How to Add Grammarly to Chrome in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to add Grammarly to Chrome in this easy-to-follow guide.

One of Grammarly’s features that makes it such a powerful English grammar checker is that you can add it to Chrome to check your grammar in-browser text boxes as you write. Grammarly for Chrome gives you automatic spell-checker capabilities every time you write something in Chrome, including social media postings, Google Docs documents, emails, and more. Adding the Google Chrome extension is simple, and here is what you need to do.

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Materials Needed

  • Computer
  • Chrome browser
  • Grammarly account

Step 1. Find Grammarly in the Chrome Web Store

Step 1: Find grammarly in the chrome web store

Visit the Chrome Web Store to find the Grammarly browser extension. The Grammarly Chrome extension is a free add-on you can download. First, you might be wondering, is Grammarly safe?

Step 2. Download the Free Version

Step 2: Download the free version

Download the free version of Chrome by clicking “Add to Chrome.” This action will start the download process. If you see a pop-up asking for permission to add an extension, say “yes.”

Step 3. Set up Grammarly

Before you can use Grammarly, you must set up an account. First, click on the extension icon that shows up to the right of your address bar in Chrome. The icon will take you to Grammarly’s create an account page. 

Create a free account using your Gmail email and a password of your choosing. You will need to answer some questions to personalize Grammarly’s functionality. 

Step 4. Upgrade to Grammarly Premium

Now you need to decide if you want the paid version: Grammarly Premium. The paid version adds additional features like word choice and writing style recommendations, plagiarism detection, and more detailed information about grammar mistakes and suggestions the app makes.

Step 5. Use the Demo Document as a Tutorial

Step 5: Use the demo document as a tutorial

Whether you stay with the free version or the premium version, on the next screen, you can click on “demo document” to explore how Grammarly works. This tool helps you know how to use the app more effectively.

How to Use Grammarly to Check Your Grammar

Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to start using Grammarly to check your grammar while working in Chrome. The app will appear like a little green circle icon on the upper right-hand side by the address bar. To verify that it is active on a site you are using, click on that icon, and a drop-down box will appear, like this:

How to use grammarly to check your grammar?

Toggle the grammar checker to “on,” and Grammarly is now ready to go on Chrome. When you type something into a text box in the Chrome browser, it will underline potential grammar mistakes or problems. The grammar check program will work on most websites you can type on. For more information on Grammarly check out our detailed Grammarly review here. 

When Grammarly underlines a potential problem, put your cursor over the problem sentence. A pop-up will show the suggestion. Simply click the suggestion, if you agree, and it will change your work. Here is how that might look:

The misspelling of “running” is highlighted, with the suggestion of “running” in the drop-down box. Click it, and the add-on will automatically adjust your spelling. Here is how that will look on a longer piece:


Here, several suggestions show on the left, giving you the opportunity to check many at once as you edit the piece. You can also use this in Gmail if you run Gmail on a Chrome browser. Doing so will look like this:


Make the change if you agree, but don’t be afraid to “add to dictionary” or “dismiss” the suggestion as you go. Finally, remember that Grammarly also shows a little icon that tells the tone of your piece, like this:


Clicking on the t-shirt icon shows the piece’s overall tone is “informal.” Make sure it matches your goal, whether professional and straightforward for business writing or friendly and engaging for an email.

As far as real-time grammar checking goes, Grammarly remains one of the top options. Remember, however, that Grammarly is no replacement for human thought and action. Though I’ll say that Grammarly is one of the top grammar-checking options, it is just an AI program. It does not eliminate the need for human thought. When you get a suggestion, remember that you, ultimately, are the author, and you don’t have to agree.

Final thoughts On How To Add Grammarly to Chrome

As a writer, having Grammarly added to Google Chrome is a God’s send. It ensures that everything you write, from social media posts and emails to blog posts and web copy is accurate and error-free. The ability to set the tone of voice also gives you the freedom to tailor your writing to suit the audience without sacrificing editorial quality.

Whether you stick with the free plan or invest in the premium offering, there is no longer and excuse for having poor grammar. For more help, read our guide explaining why Grammarly is not working.

FAQ On How To Add Grammarly to Chrome

Is the Grammarly Chrome Plugin Free? 

Yes, the Grammarly plugin for Chrome is free, although for the best results, upgrading to Grammarly premium is recommended.

Can I Change the Language of the Grammarly Plugin

Within very strict limits. The Grammarly plugin has options for UK, US and Canadian English. So while it’s not great for those looking to write in a foreign language, it is great for those that write in English.