What Are The Smoothest Pens To Write With?

Are you looking for the best pens for writing on Amazon? Take a look at our list of smoothest pens to write with below!

Today, there are a lot of people who write using a computer. They may even dictate their work. On the other hand, there is still something special about writing using pen and paper.

Whether you use refillable ink cartridges, a retractable pen, or even gel ink pens, you have to make sure you have a smooth writing experience.

I remember when I was first starting out, writing using a high-quality pen and paper helped me stay focus on my work. I would focus on extra fine lines, my ergonomics, and even the shapes of my letters, even when I used a sharpie. I even strayed into calligraphy from time to time.

The most important thing during this experience was to make sure I had solid pens that would avoid smudging. Whether I was journaling, writing a short story, or even producing copy for a company, I wanted a smooth writing experience with my favorite pens.

That is why I developed a set of criteria for evaluating the smoothest pens for writing.

The Selection Criteria

What are the smoothest pens to write with?

If you are looking for the smoothest pens for writing, there are several criteria you need to consider. These include: 

  • Does the pen roll smoothly across the page? Or, does it skip from time to time?
  • How long does the pen last after you start writing with ink? How long does it take for the ink to run out? 
  • Is this a quick-drying pen?
  • Does the pen work well for lefties and righties? 
  • Is the pen durable? Or, does it break easily?

Using these criteria, you can find the best type of pen for your needs, including felt tip pens.

The Best Pens for Writing on Amazon

A few pens that are available on Amazon today include: 

1. The Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen

If you are looking for a smooth pen that works well without breaking the bank, BIC is one of the best brands for writing pens. This is an affordable pen that works well for writing professionals. You will receive 60 lightweight, ballpoint, medium pens in a single box.

Furthermore, there is even a translucent barrel you can use to view the ink level. You might also be interested in our list of the cheapest Montblanc pens for writers.

  • Affordable pen
  • Lightweight
  • Long ink life
  • The ink doesn’t dry quickly

The ink doesn’t dry quickly, so you will have to watch out for smudging. With a price that compares to stick pens, this is one of the best ballpoint pen options available. 

You might be interested in our round-up of the best gel pens for writers.

BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pens, Medium Point (1.0mm), Black, 60-Count Pack, Flexible Round Barrel For Writing Comfort, Perfect Teacher Appreciation Gifts
  • Ballpoint Pens have a frosted cap and translucent barrel for visible ink supply.
  • Ballpoint pens feature flexible round barrel for writing comfort.
  • Classic ballpoint pens available in 1.0 mm medium point in black, blue and red ink.
  • Ink pens with reliable tungsten carbide ball.
  • Non-refillable and packaging may vary

2. Muji Japanese Gel Ink Pen

If you are a minimalist when it comes to your office supplies, then you may want to consider this gel ink ballpoint pen from Muji. Unlike many other ballpoint pens, this link will not smudge. It dries quickly as you right.

It also features a fine tip point when compared to other models. Even though there are multiple sizes available, 0.38 mm appears to be the most popular option for note-taking. 

  • Fast-drying black ink
  • A fine tip point
  • Ink that will not smudge
  • Even though this ultra-fine point pen is not the most comfortable option in your hand

Even though this ultra-fine point pen is not the most comfortable option in your hand, it is a great choice if you are looking for fine lines that dry quickly as you write. This could be the best gel pen.

3. InkJoy Gel Pens from Papermate

If you are someone who enjoys journaling with your writing instrument, then you understand the importance of having different colors. These InkJoy gel pens from Papermate are the perfect set for anyone looking for different colors.

The colors even dry quickly, so you will not have to worry about smudging. These pens also have a comfortable rubber grip that will help you track smoothly across the page. A few of the colors include blue, green, red, pink, orange, and black.

  • Quick-dry ink
  • Numerous colors
  • Comfortable grip
  • Some of the lighter colors can be difficult to see

Some of the lighter colors can be difficult to see; however, if you are looking for gel ink pens that feature a wide variety of colors, consider this option. 

Paper Mate 1951729 InkJoy Gel Pens, Medium Point, Assorted Colors, 12 Count
  • Dries 3X faster* for reduced smearing
  • Smooth, colorful ink keeps the ideas flowing across the page and brightens your writing
  • Ergonomic comfort grip wraps the entire gel pen
  • 0.7mm medium point spreads ink beautifully
  • Includes: Pink Pop, Red Rush, Orange Rise, Lime Light, Luscious Green, Teal Zeal, Bright Blue Bliss, Slate Blue Spin, Pure Blue Joy, Wild Berry and Jet Black gel pens

4. Classique Rollerball Pen from Montblanc

If you are looking for a luxury pen, then this is sure to be on your list. This rollerball pen from Montblanc is known for its tidy writing, clean finish, and sleek look.

It compares to many of the top stainless steel pens out there. With fountain pens that date back to the early nineteen-hundreds, Montblanc has that a lot of time refining its design. 

  • Luxury pen
  • Sleek look with unique accents
  • Clean finish that does not bleed through
  • One of the most expensive pens

This is one of the most expensive pens out there, and you may be able to find less expensive pens that write just as well. On the other hand, this luxury rollerball pen from Montblanc makes a powerful statement. 

Montblanc Meisterstuck Classique Black Rollerball Pen 2865
  • Rollerball pen
  • Black precious resin inlaid with Мont blanc emblem
  • Three platinum-plated rings embossed with the Мont blanc brand name
  • Delivery with genuine presentations box and manufacturer warranty
  • Ident Number: 2865

Final Word Smoothest Pens To Write With

There are plenty of pens available; however, if you are looking for a smooth writing experience, remember to look for a solid grip and a reliable ink flow. You should also find pens that sit well in your hand, so you don’t lose your grip as you write.

Even though you might be used to typing on a computer as you complete your writing assignments, there is still something to be said for the feel of a physical pen running across a sheet of paper. 

FAQs About Smoothest Pens To Write With

What type of pen right the smoothest?

Even though this is subjective, a rolling ball pen with a medium point and smooth jet stream is usually the most reliable option. Look for a uni-ball jetstream pen for the best pigment.

Is a luxury pen worth it? 

It depends on how much money you are willing to spend. Luxury pens produce a clean script and a smooth writing experience; however, there might be less expensive pens that write just as well.