Letter J Worksheet Printout

Jump into joy with our jolly Letter J Worksheets – get them now!

Jump into the joy of ‘J’, the tenth letter of the alphabet and a jolly start to many words. ‘J’ brings us “jelly,” “jungle,” and “jump.” It’s a letter that often jumps off the page with its jaunty sound.

What Makes the Letter J Special?

The Jolly J: ‘J’ has a distinctive, jolly sound, making it a favorite in words like “joke,” “joy,” and “jellybeans.”

J is for Jungle: The word “jungle” starts with ‘J’ and introduces children to a world of adventure and wild animals.

Jackets and Jars: From “jackets” to “jars,” ‘J’ starts the names of many useful and everyday objects.

Letter J Activities

J Journaling: Create a journal or a scrapbook focusing on ‘J’ words – like jellyfish, jaguars, or juice.

Jolly J Tunes: Listen to songs or read stories emphasizing the ‘J’ sound, like “Jack and Jill” or “Jungle Book“.

Journey for J: Go on a journey around your home or school to find things that start with ‘J’.

Jump For Letters: Use letter or picture cards and have kids jump to each one.

Just Dance: Play music and have kids dance or move in ways that start with “J”.

Jigsaw Jamboree: Provide jigsaw puzzles with pictures of items starting with “J”.

Show And Tell: Give kids a chance to bring something from home starting with “J”.

Act It Out: Verbally describe actions and have kids guess what “J” word it is.

Letter J Worksheet Printable

Jump into tracing the letter J with our joyful, easy-to-follow worksheet.

Letter J worksheet printable
Letter J printable