135+ List of Adjective Words To Add To Your Writing

Here is a list of adjective words that you can add to your writing projects.

Adjectives play a vital role in forming clear and vivid sentences. They are critical to describing things, events, people, and feelings. Not only are adjectives essential in writing, but they are also a key part of language, and we use them daily to describe our feelings, events, and surroundings. It pairs nicely with our list of mood words for literature.

What Are Adjective Words?

List of adjective words
The use of adjectives is ranked accordingly: opinion, size, physical quality, shape, age, color, origin, material, and purpose

An adjective is a term or phrase that describes and modifies the qualities, state, and quantity of nouns and pronouns. There is a specific rule when there’s more than one adjective in a sentence that cannot be broken even in informal speech or writing, unlike grammar and syntax. It’s called the “order of adjectives,” where the use of adjectives is ranked accordingly: opinion, size, physical quality, shape, age, color, origin, material, and purpose.

List of adjective words
List of adjective words
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Opinion Adjectives

Opinion adjectives express thoughts and feelings about a topic, person, or thing. It also describes and modifies a person’s facial expression, body parts, actions, and traits. 

  1. Amazing

Linda has an amazing voice.

  1. Beautiful

The new cafe’s interior design is beautiful.

  1. Cool

She had a very cool demeanor. 

  1. Flirtatious

Many believe that Helena isn’t a flirtatious woman.

  1. Handsome

Leonardo De Caprio is one of the most handsome Hollywood actors.

  1. Irritating

My dad has the irritating habit of talking during meals.

  1. Jealous

My husband is irrationally jealous of my ex-boyfriend.

  1. Lovely

Our new professor has a lovely personality.

  1. Nice

He’s a nice guy when he’s in a good mood.

  1. Rude

You should apologize to your mom for your rude behavior.

  1. Seductive

She’ll use all her seductive charms to get John’s attention.

  1. Tender

I want my steak to be delicious, juicy, and tender.

  1. Unusual

The drink has a very unusual taste.

  1. Vulnerable

Old people and kids are the most vulnerable members of our society.

  1. Weird

Ed likes to say a lot of weird things.

Size Adjectives

These words denote the amount of space available or occupied by a person or an object. It also describes how small or large someone or something is.

  1. Big

Liam wants a big house, but his wife says no.

  1. Brawny

I want a brainy and brawny boyfriend.

  1. Compact

They have a compact kitchen with all the necessary tools and appliances.

  1. Enormous

Every year, Brazil produces an enormous amount of coffee in the world.

  1. Giant

The pack must hunt down a giant bear before the winter season begins.

  1. Hefty

The story she’s been writing contains a hefty amount of comedy.

  1. Immeasurable

I hope more filmmakers create movies with immeasurable effects on the younger generation.

  1. Life-size

She wants to buy a life-size standee of her favorite idol.

  1. Microscopic

The doctor has microscopic handwriting that’s hard to read.

  1. Oversize

Many people like to wear an oversize t-shirt because it’s trendy and comfortable.

  1. Petite

Do you know where I can buy quality dresses that fit my petite body?

  1. Short

Cecile’s short hair makes her look younger.

  1. Tall

Our company will build a tall building in the area.

  1. Unlimited

Every guest has unlimited access to the pool and gym.

  1. Vast

A dictionary is a vast treasure box of information.

Physical Quality Adjectives

These describe the physical characteristics of a person, animal, place, happening, or thing. 

  1. Attractive

He likes to surround himself with attractive people.

  1. Bald

My father is still young, but he’s already starting to go bald.

  1. Curvy

A curvy figure is the new sexy.

  1. Delicate

Lina is small and delicate. 

  1. Elegant

Our neighbor is preparing an elegant party for her daughter’s birthday.

  1. Fit

He’s fit because he’s a gym enthusiast.

  1. Frail

My frail grandfather still refuses to even sit up on his bed.

  1. Musky

The hotel room had a musky odor filling the air.

  1. Plump

His plump lips are what make him so handsome.

  1. Rough

The new table in our kitchen has a rough finish.

  1. Sharp

Please avoid making sharp turns because it’s dangerous.

  1. Straight

His long, straight hair makes people mistake him for a girl.

  1. Tattooed

My brother is that tattooed guy riding the big bike. 

  1. Untidy

My professor told me to work on my untidy writing.

  1. Well-built

His well-built body is the fruit of his hard work.

Shape Adjectives

These words describe things without referring to the color and type of material used. Use the terms below to describe and compare different objects based on their shape and structure.

  1. Angular

Gio inherits his father’s angular face.

  1. Broad

Most bodybuilders have a broad torso and narrow waist.

  1. Crooked

Grandpa said that his crooked front teeth are his lucky charm.

  1. Deep

Big cruise ships need to be in deep waters to sail.

  1. Diagonal

A diagonal line divides the layout of The Da Vinci Code book cover.

  1. Globular

Professional contractors in Switzerland make globular houses and buildings.  

  1. Hollow

Our engineer tests the strength of a hollow block by the drop test method.

  1. Oblique

The wall painting is at an oblique angle.

  1. Oval

My mother’s ring has a unique oval ruby ​​gem.

  1. Pointy

The kingdom’s soldiers have pointy helmets.

  1. Rectangular

His rectangular smile is contagious.

  1. Round

People with round faces should opt for a layered haircut.

  1. Square

His uncle has a square jaw.

  1. Tapered

She’s wearing her favorite tapered jeans.

  1. Triangular

Today, they will perform on the triangular stage in the park.

