GrammarlyGO Review: Is This AI Chatbot Worth It?

Our GrammarlyGO review profiles the pros and cons of this AI writing tool.

Grammarly has been my best friend for the last five years. I’ve used it to edit my articles while scanning them for accidental plagiarism. However, a few weeks ago, Grammarly released a new function called GrammarlyGO. GrammarlyGO is a generative AI, think ChatGPT, but with a writing assistant twist.

It’s meant to help you save time writing articles and other forms of content. The AI will generate article outlines, introductions, and emails, and you still get access to all the great features mentioned in our Grammarly Free Vs Premium comparison.

So if you’re considering signing up for GrammarlyGO but need to know if it’s worth it, continue reading. Like in our Grammarly review, I’ll describe my experience with GrammarlyGO, some pros and cons, and whether it’s worth your time and money.

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What Is GrammarlyGO?

Grammarly released GrammarlyGO in March 2023. It’s a new generative AI platform, similar to ChatGPT, where you can type in a prompt and ask the AI to do things for you. Here’s a short list of tasks that GrammarlyGO can complete:

  • Create blog post outlines
  • Write introductions for articles and videos
  • Generate ideas 
  • Rewrite existing text
  • Shorten or lengthen text
  • Write emails that fit a specific tone
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This feature suite has two main benefits: It helps you overcome writer’s block and it reduces the time spent researching and writing articles. Instead of spending half an hour doing SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis to create an article outline, you can ask GrammarlyGO to do it. Or, if you don’t know how to respond to an email, GrammarlyGO will analyze your email thread and generate a response within seconds. You might also be interested in reading about the Hollywood writers’ strike.

GrammarlyGO Pricing

To gain access to GrammarlyGO, sign up for Grammarly‘s paid plan. These are the pricing options that Grammarly currently offers:

  1. A monthly subscription of $29.95
  2. A quarterly plan of $59.95 
  3. An annual subscription of $139

With these plans, you can also utilize the existing Grammarly features, such as the writing assistant and plagiarism scanner. This is good news if you already have a Grammarly Premium account because you won’t have to sign up for a separate plan. 

GrammarlyGO is also available with Grammarly Business. So if you’re leading a team, you can sign up for Grammarly Business, invite your team members, and everyone can access 500 prompts per month. For context, 500 prompts is more than enough for most users unless you plan on using this tool to write hundreds of blog posts.

Who Is GrammarlyGO For?

I started using GrammarlyGO when it was released and played around with the ChatGPT-like interface. I found that the new functions can benefit the lives of:

  • Freelance writers
  • Business owners
  • Students

Freelance Writers

GrammarlyGO helps you save time writing articles, making it essential for freelance writers. It offers many of the premium features that ChatGPT has, and you won’t have to sign up for another payment plan. It’s a writing assistant, plagiarism scanner, and AI writer.

The existing Grammarly features have already streamlined editing, but with GrammarlyGO, you can save time on content creation. Do you need help to come up with an eye-catching introduction? Ask GrammarlyGO. Need to know how to structure your article? Ask GrammarlyGO. Out of content ideas for your website? Ask GrammarlyGO.

Business Owners

GrammarlyGO has a suite of AI functions tailored to the needs of business owners. For example, if you want to write an investment proposal but your writing skills could be better, GrammarlyGO has you covered. Simply enter a few key pieces of information, and GrammarlyGO will generate an output within seconds.

Or, if a business partner sends you an email and you don’t know how to respond, integrate GrammarlyGO with Gmail, and the AI will analyze your email thread before producing a response.

These functions helped me save hours a day and allowed me to dedicate more of my brain power to tasks that matter. Instead of thinking about how to respond to an email, I can funnel my creative energy into marketing and creating a better product.


You can also benefit from GrammarlyGO as a student. For example, if you’re completing a school assignment and don’t feel like researching for hours, ask GrammarlyGO to summarize the main points. Let’s say you’re writing a report on quantitative easing. You could type “What is quantitative easing” into GrammarlyGO, and the AI will produce something like this:

How Does GrammarlyGO Work?

To start using GrammaryGO’s suite of AI features, head to and sign up for an account. Once logged into your dashboard, you’ll see a “GrammarlyGO ” icon on the right-hand side. Select this icon and a bunch of prompts will pop up.

You can choose any one of these prompts, or you can type in something that you’d like GrammarlyGO to do. After a few seconds, Grammarly will give you an output. You could copy and paste this directly into your Google Doc, or if you aren’t happy with it, ask the AI to rewrite it.

But what separated GrammarlyGO from other AI tools is the integration with platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, Skype, Apple Mail, and Discord. For instance, if you need GrammarlyGO to write an email, you don’t have to open a new tab, go to Grammarly, and write a prompt. Instead, you’ll see a little light bulb icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Simply click this icon, and GrammarlyGO will start writing.

High-Quality Generative AI

My favorite GrammarlyGO feature is generative AI. The outputs are on par with ChatGPT since they are rarely inaccurate, and I can ask the AI almost anything. In the example below, I asked the AI to produce an outline for me, and this was the result:

As you can see, this outline contains everything an article on the front page of Google will have. It introduces the concept of property management software, explains the benefits, and finally explores how the reader can benefit.

In another example, I prompted GrammarlyGO to create an email that asks my customers for constructive criticism. I entered some basic information, and this is what GrammarlyGO generated:

You can ask more questions from here until you deeply understand the topic. If you don’t understand the explanation that GrammarlyGO provides, feel free to ask the AI to shorten it and write in a more casual tone. Claim our Grammarly student discount.

