Top 110+ Family Words List You Need to Know

Learn family words list to describe your kinship in English. Understand the importance, variations, and usage of different words to deepen your familial vocabulary.

What Are Family Words? Family words describe kinship. They are a crucial part of our everyday vocabulary. They help express and define the intricate relations that exist within our families. 

Michael J. Fox phrased it perfectly when he said, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.

In America alone, there are 128.45 million households. So, how can we differentiate the people who live within them and alongside us?

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, knowing as many words as possible will make you a stronger writer, and should you be describing a family in your work, you need to understand all of the available terms.

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110+ Family Words List You Need to Know

Family words list
Family words list
BrotherStepdaughter-in-lawBirth Child
ChildStepson-in-lawBirth Parent
Close RelativeUncle-in-lawFoster Family
FatherBinuclear FamilyIntended Family
GranddaughterCousinSurrogate Family
GrandfatherFirst Cousin, Once RemovedStep-Aunt
GrandmotherFourth CousinStep-Brother
Immediate FamilyGreat-AuntStep-Nephew
Loved OnesGreat-GrandfatherStep-Niece
Next of KinGreat-NephewStep-Uncle
SisterMenage GroupAncestry
WifeSecond Cousin, Once RemovedClan
Aunt-in-lawSecond CousinDescent
Brother-in-lawThird CousinDynasty
Cousin-in-lawUncleFamily Tree
Daughter-in-lawAdopted BrotherFolk
Ex-in-lawsAdopted CousinGenealogy
Father-in-lawAdopted DaughterHouse
FiancéAdopted NephewHousehold
FiancéeAdopted SisterKin
Grandfather-in-lawAdopted SonKindred
Grandmother-in-lawAdoptive AuntKinfolk
Mother-in-lawAdoptive FatherLineage
Nephew-in-lawAdoptive GrandfatherOffspring
Niece-in-lawAdoptive GrandmotherPeople
Partner-in-lawAdoptive KinRace
Sister-in-lawAdoptive MotherRegime
Son-in-lawAdoptive NieceSuccession
Step-in-lawAdoptive UncleTribe

Immediate Family Words

Immediate family refers to the closest blood relatives. Often, they form a household. You might also be interested in our list of poetic words.

1. Brother

My brother is a talented musician.

2. Child

Every child is a bundle of joy and a source of immense happiness.

3. Close Relative

Lana is a close relative but is not fond of attending family functions.

4. Daughter

Their daughter is very good at painting.

5. Father

My father is a professor at a local university.

6. Granddaughter

Your granddaughter has a keen interest in wildlife and loves to explore nature, doesn’t she?

7. Grandfather

My grandfather tells the most fascinating stories about his youth.

8. Grandmother

My grandmother makes the best apple pie.

9. Grandson

The Peterson’s grandson is a brilliant student and excels in math.

10. Husband

Her husband is a renowned architect in the city.

11. Immediate Family

When I say immediate family, I refer to anyone’s parents, siblings, partners, and children.

12. Loved Ones

Loved ones is an affectionate way of referring to those people in your life who are very important to you — blood or not.

13. Mother

I learned a lot of life values from my mother.

14. Next of Kin

In legal terms, your next of kin inherits your property when you don’t have any last will.

15. Parent

Her parent always encourages Anna to pursue her dreams and goals.

16. Sibling

His sibling is his best friend – they share everything.

17. Sister

His sister often goes shopping alone.

18. Son

His son is a high school sophomore.

19. Spouse

His spouse shares my love for adventure and travel.

20. Wife

His wife is an accomplished chef and runs her restaurant.

In-Laws Family Words

This category in family words refers to family members related by marriage. Check out our list of words of encouragement.

21. Aunt-in-law

Our aunt-in-law is a gifted painter; her artworks adorn the walls of our home.

22. Brother-in-law

My brother-in-law is a passionate photographer.

23. Cousin-in-law

Her cousin-in-law works as a wildlife conservationist.

24. Daughter-in-law

Sheila’s daughter-in-law designed our beautiful vacation home.

