camping trip, there are a lot of details to dial in. These four steps can help make it easy and manageable until you fall into your own rhythm. So, get your bags packed, hop in the car, and enjoy your trip.”

Sanders offers a direct, four-step plan for new campers to follow. These steps include what you want to do during camping, reserving the campsite, planning what you’ll eat, and packing your gear. Throughout each section, she gives more detail and tips to assist readers in curating a personalized and fun camping adventure. For more, check out these articles about camping.

2. How To Plan a Seamless Family Camping Trip by Lauren Matison

“But if you’re intimidated by the idea of planning your first family camping adventure, we have good news: there’s no one right way to do it.”

Matison’s article aims to guide parents in planning their camping trips, such as establishing its main goal and purpose. The author describes the advantage of camping in less known campsites and using a checklist when packing camping needs. She recommends hassle-free but homey meals. Since it’s a family camping trip, Matison says it’s essential to keep the kids engaged with camping-related activities. Having a first aid kit is also important; check the surroundings and always be ready anytime.

3. 7 Best Ways To Save Money on a Camping Trip by Daniel Bortz

“… Expenses for food, permits, and transportation, your camping budget could quickly go up in flames. The upshot? There are ways to cut costs without putting a damper on your camping trip.”

According to Bortz’s research, camping trips are expensive, so he presents seven tips for new campers to save money without sacrificing the comfort and joy of camping. Some of his proposals include avoiding expensive campgrounds, staying close to home to save on gas, and renting equipment instead of buying new.

He recommends cooking and using reusable water bottles over prepackaged foods and bottled water for meals. The author also mentions that most campsites offer paid and expensive amenities, so he suggests looking for free camping activities like biking, fishing, and board games. Bortz says that volunteering for work or “workamping” to stay at campgrounds for free is the best.

4. Adventure & Relax on a Minnesota Camping Trip by Erica Wacker

“Relaxation, adventure, escape, and quality time with family and friends are among the many reasons why camping is a beloved Minnesota pastime.”

Wacker’s article highlights how Minnesota offers everything a camper can want for a trip and presents examples to support her claim. While Boundary Waters is perfect for people who want to experience the real off-the-grid life, the state also offers plenty of camping spots for backpackers. As for campgrounds and RV parks, Minnesota has over 500 private campgrounds with many amenities like swimming pools, game rooms, and Wi-Fi connection. Campers in state parks can enjoy beautiful hiking trails and other outdoor activities.

5. 10 Questions Everyone Has Before Their First Camping Trip by Marina Nazario

“… First time camping is a memorable milestone, often marked by confusion and mistakes – but that’s half the fun.”

In this article, Nazario surveys outdoor enthusiasts about what others must know about camping and gives some advice to the first-time camper. Most participants answer “How-To” questions like setting up a tent, building a fire, preparing for the weather, and getting help in an emergency. If you want to read more about the topic, here are essays about camping trips.

Writing Prompts for Articles About Camping Trip

1. Health Benefits of a Camping Trip

Health benefits of a camping trip
In this prompt, identify camping trip benefits and discuss how this outdoor activity promotes good physical and mental health

Camping trips are rich in benefits, which is one of the reasons that so many people choose to make it their lifestyle. Identify these benefits and discuss how this outdoor activity promotes good physical and mental health. Include evidence from research and experts to encourage your readers and make your article more informative. You can also interview experienced campers and ask them about the benefits they get from camping.

2. Camping Trip to a Tropical Country

While people use RVs for comfortable camping, other campers travel abroad to enjoy nature, especially where they can relax. Write a guide that contains the essentials for camping in a tropical country. Then, provide factual information about camper dos and don’ts in these areas.

For example, camping in a tropical country like the Philippines, you should be prepared for sudden weather changes. In that case, you’ll need quality waterproof gear like tents, clothing, footwear, and sleeping bags to keep you warm on a cold rainy night.

3. How To Have a Good Night’s Sleep During a Camping Trip

After a long and tiring hike or setting up your tent, your body needs a comfortable place to sleep. In your article, teach readers how to stay dry and warm at night and have a restful sleep. Be sure to include tips on choosing the right camping gear, such as tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, pillows, and other essentials to make the campsite more comfortable.

4. Best Apps To Have for a Camping Trip

Thanks to technology, there are now applications that help people improve their camping trip experience. Briefly discuss the first camping app launched in the market, how it became a widespread trend, and the benefits and costs of using these apps. List the top ten best camping apps today and explain how often and why campers use them.

5. Essential Food for Your Camping Trip

When packing food to take on a camping trip, it’s important to note your campsite to identify the most practical meal you should take with you. For this prompt, present a list of indispensable foods that you can eat no matter the situation and explain why they should be remembered when camping. You should also offer your readers alternatives if they have dietary restrictions or allergies. For instance, canned beans provide protein to replenish your energy.

6. Solo Camping Trip as a Woman

Many people choose to camp with their family, co-campers, friends, or alone. Devote your article to solo women campers and why they camp independently. You should also expound on why some are against them doing this activity by themselves. Add the pros and cons of being a female solo camper and give tips on overcoming challenges and keeping themselves safe. 

7. The Best Activities To Do When Camping

The best activities to do when camping
Use this prompt to endorse and describe activities that campers can do to make their experience more fun and unforgettable

Camping offers various activities for all ages, including hiking, fishing, geocaching, and more. Use this prompt to endorse and describe activities that campers can do to make their experience more fun and unforgettable. You can divide your article by who can participate in the activities based on their age for easier reading. Add the necessary tools or equipment, benefits, and safety tips in describing these activities.

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