7 Best Letter Writing Apps For Writers 2023

Discover our guide with the best letter writing apps that will help you write flawless letters for personal and business purposes. Get started penning a creative letter today!

Image being able to craft elegant letters with the simple click of a few buttons — that’s exactly what you experience when using some of the best letter writing apps available in the wonderful world of writing. These intuitive apps offer sleek templates, writing assistance and customization options that you can tweak for any and every occasion where you might need to write a letter.

Whether you’ll use letter writing apps to improve your English readability, sound like a pro when sealing a business deal or practice some sales copywriting, plenty of IOS and Android apps are available for you to try out. If you’re a budding copywriter, you’ll love our round-up of the best copywriting books!

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1. Ulysses

Price: Free trial available but costs $40 per year after that
Use for: Suitable for Apple products

Best Letter Writing Apps: Ulysses
Ulysses has a helpful markdown tool within the app

If you like to write letters on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone, Ulysses could be the best option available. It allows you to sync your files directly to iCloud, giving you a convenient way to back up your work. This is also a fantastic app because it uses a markdown style.


  • Distraction-free intuitive interface
  • Syncs across devices
  • Can be used to organize projects


  • Subscription-based after a free trial, which can be expensive
  • Designed for Mac and IOS
  • Learning curve when beginning to use the app
  • Backs up your files to iCloud
  • Can handle images if you want to include them in your letter
  • There is a strong customer support team
  • Not available on Windows or Android
  • Does not come with any templates
  • Fairly limited as a proofreader or editor

2. Scrivener

Price: A free trial available; the premium version starts at $49
Use for: Writing long-form letters

Best Letter Writing Apps: Scrivener
Scrivener is exceptional for managing larger projects

Scrivener has become a popular program for all writing forms, including letters. For example, if you need to write long letters to someone, you can use this program to break up your letter into convenient spots, making it easier for the person to read. It is available on a wide variety of platforms, and it comes with helpful templates.


  • Ideal for organizing lengthy letters
  • Can compile and manage research materials and data
  • Notes and drafts can be stored together


  • The initial learning curve can be challenging
  • Interface can be complex for simple letter writing
  • No collaboration features for co-authored letter
  • Exceptional for managing larger projects
  • Mobile apps are available for iPad and iPhone
  • It has helpful drag and drop features
  • Not available on Android
  • Learning how to format your letter can be a bit challenging
  • It can be costly 

3. Focus Writer

Price: Free but encourages donations
Use for: Those on a tight budget who need a word processor

Best Letter Writing Apps: Focus Writer
Focus Writer is a versatile app compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and more

Focus Writer is the way to go if you want a word processor compatible with almost every writing platform. It is a free program that is a suitable alternative to MS Word. Therefore, it is popular among students. You can use this program to bang out your letter quickly, export it, and send it to your friend.

In addition, some convenient features will help you track your word count and character count. It doesn’t have the same variety of features as some of the other programs, but it will still get the job done.


  • Provides a distraction-free environment for focus sessions
  • Customizable themes and template styles
  • Encourages a solid writing routine for habit-building


  • Limited formatting options
  • Minimal features for complex letter writing
  • No collaboration features
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and other platforms
  • Free word processor
  • Can track basic text statistics
  • It does not have advanced proofreading or editing features 
  • It can be a bit clunky and outdated when compared to other programs
  • It does not have any advanced formatting features

4. ProWritingAid

Price: A free version available; the premium version is $60 per year
Use for: Those writing letters for professional purposes

Best Letter Writing Apps: ProWritingAid
ProWritingAid gives helpful suggestions for improving sentence flow

If you need to send a professional letter to someone, you must present a robust and expertly finished product. ProWritingAid is an exceptional program that you can use to check your grammar, correct punctuation errors, and catch typos online. While it is one of the best free writing apps, the premium version provides access to advanced stylistic features that can significantly improve the quality of your work.


