16 Best Business Bio Examples

Study these 16 business bio examples to learn how to write an effective one for your marketing needs.

A business bio is a chance for business professionals to showcase who they are and what they bring to the table for potential employers or clients. It also gives the business professional a chance to show off some of their personality. The internet has created an atmosphere where the professional bio becomes an integral part of a person’s brand. Some important elements that most professional bios will include are:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Educational background
  • Work history
  • Professional accomplishments or awards
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Contact information

How a person presents that information is what makes a bio effective. In addition, some bios will include keywords or tags for SEO purposes, and it provides the chance to showcase some of the person’s personality. Often, it will include a call to action to encourage the reader, whether a recruiter or a potential client, to contact the person to work with them.

Writing your bio can be challenging. In some ways, it can feel like bragging about listing your accomplishments, and many writers find it challenging to write about themselves. Yet a compelling bio is essential to your branding and marketing goals. Studying other people’s bios that work is an excellent place to start as you write your own. You can find business bio examples on company websites, social media pages, LinkedIn profiles, and personal websites.

To learn how to write one effectively, study these short bio examples and see what effective marketers are doing to showcase their accomplishments appealingly and effectively.

1. Lena Axelsson: Therapist

Business Bio Examples: Lenna Axelsson

Lena Axelsson is a marriage and family therapist who writes for Psychology Today. In the bio she created for the magazine’s website, she does not provide traditional biographical information. Instead, she introduces her core belief. Instead of a personal statement, she shows how her beliefs impact her work with people suffering from trauma. This approach is effective in her goal of reaching potential clients with her professional skills because it showcases how she would choose to help them, rather than simply stating her educational background and years of experience as a therapist.

2. Rebecca Bollwitt: Writer

In her Instagram profile, Rebecca Bollwitt gives a great example of using social media platforms to create compelling bios. These platforms have specific word or character limits; thus, they can’t contain all your details. Rebecca lists her pronouns, a few accomplishments, and her Instagram handle. What makes this Instagram bio so effective is its use of emojis. Emojis are part and parcel of the Instagram experience, and showing a stack of books shows that she is an avid writer. In addition, the heart emoji followed by her husband’s Instagram tag shows her as a real person with a family life of her own.

3. Lisa Quine: Creative Consultant

Lisa Quine has an effective business bio on her portfolio website. This website showcases her creative work by stating what she focuses on for her art. She also has a list of clients she worked with in the past, and she lists her professional accomplishments. This bio will grab the reader’s attention because it discusses all aspects of her creative work. As a freelancer, she has been commissioned to work on a wide range of projects around the globe and has won awards for her craft. The bio ends with some personal information about Lisa to add that personal touch and show that she is human.

4. Alberto Beto Perez: Zumba Fitness Co-Founder

In his LinkedIn summary, Alberto Beto Perez writes like he is writing a short story. He starts with his first work experience as a teenager and shows how he created Zumba as an exercise option through a happy accident. The bio ends with a statement about the success of Zumba as a dance and exercise form today. This LinkedIn bio works well because it is an engaging read. Most people have heard of Zumba, and it walks the reader through the creation of the exercise regime. In the end, the reader is cheering for the success of the hardworking young man who rose from a busy teenager to a successful entrepreneur.

5. Megan Gilmore: Food Blogger

Megan Gilmore masterfully uses her Instagram profile to showcase what she does, creating real food recipes that help people detox. She also markets her cookbook using words and emojis. At the bottom of the bio, Gilmore directs the reader to her website link with a finger pointing down the URL. This visual effectively increases the traffic to her site, which is the ultimate goal of her Instagram page. You find also find these about us page examples helpful.

6. Ann Handley: Writer and Marketer

On her personal website bio, Ann Handley skips the temptation of bragging about her excessive number of accomplishments. Instead, she weaves those accomplishments into a short bio that leaves the reader feeling inspired. In her bio, she focuses on the challenges, not her accomplishments. However, she shows how her accomplishments can be used to help the reader overcome those challenges. Ultimately, readers are left inspired to believe Ann can help them with their writing and marketing needs.

