Letter P Worksheet Printout

Play and progress with our premium Letter P Worksheet!

What Makes the Letter P Special?

The Popping P: ‘P’ has a playful and popping sound, making it fun to pronounce in words like “puppy,” “pizza,” and “princess.”

Penguins and Pumpkins: ‘P’ introduces us to a world of “penguins,” “pumpkins,” and “palaces,” enriching vocabulary and imagination.

Letter P Activities

Pirate Party: Embark on a pretend pirate adventure, searching for hidden treasures that start with ‘P’.

Paint with P: Use paint to create a collage of everything ‘P’ – from pigs to pianos.

Copywriting: Try these powerful words to copywrite about or sell a product.

Paper Plate Puppets: Decorate paper plates to look like characters/things starting with P.

Picture This: Describe an item starting with P and have kids draw what you described.

Pass the Parcel: Pass around a wrapped item and play music; unwrap when music stops for P clues.

Pattern Play: Create AB patterns using objects, colors or other items starting with P.

Physical Spelling: Work together to physically form letters and words starting with P.

Letter P Worksheet Printable

Perfect your skills by tracing the letter P with our practical letter P worksheet.

Letter P worksheet printable
Letter P printable