13 Best Business Writing Courses 2024

Unlock your business writing potential with our expertly curated list of today’s best business writing courses.

Effective communication is key to success in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment. Good business writing is essential to convey ideas and information clearly and persuasively, whether writing emails, reports, proposals, or white papers. However, only some possess the natural talent to write effectively, which is where the best online writing courses can be valuable.

With so many online and in-person options, finding the right course that suits your needs can be challenging. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best business writing courses, including grant writing, white paper writing, and other forms of business writing. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer, our expertly curated list can help you take your business writing skills to the next level. Check out our guide on how to write a business letter!

1. Tips For Better Business Writing

Who It’s For: Business professionals

Tips For Better Business Writing
This course covers many aspects of business writing that will help to improve your professional image in the eyes of colleagues and superiors

In Tips For Better Business Writing, students will learn the fundamentals of business writing in various formats, including writing white papers, business memos, reports, and more. You will also learn how to subtly alter the business writing depending on how it’s being presented, whether in an email, formal printed presentation, office-wide memo, or something else. This course promises to cover many aspects of business writing that will help to improve your professional image in the eyes of colleagues and superiors.

LinkedIn Learning offers tips For Better Business Writing as part of their complete online courses package. After a free, sometimes available trial, the current cost is $19.99 per month, billed annually. Subscribers can avail of all the online courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform. You might also find our guide on the best business writing skills helpful.

2. Taking Effective and Accurate Meeting Minutes

Who It’s For: Business professionals

Taking Effective and Accurate Meeting Minutes
This course offers valuable shortcuts for structuring, templates, and more

The Taking Effective and Accurate Meeting Minutes course is a rare opportunity to learn how to take accurate notes effectively that won’t detract from the meeting experience. One of the things that business people need help with is how to remain engaged and take notes simultaneously. This course offers valuable shortcuts for structuring, templates, and more.

The American Management Association offers Taking Effective and Accurate Meeting Minutes for $199 for non-members and members. Membership provides a vast assembly of other business courses, as well. This is an on-demand course in webinar form that includes a recorded archive of the course, available for a year afterward.

3. Professional Business Writing Masterclass

Who It’s For: Business writers

Professional Business Writing Masterclass
This course teaches everything you need to know about business writing

The Professional Business Writing Masterclass comprises eight and a half videos that can be accessed at your convenience, 29 downloadable resources, various assignments, and one article. This is a true masterclass in that it teaches essentially everything you need to know about business writing, including nuances like the difference between paraphrasing and rewriting, how to substantiate ideas, and much more.

Udemy, the respected online course platform, offers the course. At the cost of $84.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee, the value is good. Taught primarily with online video lectures with downloads and assignments to follow along, this course requires nothing more from you than a basic understanding of English. Check out our guide on the top automations every coaching business should implement.

4. Proposal Writing Course

Who It’s For: Business writers

Proposal Writing Course
The Proposal Writing Course will empower you to write a well-structured and effective business proposal

The need to write business proposals comes up in every business situation, whether it’s a proposal for a business merger, a proposal for expansion, or a proposal to gain investment funds. The Proposal Writing Course will empower you to write a well-structured and effective business proposal for any need.

Offered by Instructional Solutions, the price of $895 may seem excessive until you see that it also offers a live, one-on-one coaching session where your final proposal is critiqued so that you will end up with an actual business proposal that you can use for your unique purpose.

5. Fundamentals of Grant Writing

Who It’s For: Grant writers

Fundamentals of Grant Writing
The course covers the entire range of the grant writing process

This six-week, 24-hour online course, Fundamentals of Grant Writing, is offered by the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel in cooperation with Ed2Go. It’s taught by renowned grant writer and trainer Dr. Bev Browning and is an excellent option for novice grant writers. By the end of the course, the grant writing process will be clearer to you.

The course covers the entire range of the grant writing process, from researching which grants might be available to planning the grant request to making a project budget that will attract the best grants. The cost is only $159, and completion of the course qualifies you for 2.4 continuing education credits.

6. Technical Writing Foundations Course

Who It’s For: Technical writers

Technical Writing Foundations Course
The course teaches how to write effective technical documents and generate ideas

Technical writing is in high demand in modern business, but there is a shortage of skilled technical writers. Whether you’re a beginner, considering technical writing, or aiming to become an expert, the Technical Writing Foundations Course can elevate your technical writing skills.

Technical documentation is not a uniform task, and this course presents a flexible framework that promotes critical thinking and discernment in technical writing. Additionally, you’ll receive personalized feedback on your technical writing.

This course is available from Instructional Solutions for individuals and groups. The online version for individuals is self-paced at the cost of $645. The course promises to teach how to write effective technical documents, generate ideas, and write succinctly.

7. Content Writing For Business – Getting the Fundamentals Right

Who It’s For: Content writers

Content Writing For Business - Getting the Fundamentals Right
This course is aimed at existing writers who may want to expand their service offerings to businesses

Content Writing For Business is a course taught through the Skillshare platform. The instructor is a professional business content writer with 14 years of experience. Monica Samuel teaches about gathering information, researching, understanding the audience, creating a scope of work, and creating templates to streamline business writing content.

Skillshare offers the course for $168 per year, with a free trial period of one month. This course could be completed within that one-month free trial period. This course is aimed at existing writers who may want to expand their service offerings to businesses. The instructor suggests you have a project you want to work on, so you can apply her teachings to your work.

