Top 110+ List of Grammar Words and Phrases to Improve Your Writing Style

Here is our top list of grammar words that you can add to your writing. Read our guide.

All writers need a basic understanding of grammar to create masterpieces. Unlike most languages, English is one of the most challenging to master. Below are different examples of grammar words you need to know to become highly proficient in English. First, you might be wondering, why does grammar matter.

What Are Grammar Words?

List of Grammar Words
Grammar words assist learners in recognizing the relationship between words or phrases

English grammar words assist learners in recognizing the relationship between words or phrases. They also help convey the writer’s perspective and come in many types and forms. We’ve listed the different grammar words and included examples, plus how they’re used in a sentence.

As soon asIfThe
At onceImitatedTherefore
BarkingIn caseThese
BeIn front ofThose
By the timeMandatedWarring
CouldNext toWho
DidNot only/but alsoWill
EachOut ofYour

Grammar Words: Noun

In grammar, nouns are names of persons, places, or things. It can refer to a singular or plural name. 

1. Aira

Aira has a cat named Felix.

2. Beach

I love sitting near the beach and listening to the waves.

3. Cookies

The pumpkin-spice latte-flavored cookies were heavenly.

4. Dog

Byron has a dog that looks like a mix between a pinscher and a Dachshund.

5. Evelyn

Everybody loves Evelyn as a champion, but her character design lacks substance.

6. Gold

Mom bought the gold, and dad turned it into beautiful rings.

7. Justice

Justice was served when the man slipped and fell headfirst into the lake.

8. Manila

Manila is cooler in the evening than during the day.

9. Officemate

The guy wearing the blue blazer and hat is our officemate.

10. Peninsula

The peninsula became a natural habitat for marine and tropical animals again.

11. Rose

The rose had a beautiful and unique mix of petal colors, which were lavender and pink.

12. School

We brought the kids to school knowing they’ll be safe.

13. Time

Our supposedly peaceful time together got interrupted by the loud sirens and traffic.

14. Warzone

Faisal grew up in a warzone, which explains his fierce personality.

15. Zombies

The zombies from this series are cool because they mutate and adapt like plants. You might also be interested in our list of blended words.

Grammar Words: Pronoun

Pronouns take the place of nouns. Writers use them to avoid repeating words, create mystery, or highlight nouns.

16. All

All are welcome to join our free three-day Jiu-Jitsu seminar.

17. Anybody

I don’t mind who becomes my partner. I can work with anybody.

18. Each

You need to make sure each of your grandkids receives a gift.

19. Few

Few wanted to see the violent and delicate aftermath of the earthquake.

20. I

I now realize why she never drank wine.

21. Me

Giovanni wants to treat me to dinner next week.

22. Mine

The black uniform set with red and purple accents is mine.

23. She

Did she give you any signs of the affair?

24. That

I don’t want you to make mistakes and end up like that.

25. Those

Those who don’t reflect on their actions are not truly sorry.

26. What

You didn’t warn me that this is what my life would turn out to be.

27. Which

Which fish do you want to be your new pet?

28. Who

The tall waiter is the same guy who gave me this parking ticket.

29. Whose

Whose child pressed all elevator buttons before leaving?

30. Your

Do you want to drink your beer at home or go outside to have fun?

31. Any

Is your office missing any office supplies? Check out our list of high frequency words.

Grammar Words: Verbs

All verbs express action. They are used to indicate the status of a thing or person.

32. Arrived

The Montgomery’s arrived with a horse as a gift.

33. Betray

The princess will betray the king and queen for fortune.

34. Complain

Did you know you could complain?

3. Drive

My boyfriend wanted to drive me to work in his car.

36. Embezzle

I’m afraid he’ll always embezzle and pretend to be sorry.

37. Imitated

The woman imitated Lady Gaga like a professional.

38. Know

I know things will be more difficult from here on out.

39. Lost

Their team lost because of bad coaching and a lack of training.

40. Mandated

The new mayor mandated everyone wear a mask for public safety.

41. Nominated

The kids nominated the turtle to be the class mascot.

42. Plead

Jonathan and John plead guilty.

43. Sauntered

The woman in red sauntered towards the man seductively.

44. Understand  

College students understand the basic philosophical ideas at this point.

45. Verifies

This computer verifies every purchase that goes through the system.

46. Wake

I want to wake up next to him for the rest of my life. You might find our list of introductory words helpful.

Grammar Words: Helping Verbs

English writers and speakers use helping verbs along with a main verb to denote action. They can modify the verb’s tense, the sentence’s mood, or voice.

47. Am

I am fully aware of the consequences of my actions.

48. Are

Are you the child star who matured into a successful businesswoman?

49. Be

Be aware of the words you speak around him because he’s sensitive.

50. Been

They’ve been having this conversation since they began drinking.

51. Can

Michael Jackson can give his fans a unique performance at every show.

52. Could

Frankie could tell you about her recipes if she’s not busy baking.