Although I’ll rework a few of the sentences, it’s a good starting point. If GrammarlyGO produced an output I somehow didn’t like, I could ask the AI to rephrase it or make it more persuasive.

Receive Writing Feedback

I’ve always been a big fan of Grammarly’s weekly emails. I attribute much of my success to it because it exposed my writing weaknesses and showed me how to improve.

So I was delighted when I learned that GrammarlyGO has a similar feature on steroids. It’ll analyze your article and find areas for improvement. These improvements are split into three prompts:

  1. Identify any gaps
  2. Give me ideas for improvement
  3. Pick out my main point

When you click “Identify any gaps,” GrammarlyGO will present possible headings you can include in your article to add more detail. For example, I was writing a review for Afterpay, a buy now, pay later application and GrammarlyGO presented me with the following suggestions:

The “Give me ideas for improvement” option is also helpful as it shows you what examples, topics, tables, and paragraphs you can add to improve your article’s flow. The last option is “Pick out my main point.” This checks if your article is heading in the right direction and not discussing too many topics simultaneously.

Generate New Ideas

As a blogger, you understand the difficulty of constantly developing new article ideas. It can be a real challenge once your creative muscle runs dry. Fortunately, Grammarly introduced an idea generator feature that’ll develop blog post ideas for you. All you have to do is click the “Generate ideas for a blog post” icon, type in a related keyword, and Grammarly will produce five potential topics:

Areas For Improvement

But like all software platforms, GrammarlyGO isn’t perfect. It has a few drawbacks that you want to consider before signing up:

  • The system is sometimes offline
  • The AI is still in its beta phase

The System Is Sometimes Offline

Sometimes GrammarlyGO requires users to either close and then reopen the prompt box or reinput the prompt. If you find your results aren’t accurate, close out of GrammarlyGO and try again with a new prompt. Occasionally, this appears too:

The AI Is Still In Its Beta

GrammarlyGO is a beta tool, so I’d expect these bugs to resolve soon. Unlike more established AI tools such as ChatGPT, GrammarlyGO still has some way to go regarding interactiveness. GrammarlyGO’s ability to answer complicated questions isn’t on the same level as ChatGPT. And when it does provide answers to advanced questions, it isn’t as detailed.

GrammarlyGO Competition

The main competitor to GrammarlyGO is ChatGPT, as it has a similar interface and functions. You can ask the AI to write blog introductions, outlines, emails, and reports for you.

The primary difference I noticed after using both platforms is the response time and usage limits. ChatGPT generates outputs way faster than GrammarlyGO, and you have unlimited prompts. With GrammarlyGO, you only get 500 prompts per month per user. Although this is enough for me, you might need a more flexible AI, depending on your writing needs.

However, a significant benefit to GrammarlyGO is that it gives you access to generative AI without signing up for another pricing plan. This is perfect if you’re on a budget and trying to cut down on monthly subscriptions. For more, read our article comparing ChatGPT vs Grammarly.

GrammarlyGO Review Criteria

When I tested GrammarlyGO to see how it stacked up against the competition and if it’s a valuable option for writers, I used this set of criteria:

Ease of use: I first considered GrammarlyGO’s interface because an AI tool shouldn’t have a steep learning curve. I calculated the time it took me to utilize GrammarlyGO to its full potential.

Accuracy: Another critical factor I reviewed was the quality of the content that GrammarlyGO produced. I proofread all the outputs to understand if it sounds natural and persuasive.

Affordability: AI writing platforms shouldn’t break the bank. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay more if you already have a Grammarly account.

Additional features: The last thing I considered was any additional features that GrammarlyGO offered. Grammarly passed with flying colors because it’s a 3-in-1 AI tool, plagiarism scanner, and writing assistant.

Why You Can Trust Me

I’ve been writing how-to guides, software reviews, and email newsletters for around five years, and Grammarly has been an integral part of my freelance writing success. It cut my editing time in half and helped me publish more readable and error-free articles.

So when I heard Grammarly was releasing a new AI, I couldn’t wait. I signed up for email notifications, so Grammarly notified me immediately after they released GrammarlyGO. Before writing this review, I used GrammarlyGO to create blog outlines, introductions, emails, and article ideas. I even asked GrammarlyGO to give me some ideas for sections I can add to this review to make it more comprehensive. 

GrammarlyGO Review: The Bottom Line

GrammarlyGO is a fantastic alternative to ChatGPT. If you already have a Grammarly account, you’ll get 500 prompts per month, and you can use this to write higher-quality articles in less time. According to researchers, it performs better than ChatGPT too.

In short, if you’re a writer, business owner, or student looking to avoid writer’s block while reducing the time it takes to write, then GrammarlyGO is necessary. The AI generates accurate writing requiring little to no editing, so you can create blog introductions, outlines, ads, and emails within seconds.

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Is GrammarlyGo Worth It?

Is GrammarlyGO Worth IT?

GrammarlyGO is a useful AI writing assistant. Compared to other AI tools, it saved us time with basic writing tasks and requests. It offers comparable feedback to what a human editor can provide. As it’s included with Grammarly, there’s no reason not to use it.


  • You don’t have to sign up for a separate AI tool
  • The outputs are accurate
  • Creates various types of content, such as blog outlines, introductions, and business proposals.
  • Acts like an editor
  • Analyzes your email thread and creates relevant responses
  • Ideal for writers, bloggers and anyone who wants to use AI writing tools


  • Users must sometimes reinput prompts
  • Less multi-purpose than ChatGPT
  • Still in beta