The Five Cheapest Montblanc Pens For Writers

Here, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about the cheapest Montblanc pens for when you’re feeling fancy.

As a writer, you likely enjoy putting pen to paper—even though much of your writing takes place online, without a rollerball or ballpoint pen. Still, it can feel nice to hold a fountain pen in your hand and get your creative juices flowing.

Writing on a computer or tablet is convenient, and is often the quickest way for writers to get words out of their heads and into a tangible format. Using a stainless steel pen, however—feeling the weight of the pen in your hand, seeing the platinum trim—can help to get your creative juices flowing.

If you feel more creative when you write by hand, it’s in your head. Writing by hand creates a special connection between the information and your mind, and allows you to develop a deeper understanding of the words you’re putting on paper. Writing with a pen—whether it’s one of your standard writing instruments or a fancy limited edition Montblanc option—forces you to slow down a bit, taking the time to get your thoughts organized.

Montblanc pens are expensive. So, here, we’ll take a look at affordable options so you can figure out what premium Montblanc fountain pen choice works for your budget.

Cheapest Montblanc pens for writers

1. PIX Ballpoint Pen $245

Available in black, blue, and green, the PIX ballpoint pen is a great start for writers who are interested in purchasing a writing instrument that’s inspiring and luxurious—without totally breaking the bank. This pen was inspired by the Bauhaus architecture movement, and its sleek, comfortable feel will help you feel more inclined to sit down and put pen to paper. The PIX pen is simple to use, and it has a gorgeous design that won’t call attention to the fact that you’re using a premium writing instrument. Each pen has a cap that matches its barrel and platinum-coated details for an even more luxurious writing experience.

The PIX ballpoint pen also includes free personalization, making it a fantastic gift to yourself or to a writer who you care about. Whether you’re ordering for yourself or someone else, purchase some luxury pen refills so that you or the person you’re gifting won’t be out of luck when ink runs out. 

The PIX ballpoint pen is available from selected retailers, unlike other Montblanc pens that can only be ordered through the company directly. Pen enthusiasts can also purchase the PIX online, or can call Montblanc directly to make an order.

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2. StarWalker Precious Resin Ballpoint Pen $375

Available in both black and ultra-black, the StarWalker Precious Resin ballpoint pen is the next step up for writers who want their instrument to take them to the next level of creativity. Pen enthusiasts love the smooth flow of ink they get with the StarWalker. The pen is inspired by one of the most exciting forays in current technology: the exploration of the final frontier. Space travelers talk about the deep, intense emotion that they feel when they’re in space, staring back at their earthly home. The StarWalker pen works to embody this same feeling, giving pen users a deep sense of emotion and wonder as they work on their creative pursuits.

The StarWalker pen includes a translucent blue dome underneath the Montblanc symbol, providing writers with a focal point when they need to stop and ponder their thoughts, thinking about bigger ideas than any one person on their own. As writers ponder the look of the Earth as it approaches the horizon of the moon, it becomes easier to remember that we are simply specks in the grand scheme of things—and that there’s no need to feel pressure or overwhelm when trying to get a job done.

No aspect of the StarWalker’s design was left to chance as Montblanc worked to create a pen beloved by creatives and pen enthusiasts alike. The platinum-coated fittings of the pen signal luxury, while the black resin barrel gives the pen a heavy feel that helps writers remember to pause and consider the positive impact their words can have on the Earth—and, perhaps, beyond. Free personalization is available with the StarWalker, making it a great gift idea for any writer who could use a reminder that it’s ok to take a deep breath and ponder their space in the universe from time to time.

This pen is not sold in stores. To purchase the StarWalker, pen enthusiasts need to use Montblanc’s website, call the company, or visit a specialty store.

3. Meisterstück Classique $425

Cheapest Montblanc Pens: Meisterstück Classique
Image Source: Meisterstück Gold-Coated Ballpoint Pen, Montblanc

The Meisterstück Classique is a hallmark pen from Montblanc. Its signature black barrel, cold tip, and silver ballpoint are emblematic of luxury. When writers pull out the Meisterstück Classique, there’s no doubt that they’re serious about their craft. This pen is a sign of luxury and makes a perfect self-gift for reaching a hallmark in writing (such as selling a first article or book), or as a gift to a friend who needs some encouragement to stick to it with their creative work. This pen is not sold in standard stores—pen lovers will need to visit a specialty boutique in order to get their hands on this beauty.

4. Meisterstück LeGrand $460

The Meisterstück LeGrand is slightly larger than the Montblanc Meisterstück Classique and can be seen as a step up from the smaller model. Pen enthusiasts may choose to enjoy both of these pens as a part of their collection. Much like the Classique option, the Meisterstück LeGrand has a deep black finish that lends a look of luxury and gold details. This iconic pen is well-known by writers and pen enthusiasts alike and is the perfect gift for those who are interested in taking their creative work to the next level. Much like the Classique, this pen is not sold in stores, and pen enthusiasts need to call Montblanc or go to a specialty store to make a purchase.

5. Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Special Edition Ballpoint Pen $485

Cheapest Montblanc Pens: Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Special Edition Ballpoint Pen
Image Source: Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Special Edition Ballpoint Pen, Montblanc

First offered by the Montblanc company in 1906, the Rouge et Noir pen has a trademark snake wrapped around the top of the pen, reminding writers of a time when ballpoint pens were new technology. Before the Rouge et Noir, writers had to stop every few words to dip their pen into an inkwell, which proved tedious and broke up the creative process.

The Rouge et Noir ushered in a new form of writing, helping creatives to get their ideas onto paper faster, and more easily. Today’s model is longer and slimmer than models of previous generations, creating a more comfortable writing experience. The snake clip at the top of the pen allows writers to keep the vintage look and feel that they love while enjoying all that the Montblanc writing experience has to offer.

6. Donation Pen Homage to George Gershwin Special Edition Ballpoint Pen $595

The Donation Pen Collection from Montblanc provides a donation to artists and cultural projects around the world. George Gershwin, American composer, was chosen as the inspiration for this year’s Donation Collection pen. The clarinet shape on the clip of the pen will remind you of the importance of staying focused on creative pursuits, while the Brookyln Bridge-inspired cap ring will remind you of Gershwin’s connection to his birthplace. 

Pen enthusiasts are in for a surprise when ordering the Gershwin—each specialty delivery box includes three prints of the Brooklyn Bridge. This pen is available from specialty retailers and directly through Montblanc.

7. Muses Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Ballpoint Pen $815

Inspired by the iconic shape of Monroe’s signature Ferragamo heels, the Muses Marilyn Monroe pen is the perfect fit for the writer in your life who loves to embody a retro style. The pen’s color matches Monroe’s signature red lipstick, and the clip is shaped to remind writers of the beauty’s love of pearls. 

The Muses Marilyn Monroe pen is available in select boutiques and directly through Montblanc.

Final Word On The Cheapest Montblanc Pens

If you’re a writer or you love a writer, purchasing a Montblanc pen is symbolic of a belief in a creative pursuit. This company also makes some of the best writing pens you can buy. There’s no need to wait for someone else to purchase a fancy pen for you—next time you hit a writing milestone, treat yourself to one of the beauties listed above.

FAQs About The Cheapest Montblanc Pens

What’s the most expensive Montblanc pen?

It’s hard to believe, but there is a designer Montblanc pen that retails for $730,000.

Does research show that it makes more sense for writers to get their ideas on paper before writing on a computer?

Yes! Research makes it clear that there’s a reason many writers feel more creative when putting pen to paper. There’s a distinct link between the act of physically writing and unleashing creative processes in the mind.