Letter R Worksheet Printout

Revel in the richness of ‘R’ – get our Letter R Worksheet today!

What Makes the Letter R Special?

The Rolling R: ‘R’ has a rolling sound that’s fun to pronounce in words like “rabbit,” “rose,” and “rainbow.”

Robots and Rockets: ‘R’ rockets us into the world of “robots,” “rockets,” and “racing,” fueling imaginative play.

Letter R Activities

Robot Crafts: Build a simple robot from recycled materials.

Love: Write a romantic poem using our list of love words.

Rainbow Creations: Make rainbows using colorful papers or by drawing, to learn about colors and the letter ‘R’.

Random words: Use this list of random words to free write a story.

Rhyme Time: Say rhyming words, phrases or songs starting with R.

Relay Race: Split into teams and race to complete tasks with an R theme.

Read All About It: Focus reading time on books with R words.

Show and Tell: Have kids bring something from home that starts with R.

Movement Matters: Lead physical activities where the name starts with R.

Letter R Worksheet Printable

Revel in tracing the letter R with our robust, easy-to-follow worksheet.

Letter R worksheet printable
Letter R printable