8. Technical Writing by Google

Who It’s For: Technical writers

Technical Writing by Google
In this course, you’ll learn what technical writing looks like and how to write clearly

The Technical Writing by Google course focuses on writing technical documents, including software documentation, user manuals, and API guides. You will also learn about the technical writing role of engineers and gain access to additional technical writing resources, like style guides and more. You will learn what technical writing looks like and how to write clearly.

Notably, this is the same writing course that Google engineers take. So, for an investment of your time, you get access to the same coursework that the highest-ranking engineering professionals use. This free course includes pre-class lessons to prepare beforehand and in-class lessons with other students or facilitators, namely universities, software companies, and other businesses.

9. How to Write White Papers

Who It’s For: Freelance writers

How to Write White Papers
This course teaches you how to write a professional and convincing white paper

The course, How to Write White Papers, begins with an almost 13-minute introduction to marketing white papers. This is telling, as the course promises to familiarize students with the reasons behind white papers and how to write them effectively. It examines why white papers pay more than other types of copywriting and how to become a white paper written by the end of the course.

Udemy offers the course for an affordable $49.99 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The course includes two hours of video that can be watched on-demand and five downloadable resources. By the end of the course, you will be able to write a white paper, although it’s likely that more practice and experience will be needed to gain complete confidence in writing white papers in the future.

10. How to Write a Business Report

Who It’s For: Freelance writers and professionals

How to Write a Business Report
The course goes teaches you how to structure an effective business report

The course, How to Write a Business Report, will teach you the fundamental principles of business report writing, including common reasons for business reports, objectives of business reports, and what a quality business report looks like. The course goes into how to structure the report according to its objective, who to land on an appropriate voice for the report, how to plan it out, and how to format the report so the reader easily absorbs the content.

This is yet another business writing course offered by Udemy. At just $19.99, a lot of value is packed into the 2-hour instructional videos plus one downloadable resource. The course gets into the various types of business reports, so there is a foundation laid for the subsequent business writing instruction.

11. MasterClass – Daniel Pink Teaches Sales and Persuasion

Who It’s For: Copywriters, freelancer writers and client outreach marketers

Daniel Pink Teaches Sales and Persuasion
This course will teach you how to sell a product which can be helpful for business copywriting and ad writing

Daniel Pink is a New York Times best-selling author who has mastered the art of ethical persuasion and sales. He takes a science-based approach to persuading customers using psychology and audience research. This instructor-led MasterClass is accessible after purchase for you to work through at your own pace, allowing you to build your personal brand and work through the modules alongside growing your business.

Although this MasterClass course is not aimed at writing a business proposal or mission statement, it’s essential for all business owners. Knowing how to speak to your audience and market your product is the key to success. Building your business communication skill and mastering the art of persuasion will allow you to create persuasive writing that sells your product, service or skill.

12. The Business Writing Course

Who It’s For: Business professionals and copywriters looking to advance their careers

The Business Writing Course
This course will teach you how to draft and edit business documents and well as the basic of copywriting

Learning to write well is essential for success in the business world, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn in The Business Writing Course. It’s full of helpful modules that teach you everything you need to know about business writing, how to organize your thoughts, write a first draft and edit your work effectively.

The course is run by Alan Sharpe, a Fortune 500 copywriter, copywriting instructor and coach. He has years of experience in business and excellent English communication skills, making him a high-quality tutor for learning better business writing skills and writing techniques.

Sharpe takes a personal approach to teaching, putting students first by creating relatable, honest and helpful content that can be worked through in your own time. The course includes four hours of on-demand video lectures, downloadable resources and lifetime access, making it ideal for new copywriters and business owners.

13. Business Writing Skills Training Course

Who It’s For: Writers, students, professionals and aspiring business owners looking to improve their writing, editing and presentation skills

Business Writing Skills Training Course
This course will teach you how to write confidently and improve your business communication skills

Business Writing Skills Training Course is designed to help new writers, students or aspiring business owners to develop their writing skills. It focuses on creating communication skills and learning how to present clear and concise business documents that are professional and impressive.

The course is available online and lasts a total of two hours, including course content and assessments. You’ll also receive a digital certificate when you complete it. Not only does this course improve your writing skills, but your confidence will also skyrocket, and you’ll find lots of helpful tips and guidance on emails, social media writing, blog writing and more.

Selection Criteria

The courses were curated based on specific selection criteria that include applicability to modern business needs, accessibility for busy professionals with limited time for online learning, and the professional background of the instructors. 

Why You Can Trust Me

I have been a freelance writer for over ten years, serving the writing needs of business clients in a range of niches. I’ve personally written white papers, business proposals, and business reports, and these courses cover all the material you would need to write in a business environment.

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FAQs About the Best Business Writing Courses

How can I Improve my business writing skills?

Improving your business writing skills will require some hard work and dedication to that craft. You can begin by reading some of the best business books to learn the basics and then try out one of the courses on our list.

What are the benefits of business writing courses?

Business writing courses have a lot of benefits for new writers, students and professionals looking to further their careers. Interactive courses allow learners to gain helpful insights from industry experts and learn about real-world business challenges. You’ll also improve your knowledge by using quizzes, assessments and presentations.


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