Letter S Worksheet Printout

Start studying ‘S’ with our superb Letter S Worksheet!

What Makes the Letter S Special?

The Sizzling S: ‘S’ is a sizzling, soft sound seen in “sun,” “snake,” and “star.”

Sun and Sand: ‘S’ takes us to the “sun,” “sand,” and “sea,” perfect for discussions about nature and the environment.

Fun Activities with ‘S’

Storytelling with S: Create stories where the main characters or objects start with ‘S’.

Sand Art: Use sand to create art, or draw letters in the sand for a fun writing exercise.

Scarry Words: Use this list of scary words to write a spooky story.

Sing Along: Choose songs with words starting with S for the kids to sing.

Story Starter: Each child adds a sentence to an ongoing story using an S word.

Scavenger Hunt: Send kids around the room to find specific S items.

Show and Share: Have kids bring something from home starting with S.

Sensory Sort: Sort objects by texture, color, size etc. with an S theme.

Letter S Worksheet Printable

Start tracing the letter S with our simple-to-use, effective worksheet.

Letter S worksheet printable
Letter S worksheet printable