20 Common Synonyms for Experience

Because the word experience has so many meanings, you may find that synonyms for experience make your writing stronger.

Experience is one of the over-used words in the English language. As you work to make your writing better, you may want to substitute a common synonym for experience in your writing to avoid the problem of overused words. Thankfully, the Thesaurus is full of words that can replace experience. Because experience has two meanings, this word list is broken into those meanings.

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Synonyms for experience

Strong writers know how to use synonyms to avoid words, like experience, which get used too often. Before you can use synonyms of experience, you must first understand the meanings of the word.

What Does Experience Mean?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word experience has several meanings. First, it is a noun that can mean:

  • The process of doing and seeing things
  • Skill or knowledge gained by doing something
  • Length of time spent doing something
  • An exciting event

Experience is also a verb with these meanings:

  • To have experience of
  • To learn by experience

Synonyms for the Noun Experience

These words are great replacements for experience used as a noun meaning “the process of doing and seeing things:”

1. Escapade

Adventurous action often that goes against instructed action

2. Familiarity

The quality or state of being familiar with something

3. Involvement

The act or state of being involved

4. Worldliness

Showing significant experience and knowledge about life and the world.

These words are replacements for the noun meaning “skill or knowledge gained by doing something:”

5. Conversance

The state of having knowledge or experience

6. Dexterity

Skill and ease of using the hands or mind

7. Expertise

The skill of someone who is an expert

8. Know-how

Knowledge of how to do something often based on experience 

These words are replacements for the noun meaning “length of time spent doing something:”

9. Background

Total of a person’s experience and knowledge

10. Command

Mastery of something

11. Track Record

Past history of the same action or event

Finally, these words are replacements for “an exciting event:”

12. Adventure

An undertaking that has danger and risk

13. Caper

Illegal or questionable escapade

14. Gest

An adventure or exploit

Synonyms for the Verb Experience

The verb experience has the following synonyms:

15. Encounter

To experience something unexpectedly

16. Endure

To go through something without giving in

17. Face

To confront and experience something, often in competition or battle

18. Go through

To continue to the end of an experience

19. Participate

To take part in something or share in an experience

20. Suffer

To be forced to endure something negative

Related Words and Idioms to Experience

Synonyms for experience
A man of experience is someone who has a lot of worldly knowledge

In addition to a stereotypical common synonym for experience, this word has many idioms and related words. Some idioms that include this word are:

1. Years of Experience

This idiom refers to the work experience or history someone has.

2. Experience is the Best Teacher

This visualization equates experience with a classroom teacher because most people learn best through doing.

3. Man of Experience

A man of experience is someone who has a lot of worldly knowledge or savoir-faire due to his past history.

Some words that come from experience include:

1. Experienced

The past tense of the verb experience is sometimes used as an adjective, like this example sentence:

  • The experienced nurse knew exactly what was wrong with the patient.

2. Experiential

This adjective means “based on experience” and is derived from the word experience. Here’s an example:

  • Experiential knowledge is the best way to learn about nature.

 3. Inexperience

The word inexperience is an antonym for experience. It means the lack of experience or knowledge from past activities.

  • His inexperience made him the worst candidate for the job.

A Final Word on Synonyms for Experience

To choose the right synonym for experience, you must know the use of the word in your sentence. This word has so many different meanings, that synonyms often make the writing clearer. 

To succeed in writing, keep your thesaurus and this world list handy. The next time you feel tempted to write “experience,” swap the word for one of these synonyms to make the writing stronger.

FAQs on Synonyms for Experience

What are some synonyms for experienced?

Someone who is experienced is:
1. Knowledgeable
2. Skillful
3. Mature
4. Qualified
5. Accomplished

What are some synonyms for work experience?

Some synonyms for work experience include:
1. Employment history
2. Length of service
3. Professional experience


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