53. Did

My mother did tell me about men and how they have greater pride than women.

54. Had

Danny’s restaurant staff had a big surprise ready for him.

55. Has

Marianne has a severe case of tuberculosis.

56. Have

Give me a downpayment, and you’ll have your cake at the right time.

57. Is

The speech Jordan gave us is the most touching one I’ve ever heard.

58. May

I may consider your offer if you show me you’re interested.

59. Shall

Diana shall proceed to the front of the stage while we line up behind her.

60. Should

I should be at the center by noon.

61. Will

Jesse will never let you get away with this level of corruption in your system!

Grammar Words: Adjectives

Adjectives are grammar words describing words. They can make your writing more exciting and unique. 

63. Barking

The barking dog also had its tail held high and stiff.

64. Cotton

Cotton shirts will match Greg’s style.

65. Eleven

A team of eleven athletes entered the lobby in their uniforms.

66. French

The French model walked in high heels gracefully.

67. Hungry

The hungry leopard had no mercy for its prey.

68. Luxury

The luxury bag cost Heather over $12,000. 

69. Poor

You didn’t prank our poor butler again, did you?

70. Rectangular

The rectangular mirror best fits your bathroom’s aesthetic.

71. Several

Several students entered the building before the lunch bell rang.

72. These

These apple pies are some of the best I’ve tasted.

73. Warring

Bruno’s past involves being in warring countries.

74. Yellow

Her wedding bouquet is a mix of yellow iris and white daisies.

Grammar Words: Adverbs

Adverbs are grammar words that modify a verb, clause, adjective, other adverbs, and more. Like adjectives, they create interest when appropriately used. 

75. Always

You won’t always have your parents, so cherish them.

  76. At once

The exhaustion and regret hit me all at once again.

77. Chaotically

She didn’t know her life could unravel so suddenly and this chaotically.

78. Deeply

Your betrayal hurt him deeply, so give him time.

79. Everywhere

We looked for the forgotten keys everywhere.

80. Forever

Thana thought and still hoped she’d spend her life with Wilbur forever.

81. However

He’s excellent at his job; however, the new guy gives me the creeps.

82. Likewise

Likewise, the separated twins will never know what it’s like to grow up with each other.

83. Occasionally

The band would occasionally stop by here and grab a cup of coffee.

84. Quite

You’re quite the brooding character.

85. Regardless

They will accept you regardless of your marital status.

86. Very

Betty was a very sweet and patient girl, wasn’t she?

87. Yet

You can’t give me a timeline yet because you didn’t schedule anything.

Grammar Words: Prepositions

Prepositions go before nouns to describe other words. Types of prepositions include prepositions of time, place, spatial relationship, direction location, and prepositional phrases.

88. About

Do you know anything about the accident?

89. Beneath

Beneath the bed is a box full of medical tape, gauze, and alcohol wipes.

90. By

They’ll be waiting by the bus stop with red balloons.

91. During

Our family stayed in the bunker during the storm.

92. From

Did you walk from the grocery to the church?

93. In front of

The restaurant entrance is in front of the creek.

94. Into

Marcelino jumped into the water without checking how deep it was.

95. Next to

The tricycle stopped next to the bakery.

96. On

You should get to work early if you leave the house on time.

97. Out of

The plastic and PVC manufacturer ran out of stock yesterday.

98. To

Grandma’s visiting hours are from 10 AM to 3 PM only.

99. Until

Tonia will love Willow until the end of time. 

100. With

With the help of his friends, Sammy finished his homework on time.

Grammar Words: Conjunctions

Conjunctions link words, clauses, ideas, and phrases together. The types of these grammar words include coordinating, correlative, subordinating conjunctions, or conjunctive adverbs.

101. And

They gave him an easel and some paintbrushes.

102. Although

Although we had fights, we always found ways to get past them.

103. As soon as

You can get back to work as soon as you finish your story.

104. Because

He picked up the guitar again because of heartbreak.

105. But

The kittens are fine, but the box didn’t survive the fall.

106. By the time

By the time your ex is all better and more lucid, you’ll have found yourself again.

107. In case

My father taught me how to tie knots and break doors open in case of emergencies.

108. If

Sheena doubts people will enjoy her company if she changes her attitude.

109. Nevertheless

You and I are like water and oil; nevertheless, you’re still my best friend.

110. Not only/but also

Not only did he ruin your relationship, but he also destroyed the team he built from scratch.

111. So

You have to be strong, so you’ll be ready for any decision Wilmer makes.

112. Therefore

The man is a chronic womanizer; therefore, he’s well-versed in manipulating women. 

113. Whether

She wasn’t sure whether he’d come back or not.

114. While

I slept in while he cooked breakfast.

Grammar Words: Articles

English has only three articles. They are placed before a noun or noun equivalents. “The” is a definite article, while “a” and “an” are indefinite articles.

115. A

You can’t give me a puppy right now.

116. The

The English professor gave us a twelve-page reading assignment.

117. An ant’s shadow appeared on the projector.