25. Ex-in-laws

Though they’ve separated, Angie’s ex-in-laws maintain a cordial relationship with her.

26. Father-in-law

His father-in-law is a retired army officer.

27. Fiancé

Roro’s fiancé wants a grand wedding.

28. Fiancée

I heard you’ll introduce us to your fiancée on Christmas.

29. Grandfather-in-law

My grandfather-in-law has a great sense of humor. He always keeps us entertained at family gatherings.

30. Grandmother-in-law

Her grandmother-in-law’s traditional recipes are out of this world.

31. Mother-in-law

I share a warm relationship with my mother-in-law. I heard it’s rare these days.

32. Nephew-in-law

Our nephew-in-law is a rising entrepreneur in the tech industry.

33. Niece-in-law

Since their niece-in-law is a violinist, melodies often fill their family gatherings.

34. Partner-in-law

His partner-in-law is a devoted horticulturist. Their garden looks like something out of Eden!

35. Sister-in-law

Her sister-in-law teaches English at a community college.

36. Son-in-law

Our son-in-law is a dedicated doctor – he’s in the hospital 24/7.

37. Step-in-law

My step-in-law gets the family closer.

38. Stepdaughter-in-law

Their stepdaughter-in-law is a dedicated social worker.

39. Stepson-in-law

I heard you’re looking for furniture designs. Tonton’s stepson-in-law is a skilled carpenter.

40. Uncle-in-law

My uncle-in-law is a renowned historian. He’s the best at presenting engaging lectures.

Extended Family Words

Extended family words point out family connections beyond the immediate family.

41. Aunt

My aunt doesn’t care about her siblings. I don’t want to be like her.

42. Binuclear Family

I think our binuclear family is pretty awesome. We enrich our collective experience every day!

43. Cousin

I think my cousin’s life goal is not to do anything. She spends her life lazing about.

44. First Cousin Once Removed

Rei’s first cousin, once removed, is an archaeologist. He often lets Rei tag along when they’re digging.

45. Fourth Cousin

Ah, here’s the infamous fourth cousin who only shows up when she needs something.

46. Grandfather

I didn’t have the opportunity to bond with my grandfather since he died early.

47. Grandmother

It’ll be great if I can make a biography of my grandmother.

48. Great-Aunt

Her great-aunt is a retired teacher who instilled in me a love for literature.

49. Great-Grandfather

Our great-grandfather’s agricultural innovations still impact our family business today.

50. Great-Grandmother

My great-grandmother is a bad woman. I don’t like talking about her.

51. Great-Nephew

Their great-nephew is a prodigious musician, mesmerizing listeners with his guitar skills.

52. Great-Niece

His great-niece is a promising young artist. He has already won many accolades at ten years old.

53. Great-Uncle

Our great-uncle is a World War II veteran.

54. Menage Group

Our menage group includes a variety of relatives from different generations. This setup promotes intergenerational understanding and strengthens our family bond.

55. Nephew

A rocket is a perfect gift for his nephew since he’s very interested in astronomy.

56. Niece

Unfortunately, their niece doesn’t have any talent in the piano.

57. Second Cousin Once Removed

Lisa’s second cousin, once removed, is a star in the culinary world.

58. Second Cousin

His second cousin is an eco-warrior. She often goes on unintelligible spiels though.

59. Third Cousin

Mary’s third cousin is a professional dancer and choreographer.

60. Uncle

My uncle didn’t do a great job in raising his children.

Adoptive Family Words

These words describe family relationships with one or more adopted family members.

61. Adopted Brother

John and his adopted brother play football every weekend – they’re very close.

62. Adopted Cousin

My adopted cousin and I share a love for adventure novels.

63. Adopted Daughter

The Burn’s adopted daughter is an aspiring chef, so they’re doing their best to send her to a great culinary school.

64. Adopted Nephew

His adopted nephew volunteers at the local animal shelter.

65. Adopted Sister

Luna’s adopted sister is great with kids; she’ll be a great kindergarten teacher someday.

66. Adopted Son

Have you seen the paintings of Hamilton’s adopted son? He makes amazing landscapes!

