Letter Z Worksheet Printout

Zoom into the zest of ‘Z’ with our zappy Letter Z Worksheet!

What Makes the Letter Z Special?

The Zooming Z: ‘Z’ is the zesty, zooming final letter of the alphabet, seen in “zebra,” “zoo,” and “zip.”

Zeppelins and Zero: ‘Z’ zooms us to “zeppelins,” “zero,” and “zigzag,” combining history, mathematics, and fun shapes.

Letter Z Activities

Zoo Visit: Plan a virtual or real visit to the zoo to learn about animals starting with ‘Z’ like zebras and zookeepers.

Zipper Board: Create a board with different types of zippers to help develop fine motor skills and learn about ‘Z’.

Zany Charades: Act out Z words in dramatic or silly ways.

Zoo Animals: Learn about animals whose names start with Z.

Zentangle: Use markers or pens to create intricate Z patterned drawings.

Zip Around: Play music and have kids move around the space, stopping on Z cues.

Zzz…: Read books with characters or places starting with Z before quiet time.

Letter Z Worksheet Printable

Zoom through tracing the letter Z with our zestful, easy-to-follow Letter Z worksheet.

Letter Z worksheet printable
Letter Z printable