Essay About Camping Trips: Top 5 Examples and 10 Prompts

Are you looking to write an essay on the subject of camping? Here are some essay samples and prompts to assist you in writing your essay about camping trips.

Many have missed bonding with nature after the restrictions the pandemic imposed. That’s why many people are finding time to venture outside. In today’s busy world, where people have less time to spend outdoors, camping trips are an excellent opportunity to reconnect with nature. 

Whether a newbie or an expert camper, writing about camping trips is a great way to express your passion through writing. If you’re having difficulties finding the right words to share your feelings about this topic, here are our top essay examples and writing prompts to help you get started with your camping essay. And we have another article you might enjoy on articles about camping which gives some more great examples.

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1. Let’s Go Camping by Sophia Stephens

“He asked, ” Did you have fun?”. With a sorrowful look on my face, I replied, “Yeah. I broke a window.” I should have listened to my dad…”

The essay is about three 16-year-olds who went camping. Stephens shares an experience where they broke a window and tried to make it look like an accident. This piece reminds its readers that although camping trips are fun, it doesn’t mean that one can be careless and irresponsible.

2. My Life Camping Experience by Raymond Burns

“While we enjoyed the sound of the rain’s very soft light droplets dripping on our tent, mom prepared some snacks and drinks for us while we played games and chatted about our daily life stories. Even with the rain, I had never been happier.”

In this essay, Burns recalls their family’s camping experience and is grateful for the memory. Aside from relishing the beauty of nature, he also learned that even if the weather may not turn out to be best for camping, they can adapt and make unforgettable memories as a family.

3. My Experience in Camping by Edmund Perry

“When I eventually got back into my sleeping bag, I laid there thinking about the day and enjoying it, from waking up really early to relaxing around and listening to the sound of nature.”

Perry remembers his camping experience at a site where campers can be acquainted and share their experiences. He notes that time flies fast when one is genuinely enjoying. 

4. Camping Trip by Anonymous

“We had arrived at our destination. The jungle. It looked way bigger than I expected. As we walked through the woods, the trees stood tall, ready to greet us, and the grass looked like a person with a bad hair day.”

The author shares an experience he had when camping in the jungle, specifically the memory of when a snake bit one member of the group. Although they continued to go camping, they now avoid the jungle and wilderness. 

5. Camping: Campfire and Best Friend Essay by Admin 

“In these Americal times, we value hard work; we are always pushing ourselves to work harder and get ahead in life. At times, we need to take a moment for ourselves to rejuvenate from the stressful lifestyles we live. Camping enables us to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life.”

In the camping essay, the author talks about her camping vacation with her best friend. She remembers rowing a canoe and a kayak and how overcoming those challenges gave her a sense of accomplishment. She believes camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends, relax, experience new adventures, and enjoy nature.

10 Writing Prompts on essay about camping trips

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1. Finding Peace When Camping

Different thoughts come and go when you’re camping. In your essay, discuss the benefits of camping and being outdoors and how people can find peace in immersing themselves in nature. Discuss the pros and cons of the outdoors, and decide whether peace and quiet benefit a person’s mental well-being.

2. What’s Your Favourite Camping Experience?

Most people go on camping trips for adventure and new experiences. Recall what happened during your favorite camping trip and why you consider it the best. Doing so can excite your readers to look forward to camping themselves. Write your essay based on your favorite experience and describe what made it special.

3. What’s Your Least Favorite Camping Experience?

On the flip side, there can also be adventures we’d rather forget about. You can share these with your readers by describing your experience in-depth and the events leading up to it. While writing, you can also add tips on how they can avoid experiencing the same things you did.

4. Best Weather For a Camping Trip

Writing about the best weather to go on a camping trip can be informative for readers planning to go on a vacation. Different locations may have different weather in the same months. Weather can also be affected by various factors, such as thunderstorms, low-pressure areas, typhoons, etc. Campers must be well informed about these multiple factors to make their camping trip fun and memorable.

5. The Weather During Your Last Camping Trip

While rain can ruin your camping trip, you can enjoy it. While rain can ruin your camping trip, you can enjoy it. This will help your readers know how to act when they are in the same position as you. 

6. Best Games to Play While Camping

Essay about camping trips: Best games to play while camping
When camping on a mountain summer camp, you can play an obstacle course, etc.

This prompt will give your readers an idea of what games they can play when they are out camping. You can also include which location and weather those games are best to play. For instance, when camping on a mountain summer camp, you can play an obstacle course, etc.

7. Camping Place You Would Rather Be

Do you want to go on a camping trip at the beach, hike, and tent camp in the mountains, or go to a popular camping site? Write about which camping trip you would rather be and explain why.

8. Scary Experiences During A Camping Trip

While this may sound absurd for some, it can be thrilling for others. Adventurous people love to try ghost hunting and other unusual excursions while camping. Then, relay what you did during the scary experience.

9. Things You Always Pack When Camping

Writing about the essential things you always put on your camping backpack gives your readers more information to prevent unnecessary things. Explain why you get the items you do. Also, if your bag can’t hold everything you want to have, what stuff or gears would you leave behind and why?

Check out this guide on descriptive essays to help you describe your experience and show off your writing skills.

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