Letter L Worksheet Printout

Learn and love ‘L’ through our lively Letter L Worksheet!

What Makes the Letter L Special?

The Lullaby Sound:L’ often brings a soft, lulling sound to words like “lullaby,” “leaf,” and “light.”

Lions and Lambs:L’ leads the way in both the animal kingdom with “lions,” “leopards,” and “lambs,” and in nature with “leaves,” “lakes,” and “landscapes.”

Letter L Activities

Leaf Art: Collect different types of leaves and use them to create an ‘L’ collage.

Language Game: Play a word game to see how many ‘L’ words the kids can develop in a minute!

Love: Write a love poem using our list of love words.

Letter Race: Split kids into teams and have a race to find items around the room starting with “L”.

Listen For “L”: Play soft music and have kids move when they hear words, sounds with “L”.

Look, Listen, Learn: Read a book focusing on words starting with “L”.

Letter Links: Verbally connect two “L” words with “and” to make a chain.

Let’s Move: Lead an exercise routine where the moves are based on “L” words.

Letter L Worksheet Printable

Learn to trace the letter L with our lively, clear-cut Letter L worksheet.

Letter L worksheet printable
Letter L printable