Age Adjectives

These words are commonly used in verbal communication and writings to describe or indicate the age of animate and inanimate objects. 

  1. Age-old

There are no plans to resolve the age-old issue of land distribution.

  1. Aging

The aging founder of our company is planning to resign.

  1. Ancient

My dream is to visit every ancient home and building around the world.

  1. Antique

There’s a lot of antique furniture in my grandmother’s house. 

  1. Declining

The declining demand for traditional kimonos will ultimately affect Japan’s culture. 

  1. Elderly

The group that I will tour today has a lot of elderly people.

  1. Mature

Her mature boyfriend always helps her make rational decisions.

  1. Peer

Peer pressure often leads to bad decisions among young people.

  1. Old

An old man’s advice is the best you can get.

  1. Senescent

The neighbor’s senescent dog has been with them for 13 years. 

  1. Senile

The organization’s senile leader needs will soon step down.

  1. Senior

Hailey is promoted to the senior psychologist position at the clinic.

  1. Teenage

Her teenage daughter loves to party. 

  1. Young

The modeling company is looking for young models to train.

  1. Youthful

My mom still has her youthful spirit.

Color Adjectives

Color adjectives describe the shade of nouns and can also express emotions or feelings.

  1. Ashy

She wants to change her hair color to ashy gray.

  1. Blue

Jay looks good in blue clothes.

  1. Chintzy

The designer uses bright colors and chintzy fabrics to make the room livelier.

  1. Dotted

Her smallpox left her with dotted skin.

  1. Flamboyant

He’s a famous celebrity known for his flamboyant lifestyle.

  1. Glistening

The athlete’s glistening back shines under the sun.

  1. Monotone

Half of the clothes in her closet are monotone black.

  1. Muddy

The newborn child has beautiful muddy eyes.

  1. Opalescent

Add sparkle to your fabrics by making opalescent dyes by hand.

  1. Pink

She has a natural pink undertone.

  1. Red

The compliment highlights her red cheeks.

  1. Rustic

The tourist is amazed by the rustic charm of the village.

  1. Splashy

The little girl’s skirt has lots of splashy flower prints.

  1. Translucent

The bathrooms are made of frosted and translucent glass.

  1. Vibrant

She likes to add vibrant colors to her room.

Origin Adjectives

These words indicate where a person, animal, or thing comes from. See the most commonly used origin adjectives by many speakers and writers.

  1. American

I ate the American breakfast offered by the hotel.

  1. British

Most of the British police don’t carry a gun.

  1. Caucasian

A Caucasian model visits our store to shop for clothes.

  1. Dutch

New York City was a trading post founded by a Dutch colonist.

  1. English

Spice up your usual potato salad with English mustard.

  1. European

My favorite singer will have his European concert tour next year!

  1. French

I love cheesy French fries with soda.

  1. Greek

He has a strong Greek accent.

  1. Italian

Italian pizza is the best!

  1. Japanese

Japanese people have the highest life expectancy

  1. Korean

Korean culture is prevalent all over the world because of K-Pop.

  1. Latin

The majority of English words we know have Greek and Latin origins.

  1. Mexican

Ysa loves Mexican food, especially enchiladas.

  1. Thai

Can you tell me where I can buy Thai rice?

  1. Turkish

Dad likes the strong, bold, and bittersweet taste of Turkish coffee.

Material Adjectives

Material is a substance from which an object is made. In most cases, these adjectives are usually nouns that act as adjectives to describe another noun. 

  1. Copper

My uncle collects copper coins.

  1. Cotton

Sheila’s new husband owns a cotton plantation.

  1. Diamond

She dreams of having a diamond ring.

  1. Gold

Angel’s mom is fond of gold utensils.

  1. Leather

Her expensive vice includes shopping for leather bags.

  1. Metal

Their house has a metal gate painted like wood.

  1. Nylon

She needs a replacement for her guitar’s nylon strings.

  1. Plastic

We should avoid using plastic bags to save Mother Earth.

  1. Polyester

Polyester clothing is affordable but durable. 

  1. Silk

Her silk hair floats with the wind.

  1. Silver

Wait for a silver car that will take you to your destination.

  1. Stone

Ian dreams of living in a stone house.

  1. Velvet

She likes how velvet skirts feel against her skin.

  1. Wooden

I prefer using wooden kitchen utensils. 

  1. Wool

My favorite part of the house is the wool carpet in our living area.

Purpose Adjectives

Purpose adjectives are words that are almost part of the noun. They describe what an item is for. 

  1. Basket

Put your dirty garments in the laundry basket.

  1. Cleaning

Can you look in the cleaning supplies aisle and get some borax?

  1. Cooking

Mon uses his new cooking pan to make pancakes.

  1. Dancing

Do you want to take dancing lessons?

  1. Fishing

My dad stores his fishing rods in the shed.

  1. Gardening

I use my grandmother’s gardening tools for my planting project.

  1. Hammered

The hammered copper bowl is the center of attention for today’s auction.  

  1. Polishing

I use a polishing cloth to clean my glasses.

  1. Rolling

Mom holds the rolling pin like she wants to hit me.

  1. Running

I lost my running shoes at the local gym.

  1. Shopping

Come with me to the shopping center and buy a gift for Sophia.

  1. Sleeping

Jake always makes sure that his sleeping bag is in his car.

  1. Tennis

Miko is looking for a new tennis racket for his brother.

  1. Washing

I broke our washing machine.

  1. Writing

I use a writing app to assist me in my essays.
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