Essays About School: Top 5 Examples Plus Prompts

School education plays a significant role in forming who we are; if you are writing essays about school, read our guide for inspiration and writing prompts. 

School is a crucial part of one’s life, as it gives us the basic knowledge we need to be able to take on the world. It refers to the activity of being educated in class and the buildings where these activities occur. Children go to school to obtain basic knowledge, such as history, English, and mathematics and learn manners and helpful life skills. It is commonly divided into early childhood, primary, secondary, and tertiary education. 

Many current and former students regard school as a second home, as it gives shelter, knowledge, and a “second family” in the form of our classmates. They also nurture us, teach us lessons about life, help us discover our interests, and instill morals in us. Indeed, the schools we attend prove vital to our success. 

To start your essay, read these examples to write informative essays about school. 

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1. Homeschool vs. Public School by Ramona Rice

“And although homeschooled students can benefit from a more fitted education and concentrate on their own needs, their curriculum can become too narrowed, limiting all that they could obtain. In all, by limiting the knowledge of a student to only what their parents know, how could society ever grow and develop? A student needs to learn in an environment that will adequately prepare them for the ever-growing society and competitive work field.”

Rice compares being homeschooled to public school, highlighting its advantages and disadvantages. While homeschooling allows for a more flexible schedule and a more personalized study plan, there is no socialization and no pressure, two things that school accustoms students to for the future. It is also very limited, as parents rather than professionals teach students. Homeschooling has its advantages but is not ideal overall. You might also be interested in these essays about education.

2. Essay on My School (Author Unknown)

“For me, my school is more than simply an educational institution; it is also my second family, which I established during my childhood. A family of wonderful friends, outstanding teachers, and fond school memories. I adore my school because it is where I learn how to be a good citizen and how to reach my goals. School is the only place where we make friends without judging them. We feel comfortable spending time with those close friends no matter what the situation.”

This essay discusses the importance of education and school. School gives us essential knowledge, the fundamentals of life, and friendships we will treasure forever. Contributing factors to the effectiveness of a school are the physical environment, teachers, classmates, and of course, quality of education. Finally, the school has become a second family to the author, as it gave them some of the best memories ever. 

3. 2020-2021 School year reflection by Rasha Al-Najjar

“Hybrid is hard. Flipping lessons, teachers trying to build relationships with students they’ve never seen in person, and students who are at home alone through assignments is incredibly challenging. However, the struggle of keeping it all straight gave teachers an opportunity to reflect, tweak, and adjust lessons as they went.”

Al-Najjar explains the difficulties her school’s faculty encountered during the previous school year at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The sudden change from an in-person to an online or hybrid set-up left many teachers and students confused and stressed, and although easier in some aspects; it proved difficult overall. As a result, the school year was tough, but Al-Najjar and her fellow faculty members learned a lot and planned to make the coming year more productive. 

4.  What Do I Expect from Elementary School? Not this. by Laura Eberhart Goodman

“We aren’t expecting 8 and 9 year olds to vote in the next election, or pay their own car insurance, or stay out late with a boy that we hate, so why are we expecting them to sit for 6–7 hours a day and do paperwork? Why are we expecting them to be able to concentrate for hours at a time to take multiple choice tests? It’s not the right time for that. They aren’t ready, and they shouldn’t have to be ready.”

Goodman, a mother of elementary school students, laments the tiredness she sees on their faces when she picks them up. She wishes elementary schools would focus on creativity, morals and skills, and even fun; instead, she sees her kids bored and tired with school, as their school focuses too much on academics and “high standards.” Goodman provides excellent insight from the perspective of a mother, making her argument all the more effective. 

5. ​​My High School Reflections by Stella Santa Ana

“Many people think that being alone and introverted is an abnormal behavior, but it’s actually one of the greatest assets you can achieve. If you can be alone and introverted and enjoy some quality time with yourself, if you can learn to befriend who you are and learn to love yourself for your faults, then you’re already ahead of most people in life. It’s in your best interest to become your own best friend, because only then can you really improve and become a better person.”

Santa Anna writes about several lessons she has learned throughout high schools, such as being careful with who you socialize with and avoiding procrastination. Most significantly, however, she discusses self-reliance. Only one person fully knows the real you: you. As a result, you should keep in touch with your emotions and avoid getting swayed by others so easily. If you can “become your best friend,” it is easier to succeed. 

Writing Prompts For Essays About School

1. Why Is School Important?

There are many reasons for you to attend and take school seriously. Focus on one or more, explaining the importance of going to school. For example, you may mention the lessons you can learn, the skills you develop, and how schools prepare you for the future. 

2. Should Schools Require Uniforms?

Some schools, particularly religious institutions, implement strict uniform policies. Read about uniform requirements and decide whether you think students should be required to wear uniforms or not. Then, make your argument and support it adequately with credible sources. Be sure to include a rebuttal of the opposing viewpoint: describe it and explain why you disagree. 

3. Should There Be a “No Homework” Policy in Elementary School? 

Another topic you can consider for an interesting argumentative essay is a “no homework” policy in primary school. Some believe that kids this young should have as much free time as possible, while others want them to be prepared for the future rigor of class. Discuss whether you believe students should not be assigned homework and explain your position sufficiently. 

4. Should Classes Be Separated by Sex?

Some believe that males and females have different learning styles and should be separated in class to maximize teaching. In contrast, others believe this is unnecessary and unrealistic as men and women always work together. Decide on your position on this issue and try to persuade readers of it- give ample evidence for your argument and explain it in detail.

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5. Is Going to College Necessary?

More and more job providers are removing the college degree requirement for applicants. With that being said, is getting a tertiary education still needed? In your essay, detail your position on this issue and support it with examples, statistics, and other credible research.

6. Is Bullying Part of “School Culture?”

Essays About School: Is bullying part of “school culture?”
Do you believe that the culture of bullying will persist, or is it unacceptable to just let it be

Bullying is, without a doubt, a grave issue at all school levels. However, some believe it is already institutional and cannot be entirely eradicated. Furthermore, some believe it can prepare students for the “real world.” Do you believe that the culture of bullying will persist, or is it unacceptable to just let it be? There is no wrong answer, as long as it is explained adequately. 

7. What Is the Most Important Thing You Have Learned From School? 

For your essay, reflect on a memorable experience from your school years, no matter how long ago or recent it may be. Why do you remember it as well as you do? Then, explain what you learned from it and how it has helped you become who you are today. 

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