80+ List of Introductory Words to Develop Your Writing

Here is our top list of introductory words you can add to your writing.

Any piece of writing or speech follows the introduction, content, and conclusion format. While some literary pieces work well with directly getting to the point, most need an introduction to convey the message effectively. 

Without introductions, you deliver the punchline before providing the setup of a joke. The same applies when you write sentences. Below is a list of introductory words you should know and use when writing.

What Are Introductory Words?

List of introductory words
Introductory words are sometimes used as transitions to connect or create continuity between sentences

An introductory word or phrase starts a sentence to provide extra background details. Sometimes, they’re used as transitions to connect or create continuity between sentences. Writers apply these words and often pair them up with a comma.

AboveFor exampleOh no
AccordinglyFor that reasonOn
AcrossFranklyOn the contrary
ActuallyFromOn the other hand
As a resultHoweverRespectfully
Because ofImmediatelyStill
BesidesIn contrastSurprisingly
BetweenIn particularTherefore
ByIn realityThus
ConsequentlyIn spite ofTo
ConverselyIn view of thatUltimately
Due toNeverthelessWith
DuringNext toWow

Introductory Adverbs

Many of the introductory words used in formal and informal writing are adverbs. Writers utilize them as transition words and to link one sentence to the next.

  1. Actually

Actually, the teacher didn’t give me a copy of my grades until I asked for them.

  1. Apparently

Apparently, the live band didn’t get paid to play for the whole night.

  1. As…

As the cats piled into the box, I quickly placed their bowls on the sink.

  1. Besides

Besides, how could Sierra commit the crime if she were unconscious all night?

  1. For example

For example, you found out that your aunt gave you a parcel of land in her will.

  1. Frankly

Frankly, facts don’t care about your feelings, nor do I.

  1. Furthermore

Furthermore, many of our mixed-race students felt uneasy about the open racism that these protesters displayed.

  1. However

However, the child didn’t learn his lesson the first time he made that mistake.

  1. If…

If you want to join our group, you should approach the person in charge and let them know right away.

  1.  Importantly

Most importantly, I need you there at 9 PM with the gown and shoes ready for me.

  1. In particular

In particular, I’m referring to the migratory birds that don’t have the means to fly far and high, like the Arctic tern.

  1. Publicly

Publicly, Gordon reprimanded his employees about how they ran the kitchen.

  1. Reportedly

Reportedly, the single mother gave her child the wrong vitamins, causing him to get sick.

  1. Respectfully

Respectfully, I’ve neither enjoyed how you ran this business nor treated your employees.

  1. Strangely

Strangely, the door kept closing on its own even when nothing or no one was in the room.

  1. Supposedly

Supposedly, the teacher had given out the kids’ homework last Monday.

  1. Surprisingly

Surprisingly, the cadets did well, even when they lacked practice and time to hone their skills

Introductory Interjectional Words

Interjections are used as introductory words to emphasize a point. Like most introductory words and phrases, a comma follows interjections that operate as introductory words.  

  1. Ah

Ah, but Melanie didn’t take us seriously, did she?

  1. Amen

Amen, sisters! This victory is what we needed for a morale boost.

  1. Damn

Damn, we didn’t know Piper could do splits that smoothly.

  1. Ha

Ha, we’ll see what happens in a year.

  1. Hallelujah

Hallelujah! Everybody passed the entrance exam into the elite military academy!

  1. Hey

Hey, I know you didn’t mean to say hurtful words to your sister, so can you apologize to her?

  1. Indeed

Indeed, the showrunners agreed that you weren’t good for TV entertainment anymore.

  1. No

No, Shane had never acted like a responsible and respectful husband.

  1. Oh no

Oh no, not this crazy Barnaby guy again.

  1. Ouch

Ouch, you hit my eye with your hair.

  1. Please

Please, will you leave the Rosario family alone?

  1. Well

Well, to be fair, my Nana didn’t give me much attention when she was alive.

  1. Wow

Wow, Mr. Redfield’s designs were fabulous.

  1. Yes

Yes, I created this diary to destroy your reputation.

  1. Yikes

Yikes! Did you see the woman in white watching us from the window earlier?

Introductory Prepositional Words

Include details about who, when, where, how, why, or what in your writing with introductory prepositional words and phrases. Don’t forget to add a comma after you use these introductory words.

  1. Above…

Above the enticing table of food, a cage hung, ready to trap the unsuspecting children.

  1. Across…

Across this river, you’ll discover a small village where strange happenings often occur.

  1. Behind…

Behind this patch of trees, we’ll reach a small cave entrance with a glimmering pool inside it.

  1. Below…

Below the plane, a flock of white birds flew in V-formation.

  1. Between…

Between you and me, the colonel never really scared or intimidated me.

