Does Grammarly Help with APA? What You Must Know

Are you looking for help with APA or MLA formatting? iF so, you might be wondering, does Grammarly help with APA? Learn more below! 

If you are having trouble writing an APA citation (American Psychological Association), you might be looking for a program that can help you with proofreading and plagiarism in Microsoft Word. Whether you are using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, Grammarly might be able to assist you. At the same time, is this grammar checker going to help you stick to the 7th edition of APA format? Will Grammarly Premium work for you? 

Unfortunately, Grammarly does not help you follow APA formatting, as this grammar checker only helps with spelling, punctuation, and stylistic suggestions; however, Grammarly can still help you improve your writing.

Things To Watch For with APA Formatting

Does Grammarly help with APA?

First, understand that there are multiple style guides available. Some people might be looking for help with AP style while other people might be looking for help with MLA style.

APA style is commonly found in academic settings. If you take a look at the Purdue EDU website, you might be able to learn more about some of the differences between APA style and MLA style.

Can Grammarly help you address the differences between these styles?

Grammarly Can Help with Grammar and Formatting

Does Grammarly help with APA?
There is a free version of Grammarly that can catch a lot of problems

First, it is important to understand how to use Grammarly. There is a tutorial that can be helpful, but this is a program that can automatically check grammar and formatting as you work. There is a separate window you can use to upload your document and take a look at some of the suggestions. At the same time, there is also an extension you can tie to your browser that may be able to automate this process for you.

There is a free version of Grammarly that can catch a lot of problems. For example, you might be able to use the free version to catch spelling issues and problems with commas. It might even make suggestions related to word choice issues and run-on sentences. You might also be interested in our Grammarly Keyboard vs. Gboard guide.

Grammarly Cannot Fix Everything For You

At the same time, this is not a program that is going to fix everything. A lot of the issues related to APA style are not actually grammar concerns. In reality, they are stylistic suggestions.

Even though there are some features of Grammarly that are still being beta tested, this is probably not something that is going to help you fix issues related to templates and text citations. Therefore, it is better to learn the individual requirements of APA style. That way, you can fix them on your own as you are proofreading your work.

Even though Grammarly can help you fix a lot of your issues, it will not fix everything, such as Grammarly will not generate APA citations automatically for you. You might also be wondering, does Grammarly check your writing for tone?

Final Word on Does Grammarly Help with APA?

Does Grammarly help with APA? Ultimately, there are a lot of rules you have to remember if you are trying to follow APA style. It can be difficult to move from sentence case to title case, and you may be wondering how to handle numbers and percentages. Even though there are a lot of things that Grammarly can help you with, it is not going to be able to automate APA style.

You may want to use Grammarly to help you catch a variety of spelling and grammar issues. You can even take advantage of a plagiarism checker to look for overlap between your work and other published works. Eventually, you will still have to apply the rules on your own if you want to create a professional, finished product. Grammarly is probably not going to do much to help you write your citations.

FAQs About Does Grammarly Help with APA?

Can Grammarly help with citation?

There may be some parts of citations that Grammarly can help you with, but the program is not going to automatically generate your citations for you. You may want to use a different tool to help you with that.

What does APA stand for? 

APA stands for the American Psychological Association. Even though this is an organization that does a lot with psychology, it also has publication style rules that many people follow. 

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