Top 20 Literary Websites to Help You Choose Your Next Book

Check out these 20 literary websites, and bookmark them so you can find your next great reading selection.

For readers, the world of the Internet has made finding book reviews and recommendations easier than ever. Literary websites can give readers insight into the thoughts and intentions of writers through exclusive interviews, while podcasts and book blogs provide reviews that will help guide you toward the next great read. In addition, many bookstores, literary magazines, and more have websites you can use to make informed reading decisions.

Yet how can you decide which websites are worth visiting? With so many options out there, you need to narrow your reading to focus on the most valuable ones. Here are 20 recommended literary websites that provide good insights into the world of literature. Put them on your reading list so you can see what is up and coming in the world of literature.

1. The Millions

Literary Websites: The Millions
It has a rich library and steady stream of reviews, essays, and reading lists

The Millions has been around for 10 years, making it practically ancient in terms of literary websites. Nevertheless, it receives a top spot on this list because of its rich library and steady stream of reviews, essays, and reading lists.

2. Book Riot

Book Riot has a quirky tone, but it is a great place to learn about books in a less upscale tone. Its tagline is “All Books, Never Boring,” which is true of how it pokes fun at books while also bringing site visitors the information they need to make informed reading decisions.

3. The Los Angeles Review of Books

The Los Angeles Review of Books started on Tumblr, but since then, it has grown into an extensive website with excellent, trusted content producers. Some have said it is the West Coast’s primary literary scene. You will find online literary arts journal entries that are thoughtful and insightful.

4. Page-Turner

Page-Turner is the book blog of The New Yorker. It has a monthly podcast, daily news roundup, essays, and reviews. With so many resources and the trustworthy parent magazine behind it, this website is ideal for those who love books.

5. Goodreads

Goodreads is a favorite website for readers because it posts reviews from regular readers, not paid editors. You can see what other people like you thought of a book before you decide to invest the time to read it. This website also helps readers find similar books when they finish one they loved, which is a great feature to tap when you are looking for a new book or book series to read.

6. Electric Literature

Literary Websites: Electric Lit
An excellent resource for book lovers looking for new reading ideas

When it launched, it portrayed itself as the primary literary journal for the Internet era. It was a print literary magazine at first, but it continued online when the magazine ceased publication. The Electric Literature Recommended Reading list is an excellent resource for book lovers looking for new reading ideas.

7. The Bookrageous Podcast

The Bookrageous Podcast celebrates all things related to books. The hosts are avid readers and take time to talk about their favorite books on the podcast. Their insights will help you find a new reading suggestion if you are stuck without something to read.

8. Guernica

Guernica calls itself “A Magazine of Art and Politics, and it has regular interviews with excellent authors. This website also posts original fiction, so those who are looking for a great short story to read will find it here. Finally, it has a poetry section to round out its literary offerings.

9. The Nervous Breakdown

One of the unique features of The Nervous Breakdown is its self-interviews, which are part of the podcast. This feature allows an author to ask themselves questions other interviewers are not willing to ask. This gives an exciting insight into the thoughts and intentions of some of your favorite authors.

10. Literary Kicks

Literary Kicks has been around since 1994, so it has a rich archive that is interesting to tap. This website is by Levi Asher, and though it lacks consistent daily posts, it has fascinating insights into the world of literature. Readers can tap into the archive to get ideas for new books to read.

11. The Public Domain Review

Literary Websites: The Public Domain Review
It has collections of essays on topics of interest to those who enjoy literature

The Public Domain Review is a non-profit that focuses on out-of-print works. This makes its book reviews intriguing because instead f reviewing new books, they review old ones that are hard to find. It also has collections of essays on topics of interest to those who enjoy literature.

12. New York Times Book Reviews

The New York Times is no stranger to literature and literature reviews. You can check out their book review section to get ideas for what you should read next. The editors are well-known for understanding literature and what makes a great read.

13. Literary Hub

Lit Hub posts daily and focuses its articles and essays on modern literature. If you are looking for ideas for new literary fiction or nonfiction to read, this resource will help. It also brings in literary content from partner websites, making it a hub that readers can tap to find what they are looking for in one convenient location.

14. Brad Listi

Brad Listi’s website is an author website, but it has an interesting reading log and podcast that are helpful as you look for more reading suggestions. This combination earns it a spot on the top literary websites because readers can turn to Brad to learn more about the books he finds attractive.

15. The Paris Review Daily

The Paris Review is a highly respected literary journal, but it only puts out a paper published a few times each year. The Paris Review Daily provides an online source for many of the same reviews and reports found in the print version. This resource is highly respected in the literary world.

16. The Rumpus

Literary Websites: The Rumpus
It has a section for poetry and a service where young readers can subscribe to get letters in the mail from well-known authors

The Rumpus has excellent contributors that share daily content. It has interviews, reviews, and essays for people who want to learn about books. It also has a section for poetry and a service where young readers can subscribe to get letters in the mail from well-known authors.

17. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is not a literary blog or review website. Instead, it is a resource that distributes free eBooks to interested readers. It deserves a spot on the list because it has a rich library of books that readers can read, even though it does not focus on literary criticism.

18. The New Inquiry

The New Inquiry not only discusses and reviews books but also spends time talking about politics and pop culture. This makes it an engaging read and relevant for the modern reader. You will likely find it highly entertaining as well as informative. It does have a paid membership option, but you can read articles for free.

19. The American Reader

The American Reader is a monthly print journal, but it also has a website. Here you will see fiction and poetry publications and letters from well-known names in literature. While it is a young website, it has the potential to be an important one.

20. Granta

Literary Websites: Granta
This website needs to be on your list if you are looking for informative content about the world of literature

In the world of English literature, Granta is one of the essential magazine publications. Its website is rich with information and posts. This website needs to be on your list if you are looking for informative content about the world of literature.

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