Top 60+ List of Conjunction Words For Writers

Learn how to ramp up your penning and create complex sentences, often joined by conjunction words. Here is a list of conjunction words for your writing.

What Are Conjunction Words?

List of Conjunction Words
Writers must master using conjunction words in their writing to improve their levels

Conjunctions connect phrases, clauses, and words in a sentence. They can also link ideas or keep two full sentences related to one another. Writers must master using conjunction words in their writing to improve their levels. 

Below are all the conjunction words we’ve collected and listed. 

List of Conjunction Words

List of conjunction words
AfterForProvided that 
AlthoughFurthermoreRather, than
AndHenceforth Regardless 
As a resultHoweverSince 
As few, asIf So
As little, asIn addition toStill
As long asIn caseSuch, that
As many, asIncidentallySuppose
As much asInsteadThan 
As much, asLestTherefore
As well asLikewiseUndoubtedly
Before MoreoverUntil
Both, andNeither, norWhen
ButNo sooner, thanWhenever 
By the timeNonethelessWhere
ContrarilyNot only, but alsoWhether or not
Either, orOn the other handWhether, or
Even if Once While
Even thoughOnly ifYet

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List of Coordinating Conjunction Words 

Coordinating conjunctions bring together words, phrases, and clauses in a sentence. The parts connected by coordinating conjunctions must have the same syntactic functions. 

  1. But 

You can’t tell me the answer, but you can give me directions. 

  1. And 

The young employees from the kitchen and housekeeping staff created a cheer dance team. 

  1. Yet 

You told me you wanted to win the competition, yet you’ve done nothing to reach your goals.

  1. For 

Always bring your umbrella when you go to town, for the weather here is unpredictable. 

  1. Nor

I’ve never given you my number nor my email. 

  1. Or

Did Shania tell you if she wanted to sing for us today or next week?

  1. So

I was craving donuts, so I bought a dozen of them. 

  1. Otherwise 

We had to pay the corrupt officers; otherwise, they’d put us in jail for a made-up reason. 

  1. As well as

You can make hot cocoa as well as coffee at the kitchenette. 

  1. Therefore

The other contestants didn’t prepare ahead of time; therefore, they had to rush most of the work.

  1. In addition to

The fairies bestowed upon Grendolyn protection from malignant curses in addition to her new ability to tell when someone was lying.

List of Subordinating Conjunction Words 

This type of conjunction joins a main clause and a set of words that can’t form a complete sentence by itself. Subordinating conjunctions often show a cause-and-effect association. They can also show a shift in the time or place. 

  1. Since 

Sandy has always wanted to see the sea since her childhood days. 

  1. After 

The children played and made noise after their teacher left the classroom. 

  1. Once 

The kittens would always climb the curtains once they saw birds perched by the window. 

  1. Before

Jenny had been a waitress before becoming a CEO. 

  1. If

You could always get a new table online if you don’t see anything you like here. 

  1. Whenever

Everybody could hear banging and shouting whenever the couple in Room 205 got into a fight. 

  1. Because

We don’t allow dogs in the building because many of our employees have allergies to dogs.

  1. While 

The boys sang Auld Lang Syne while the girls sang Joy to the World for their class presentation.

  1. When

Jerry left the meeting place when none of his friends showed up. 

  1. Unless

We will proceed with the heist unless the boss forms a different plan. 

  1. Where

The queen’s illegitimate daughter succeeded where the princess failed. 

  1. Wherever 

Wherever Seraphine goes, you’ll always hear her music playing in the background. 

  1. As much as 

It’s easy to see that our kittens miss our late German shepherd as much as the rest of the family. 

  1. Until

Walter White was content making drugs to pay for his chemotherapy until he got greedy. 

  1. Than

We won’t see a sky clearer for a meteor shower viewing than tonight. 

  1. Suppose

Do you think the country’s economy would’ve been better suppose World War II didn’t happen?

  1. Only if

Diane, the therapist, said she’d see us only if we promised to get along during our next session. 

  1. Provided 

Hans will reclaim his place in the kingdom provided he gets a chance to take the throne. 

  1. In case

Morgana wanted to cut off contact with her family in case they abused her and retook her savings. 

  1. Lest

You’ll never know success in the business lest you forget about your pride

  1. Even though

Vox Machina kept their heads up and did the work even though the odds were always stacked against them.

  1. Even if

Hollywood’s romance movies always end with a happy ending, even if the main character’s relationship is toxic. 

