Essays About City Life: Top 5 Examples And Prompts

Urban life has its advantages and drawbacks; if you want to read and write essays about city life, continue below for a list of essays to read and ideas to tackle.

Many people stand divided about the city life and whether it’s a good or bad experience. For some, it’s all they’ve known and are most comfortable with. For others, it’s something they want to escape. Depending on your experiences with the city, you may see it as something that provides many opportunities or hazards.

When writing essays about city life, gathering research from both positive and negative viewpoints is essential. See our top essay examples, and intriguing writing prompts below for your next essay.

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1. City Life by Sheri Page

“There are many reasons I love the city life, but there are three main reasons, and they are entertainment, transportation and cost, and being able to experience ethnic diversity.” 

Page’s essay discusses her experience in the city and why she loves urban life. In addition, she writes about the top three things that make city life exciting for her. You might also find these essays about cities helpful.

2. Essay on City Life for Students and Children in 1500+ Words by ReadingJunction

“The charm of city life is the major reason for the top level of migration from rural areas. However, contrary to what people believe, living in the city has its pros and cons.”

This essay on city life inspects the advantages and drawbacks of living in a city. Because it takes an objective look at urban life, it has a neutral stance on the topic.

3. Long Essay on Life in a Big City by Prasanna

“A good life in a big city is almost impossible unless you are well settled. Also, you will hardly get any free and peaceful time in such cities as you have to hustle consistently.”

This essay writer talks about urban life in a good and bad light. Her essay incorporates the fun things about living in the city and the realities of having an urban life, like needing money to be happy in the city.

4. Essay on Life in a Big City for Students and Children by Toppr

“Big cities, on the one hand, offer many opportunities for personal, professional, and economic growth. On the other hand, take away the comfort and relaxation from life.”

This short essay from Toppr discusses how big cities promote self-growth, economic evolution, and professional development. It also highlights some pros and cons of living in a big city compared to living in a village or small town.

5. What Living in New York Teaches You About Love by Lucie Zhang

“I fundamentally believe that moving to a new city is much like entering into a new relationship, and truly the only person who knows what is best for you, in that case, is yourself.”

New York is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. Zhang compares the idea of living in a big city like New York to being in a relationship. She uses her experience as a New Yorker to talk about what one can expect when moving to New York and becoming a citizen.

9 Essays About City Life Writing Prompts

Are you ready to write an essay about city life? Consider using the essay topics we listed below to figure out the direction your essay will go.

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1. Comparing City Life and Country Life

Essays About City Life: Comparing city life and country life

Urban life and country life are two very different things. If you’ve experienced living in both the country and city, this is the topic for your essay. Discuss similarities and differences between the typical lifestyles in the city and country. Consider also the emotions or mindsets of people who live in each environment.

2. Health Hazards Caused by City Life

While cities provide great educational and financial resources, they can also be risky. The smog, fast food, and unhealthy lifestyle practices are the main causes of declining physical health. Some people in the city are also ruthless, rude, and indifferent to others, causing unnecessary stress to those they encounter. Thus, city life can cause issues with a person’s mental and physical health.

3. Benefits of City Life

The city is full of opportunities, conveniences, and activities for everyone. Entertainment events like sports events and shows are always available. You can find more schools and universities in some cities where your kids can get a better education. Even though the cost of living is more expensive in the city, you can also earn a higher salary. Those are the best benefits of living an urban lifestyle. Consider reading about other benefits or discuss your observations from your experience.

4. The Best Things to Know about the City Life in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the home of many great cities, including Boston, Cambridge, and Pittsfield. Depending on where you live, the lifestyle in each MA-based city is unique. It is the essay topic for you if you’ve moved around or have tried living in different areas in Massachusetts. You can also change Massachusetts to a state you’re more familiar with to fit your essay better.

5. How City Life Changes a Person Coming in from the Country

Did you come from the country and move into the city to study or work? Express your emotions and thoughts about how adapting to the city changed you in this essay. You can also compare your typical lifestyle in the country and city here.

6. Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Adapting to a Big-City Life

This is the perfect essay topic for you if you’re moving from a small town or the country to a big city. Include the survival tips and tricks you learned or realized when you moved to the big city. You can also describe what you expected before moving to the big city and the reality that faced you after the move.

7. Dealing with City Life and Controlling How It Affects You

City life can lack the meditative silence that village life provides. It’s full of people who want to take advantage of you, whether at work, on the street, or in your relationships. These experiences, while not universal to urbanites, can affect a person’s mental and physical health. Use this essay writing opportunity to describe how you dealt with bad experiences in the city and the lessons you learned.

8. The Fashion Dos and Don’ts of City Life

For art or fashion-focused students, the city life provides a myriad of colorful opportunities for self-expression. Almost every kind of fashion is acceptable in the city for many people. You’d see people in work attire, loungewear, and even out-of-this-world costumes on the street. If you want to share your idea or opinion about the fashion you’ve seen in cities, this is the essay topic.

9. What Unusual Things Are Normal to People Who Live the City Life?

Cities are melting pots for different people, cultures, practices, and attitudes. Thus, people who have lived their lives within a city are more open-minded and have universal practices. This topic is a great choice, whether you’re from the country who visited the city or an urbanite who visited the countryside. Discuss the practices strange to you or the people around you when you visit other places and compare them to the normal thing to do in the city.

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