67. Adoptive Aunt

It’s a shame – their adoptive aunt doesn’t care for them at all.

68. Adoptive Father

It’s a good thing his adoptive father has always been very supportive.

69. Adoptive Grandfather

Our adoptive grandfather shares fascinating stories from his younger days.

70. Adoptive Grandmother

The chocolate chip cookies made by our adoptive grandmother are the best.

71. Adoptive Kin

Each Christmas, our adoptive kin look forward to their unique gifts.

72. Adoptive Mother

His adoptive mother is one of the best cooks I’ve met in my entire life.

73. Adoptive Niece

Roy’s adoptive niece is as flexible as a rubber band. She’ll be a great gymnast, for sure.

74. Adoptive Uncle

You should try my adoptive uncle’s homemade wine; they are the best!

75. Birth Child

The agency suggested that it’s best to adopt a child younger than your birth child if you have one.

76. Birth Parent

While I cherish my adoptive family, I still respect my birth parent.

77. Foster Family

My foster family provided me with a warm and nurturing environment.

78. Genitor

My genitor, though not present in my daily life, is still a part of who I am.

79. Intended Family

She believes that her intended family is not defined by blood relations.

80. Surrogate Family

Throughout college, his friends became his surrogate family. They supported and made him feel like he belonged.

Step Family Words

Step-family words refer to the family relationships formed when a parent remarries.

81. Step-Aunt

Her new step-aunt is a famous painter. So much so that celebrities commission her for portraits.

82. Step-Brother

She doesn’t like her step-brother – he teases her and always calls her names.

83. Step-Grandfather

Having a step-grandfather is fun; he tells me tales of war whenever I visit.

84. Step-Grandmother

His new family doesn’t come with a step-grandmother.

85. Step-Nephew

I guess you can call him my step-nephew, given the circumstances.

86. Step-Niece

Her step-niece is a figure skater. She already won many competitions.

87. Step-Sister

Do you think all step-sisters are like those from Cinderella?

88. Step-Uncle

His step-uncle always asks him to come to the shop to help out.

89. Stepfather

His stepfather is a professional golfer. He’s not around much.

90. Stepmother

Her stepmother works in the fashion industry. She promised her an instant position in her company once she graduates.

More Family Words

Often, family doesn’t only refer to blood relations or connections forged by marriage. Below are more words referring to family or a close relation to others:

91. Ancestry

My ancestry traces back to Vikings.

92. Blood

We share the same blood, but that is not enough to pardon her sins.

93. Bloodline

Despite our diverse interests and pursuits, we are from the same bloodline.

94. Clan

I find it amusing that there’s a member of our clan in each country we visit.

95. Descent

My descent from a long line of scholars instilled a deep love for learning.

96. Dynasty

The Tang dynasty is often considered the greatest dynasty in Chinese history. Why? During this time, people enjoy stability and further their skills and learning.

97. Family Tree

Studying our family tree helps us understand our characteristics and traits.

98. Folk

We’re not blood-related, but we’ve been together for decades. They are my folk, and I love them so much.

99. Genealogy

Our genealogy is rich with captivating stories of our ancestors’ accomplishments.

100. House

Many know the house of Noa, our family surname, for its philanthropic acts.

101. Household

Our household, home to three generations, is a bustling hub of activity.

102. Kin

Someone from their kin always visits the late boss’ grave.

103. Kindred

My kindred share a strong bond. We promised to support each other through thick and thin.

104. Kinfolk

My kinfolk, despite having diverse professions, have a shared passion for music.

105. Lineage

Zan comes from a lineage of doctors and nurses but wants to be a cook.

106. Offspring

As the offspring of two artists, I inherited a deep appreciation for the visual arts.

107. People

No matter what happens, he will choose what’s best for our people.

108. Race

Our family welcomes everyone and anyone – doesn’t matter the age, sex, or race.

109. Regime

My grandfather’s regime? I remember it as a period of extreme discipline and tradition.

110. Succession

Our family succession has always honored the eldest child as the head of the family.

111. Tribe

We refer to our extended family as our “tribe.”