  1. By the time

Little Anya would’ve grown into a full adult by the time we reached the front of the line. 

  1. As long as

Westeros will never know peace as long as the tyrannous dragon queen holds the continent in her palm. 

  1. Although

Although Tonia began a movement to preserve her works, the government continued to destroy them.

List of Correlative Conjunction Words 

Correlative conjunctions illustrate or emphasize how a clause, word, phrase, or idea relates to another. All correlative conjunctions come in pairs. 

  1. Either, or

You told me you wanted to either go to the zoo or stay home watching the Discovery Channel. 

  1. Neither, nor

The women in the town played neither ball sports nor water sports.

  1. Not only, but also

Henry recalled that he saw not only Venus that night but also a shooting star. 

  1. Both, and

Both the audience and his fellow comedians felt uneasy during Andy Kaufman’s first bit on HBO’s show in 1977. 

  1. Whether, or

Whether you come to Leanne’s wedding or Danny’s birthday party is up to you. 

  1. Such, that

Such is his fear of the deep ocean that Michael couldn’t enjoy the beach. 

  1. As many, as

The king ordered his generals to gather as many soldiers as possible.

  1. No sooner, than

No sooner had I entered the room than the group greeted me for the surprise party. 

  1. Rather, than

My sister would rather see a poorly done horror movie twice than read any of Anne Rice’s books.

  1. Whether or not 

You’ll turn 30 in a year, whether or not you spend a lot on a big, fancy party. 

  1. As much, as

Sarah was surprised by how the girls in the city tried to drink as much alcohol as the men could.

  1. As little, as

She could still work even though her schedule gives her as little sleep as possible. 

  1. As few, as

Can you work on the house with as few helpers as you hired in the past project? 

List of Conjunctive Adverbs 

Although they are adverbs in function, these words have the same function as other conjunction words. They may also show contrast, sequence, cause and effect, and other relationships between clauses. You could write conjunctive adverbs to connect two clauses with a semicolon or two sentences. 

  1. Finally

Finally, my friend finished reading the whole Harry Potter series, including its spinoff books. 

  1. However 

We couldn’t get an extra concert ticket for you; however, we could stream it privately on the chat. 

  1. Contrarily

Jamie’s son consistently has high grades; contrarily, his daughter rarely shows up for school.

  1. Meanwhile

The Northern tribe continued their headhunting practices; meanwhile, the tribes closer to the cities preserved it through stories. 

  1. Instead

Marshall didn’t want to tell his family the truth about his leg. Instead, he told a story about how he got into a car accident. 

  1. Likewise

Jamaica attended med school to please her parents. Likewise, her sisters felt the same pressure to pursue a medical career. 

  1. Eventually 

Right now, there are only a few fish in the aquarium. Eventually, we’ll see it fill up with more baby fish. 

  1. Undoubtedly

None of the people here has a genuine driving license; undoubtedly, someone provided fake licenses. 

  1. Regardless

Mila told her partner that she didn’t want to be a mother. Regardless, he was willing to marry her. 

  1. Accordingly

The various departments were given new copies of the rulebook. Accordingly, we also tasked the managers to explain the new system and answer any questions. 

  1. Comparatively

The 1996 plane crash victims survived because of their rural living experiences. Comparatively, the 2021 survivors were all city dwellers and didn’t last long. 

  1. Nonetheless

The helpful professor gave various acronyms during each lesson for easy memorization. Nevertheless, the dean considered it a violation to make the curriculum too easy for the students.

  1. Moreover

The privileged and educated students demanded we hand high-paying jobs to them. Moreover, they wanted to abuse the bonuses our company offered to underprivileged employees. 

  1. Furthermore

Did you know our neighbor asked the poor delivery man to enter her home with the package? Furthermore, she had him install the new patio swing for her!

  1. Incidentally 

We’ve been meaning to change the locks on all the lockers in the department. Incidentally, I saw a sale for combination locks earlier. 

  1. Still

We donated shoes for the forest tribespeople. Still, many remained barefoot for easy walking and good health. 

  1. On the other hand

Many girls from her high school grew into pretty women in the last decade. Elisa, on the other hand, regressed from being the school muse to an introverted nerd. 

  1. As a result

The typhoon caused the schools to close for repairs. As a result, the elementary students rejoiced for an extra day of no schooling. 

  1. Henceforth

The judge told the two landowners to settle where their boundaries lie. Henceforth, each one has hired land surveyors to document it.
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