  • Thorough grammar checker and style detector for letter writing clarity
  • Suggestions offered to improve sentence structure and grammar
  • Integrates with other platforms


  • Applying and sorting through suggestions can be time-consuming
  • Some suggestions might not be accurate
  • Not specifically designed for letter writing, so some features might not be suitable
  • Free version available
  • The Premium version gives helpful suggestions for sentence style
  • Can export to Microsoft Word in Docx format for macOS
  • The user interface can be a bit challenging to use
  • Context is not considered with the free or premium version
  • The Premium version can be expensive

5. Evernote

Price: Free but has in-app purchases
Use for: If you like to write on multiple devices

Best Letter Writing Apps: Evernote
Evernote is ideal for writing on-the-go

Sometimes, you need a bit of inspiration when you are writing a letter. That is where Evernote can be helpful. The most significant advantage of this writing app is that you can sync your letter across multiple devices. That way, you don’t have to worry about losing track of your work. Then, you can pick it up later, making it easier for you to craft your letter perfectly.


  • Allows various types of content to be used, ideal for research or informative business letter writing
  • Syncs across devices
  • Collaboration features available


  • Not designed for letter writing, so it might be hard to use for this purpose
  • Formatting options are limited compared to other apps
  • Free version has storage limitations
  • The perfect option if you want to write on the go
  • You can sink your work across multiple devices, including your iPhone, iPad, computer, and other mobile devices.
  • You don’t have to worry about which version is the most recent.
  • The free version is minimal 
  • It is not great for longer letters
  • The formatting options are limited and make it hard to make your letter look good

6. Microsoft Word

Price: Included with many operating systems
Best for: Those who need a primary word processor

Best Letter Writing Apps: Microsoft Word
MS Word is a reliable letter writing app with helpful templates and basic grammar-checking features

If you are looking for an intuitive, basic, and cost-effective word processor to help you write your letters, you should consider using Microsoft Word. There is a good chance you used Microsoft Word growing up, and you probably already have it on your computer.

Unfortunately, if it doesn’t come with your computer, it can be expensive, but it is straightforward to use. It has some basic spell check and proofreading features, and you might even get access to a few templates you can use to structure your letter.


  • Industry-standard word processor with great capabilities for letter writing
  • Many features and design elements are available
  • Collaboration tools available


  • Expensive if not included in operating system
  • Interface can be overwhelming for a simple letter-writing task
  • Compatibility issues can arise when sharing across platforms
  • Easy to use
  • Included with many operating systems
  • Often comes with templates and basic grammar-checking features
  • It can be expensive if not included with your operating system
  • It doesn’t have advanced proofreading features
  • It May have a lot of features you will never use for letters

7. Google Docs

Price: Free
Best for: Those who collaborate with others on their letters

Best Letter Writing Apps: Google Docs
Google Docs is an ideal tool for collaboration

If you need a program that allows multiple people to work on a document simultaneously, you must use Google Docs. Google Docs essentially places your letter on a webpage. Anyone with a link to the webpage (to whom you give permission) can access and edit the letter. Google Docs has several features that can help you write a beautiful letter. It is an excellent option if you want to add images and videos, and there are helpful templates you can use for your letter.


  • Real-time collaboration tool is excellent for teams
  • Cloud-based auto saved prevents accidental loss
  • Accessible across platforms and devices


  • Requires a reliable internet connection to use
  • Limited offline access
  • Maintaining formatting can be challenging when exporting to different formats
  • Great for collaboration
  • Has templates available for your letter
  • It has a helpful dictation feature to save time
  • Proofreading features are not great
  • The program can be a bit clunky at times
  • You must have Google Drive to save the letter

Selection Criteria

When developing this list, there are several testing criteria considered. Some of the most important examples include:

  • Value for Money:  Value for money is an essential factor in picking the right letter writing app. I’ve analyzed the features, compared them to the price tag, and assessed them objectively. Included in the list are free writing apps, premium versions, and premium apps that come with a free version. 
  • Ease of Use: I’ve considered the learning curve of the app as well. Even though it might be the best option available, it isn’t helpful if it is incredibly challenging. Some apps are easier than others to learn.
  • Customization: I’ve also considered the customizability of each program. Writers require a high level of customization to tweak and format their letters in a way that makes sense for the recipient so I’ve considered this within each app.

Why You Can Trust Me

As an experienced writer, editor and copywriter I’ve created many letters for both personal and business use. I’ve landed successful business deals, informed clients of changes in services and reached out to potential clients with cold email letters.

With years of experience, I’ve sourced the most efficient and versatile apps that I use day-to-day for letter writing and building client relationships. You can rely on my experience as a writer and business owner to recommend the best letter writing apps available for writers. If you’re looking for more, check out our round-up of the best citation software!

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