Letter Y Worksheet Printout

Yield to the yearning for ‘Y’ with our youthful Letter Y Worksheet!

What Makes the Letter Y Special?

The Yawning Y: ‘Y’ is a youthful, yawn-inducing letter, often found in “yawn,” “yellow,” and “yogurt.”

Yachts and Yoyos: ‘Y’ introduces fun concepts like “yachts,” “yoyos,” and “yaks.”

Letter Y Activities

Yarn Art: Use yarn to create letter ‘Y’ art or to form shapes of words that start with ‘Y’.

Yellow Day: Have a day where everything is about the color yellow – from clothes to crafts and food.

Yes or No: Take turns posing yes or no questions about Y words.

You Be the Teacher: Kids lead activities thinking of their own Y themes.

Yummy Snack: Enjoy a snack where the name or ingredients start with Y.

Yoga Poses: Hold different yoga poses that spell Y words.

Your Turn: Take turns thinking of new Y words in a group brainstorm.

Letter Y Worksheet Printable

Yield great results in tracing the letter Y with our youth-friendly letter Y worksheet.

Letter Y worksheet printable
Letter Y printable