Letter X Worksheet Printout

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What Makes the Letter X Special?

The Mysterious X: ‘X’ is often seen as mysterious and is unique due to its rare appearance at the beginning of words. It’s more commonly found in the middle or end of words, like in “fox,” “ax,” and “box.”

X-rays and Xylophones: ‘X’ brings to mind “x-rays” and “xylophones,” sparking curiosity in science and music.

Letter X Activities

X-ray Hand Craft: Trace hands and use white chalk or paint to simulate bones for an x-ray craft.

X Marks the Spot: Set up a treasure hunt where ‘X’ marks the spot, combining adventure with learning the letter ‘X’.

X-Ray Vision: Try to guess what’s inside a bag or under a blanket based on touch alone.

X Marks the Spot: Hide a toy treasure and give clues with X words.

X-treme Scavenger Hunt: Search high and low around the room for X items.

X-cellent Shapes: Use play dough to make letters and objects starting with X.

X-tra Special: Bring an item from home that starts with X for show and share.

Letter X Worksheet Printable

Excel at tracing the letter X with our exceptional, straightforward letter X worksheet.

Letter X worksheet printable
Letter X worksheet printable