  1. Down…

Down this fake sewer, you will see a realistic re-envisioning of the sewer home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  1. In reality

In reality, the man was unlovable and unattractive in his bitterness, fascism, and self-loathing.

  1. In…

In Bahrain, many people practice falconry and camel racing as pastimes.

  1. Near…

Near the woods, you’ll find a small bamboo hut with a family of twelve living in it.

  1. Next to…

Next to the large inflatable building, a kid-friendly Ferris wheel spun slowly.

  1. Opposite…

Opposite the young girl, a man with shaggy hair and dark eyes sat cross-legged.

  1. To…

To speed things up, the business owner joined the team and got his hands dirty.

  1. With…

With his dog beside him and a gun in his hand, Ford raced across the field and charged at the trespassers. 

Contrast-Focused Introductory Words

Introductory words can create contrast while connecting one sentence to another. They are employed to compare ideas or show parallels in writing.

  1. Although…

Although we didn’t attend training anymore, the coach still checked in on us during the competition.

  1. Conversely

Conversely, the girls in this class have caused most of the chaos and drama of the past year.

  1. Despite…

Despite the lack of supplies, the soldiers survived the war with resourcefulness and cunning.

  1. In contrast

In contrast, a well-trained fighter can spar without causing injury and making it too easy for their partners.

  1. In spite of…

In spite of their smaller heights and builds, the natives are stronger and tougher than any other group I’ve seen.

  1. Nevertheless

Nevertheless, I know your parents want what’s best for you.

  1. Nonetheless

Nonetheless, the band continued writing controversial songs with deep and parody-laden lyrics.

  1. On the contrary

On the contrary, we never agreed to give you a share of the land at all.

  1. On the other hand

On the other hand, privileged people treat camping and foraging as entertaining outdoor activities.

  1. Still

Still, you should have thought to ask me about the car before you sold it.

  1. Unlike…

Unlike you, my traditionalist parents never approved of my colorful style.

  1. Yet

Yet, you still think they’re easy to beat in any sport. 

Cause and Effect Introductory Words

Use the following introductory words when you need to join sentences linked through cause and effect. You can also apply them to show the relationship between two things or ideas.

  1. Accordingly

Accordingly, the students began studying harder and spending more time indoors during recess.

  1. As a result

As a result, the woman gave a lonely birth to her baby without her husband by her side.

  1. Because of…

Because of the team’s preparations, everyone came home with a medal and a big improvement in their playing styles.

  1. Consequently

Consequently, the once-successful restaurant may go bankrupt.

  1. Due to

Due to the bad weather and sudden earthquake, the mayor declared this day a non-working day.

  1. For that reason

For that reason, we designed a smaller menu made with inexpensive but fresh ingredients.

  1. Hence

Hence, the group created a house rule stating that everyone should use indoor slippers whenever they’re inside.

  1. In view of that

In view of that, we plated the mayor’s dinner with utmost care.

  1. Since…

Since the night was still young, the group kept bar-hopping until they lost most of their money and valuables.

  1. Therefore

Therefore, you made things worse by taking an unnecessary loan.

  1. Thus

Thus, the tribe that embraced modernity without losing their values flourished. 

Chronological Introductory Words

It’s possible to begin a sentence with a chronological clause or word to refer to a time. You can use adverbs, prepositions, or other types of words for this type of introductory word.

  1. At…

At exactly 0400, they’ll expect us to arrive with the cavalry.

  1. By…

By midnight, the celebrations will end, and the people will start cleaning up.

  1. Currently

Currently, we’re discussing the transportation budget for the incoming field trip.

  1. During…

During the trial, the abuser kept smirking while staring at her victim.

  1. Earlier

Earlier, we watched a group of goth girls challenge the popular mean girls from your school.

  1. Finally

Finally, the A team found their next football superstar.

  1. First

First, we’ll need a large bowl, water, cornstarch, and a pinch of salt.

  1. From…

From my grandfather’s time, we’ve had this land and have lived here.

  1. Immediately

Immediately, the emergency response team told everyone to back off as they tended to the wounded.

  1. Lastly

Lastly, our team wants to thank our sponsors, fans, supporters, family, and friends.

  1. Meanwhile

Meanwhile, the women opened their briefcases and pulled out the necessary documents.

  1. Often

Often, we have a habit of lying to ourselves to preserve our sanity.

  1. On…

On warm nights like this, the German shepherd would lie on the porch.

  1. Ultimately

Ultimately, Sona and her sister succumbed to the temptation of vigilante vengeance.

  1. Until…

Until I see where you’ve kept it, I won’t believe that you have the gold in your possession.

  1. When…

When the weather was good, the old couple would visit the beach and collect sea shells.