7. Van Jones: Podcast Host

Van Jones is a Podcast host for CNN. In his Twitter bio, he uses the character limit well. Rather than posting a job description, he posts the tagline for his podcast, the Twitter handles for CNN, and some of the other pages he works for. In addition, he adds the new podcast schedule and highlights his accomplishment as a New York Times bestseller. What makes this particular bio so appealing is that the first thing he lists is not one of his jobs or accomplishments. Instead, it is his role as “dad.” So, again, the bio tells us that he is, first and foremost, a human being.

8. Corey Wainwright: Blogger

In her business bio for Hubspot, Corey Wainwright does not have much room to write. Thus, she must capture the reader’s attention without many words, and she does so marvellously. The bio tells about her interest in Bruce Springsteen and her role in content marketing, and it also includes a shoutout to Hubspot’s products. Wainwright’s ability to weave some personality into a bio that’s just two sentences long is what makes it such a practical example of a business bio. The reader knows a little about who she is and what she does, and that’s all they need from this particular bio platform.

9. Mark Levy: Branding Professional

Mark Levy owns a small business that helps people increase their fees with better branding. His About Us page has two biographies, which is an interesting take. His first biography is the short version, which lists credentials and uses bullet points to get to the bottom line quickly. In the long bio, he writes a story. He uses humor and tells how he went from a shy high school student to a successful entrepreneur. His use of copywriting shows why he has been so successful in his work with personal brand marketing, which adds to the appeal of this professional bio.

10. Audra Simpson: Professor

Business Bio Examples: Audra Simpson

Audra Simpson is a professor at Columbia University. She uses her bio on the school’s website to succinctly list her research interests and professional background. It is written in the third person, and in some areas, it simply lists accomplishments in list form, not paragraph form. This biography includes a short, two-sentence bio that specifically discusses her research and work. Because the website lacks space, it does not get into personal biographical information but focuses entirely on the teacher’s teacher’s professional work. It also includes her office hours and contact information to make it easy for students to reach out.

11. Audra Simpson: Anthropologist

Audra Simpson is a political anthropologist who has a compelling bio on her personal website. However, even though it is on a personal website, she uses the third person to keep the biography professional. The first half of this biography shows why she does her work. The second half of the bio shows some of her accomplishments, including awards she won and books she published. Readers get a complete picture of who she is and what she brings to the table when they read this short biography.

12. Tim Cook: Apple CEO

Tim Cook’s bio on the apple company website is more professional and less personal than some others on this list, making sense as he is the CEO of a large and successful tech company. It starts by stating his job title and role in the company, then shows how he got to that role within the company.

At the end of the biography, Cook tells his other jobs that led him to his work with Apple. Finally, it ends with his educational information. This top-down format shows how he worked his way up in the company step by step until he came to the leadership role he holds today. It is simple, straightforward, and effective at conveying the information a reader needs to put a face and some accomplishments behind the name.

13. Alex Bishop: Guitar Maker

If you are looking for creativity in a bio example, then the bio on Alex Bishop’s website is a great one to look at. It starts with an engaging video that draws in the website visitor; then it opens with stories from his childhood. This moves into telling about his journey to becoming a guitar maker. This bio stands out because it uses first-person voice rather than third-person. It still maintains a professional tone, even directly from the writer. Readers feel they connect with Bishop as they read about his journey to the success he has today.

14. Michael Siemsen: Author

Author bios can often be found on book-selling websites, with Amazon being one of the biggest. An author’s bio needs to share some of his work and personal information, and Michael Siesmen’s Amazon bio does this well. Even though it is just a few lines long, Siesman’s bio states the number of books he wrote, where he lives, and what some of his interests are. It also includes links to his website and social media pages. Thus, if someone is reading this bio and wants to contact him, they can.

15. Marie Mikhail: Recruiter

Marie Mikhail has a compelling LinkedIn bio with all the essential elements. In the first sentence, she states her job title while also stating her passion for it. Then she ushers the reader into a story of her background. In the story, she weaves in some of her accomplishments. She then links to some LinkedIn articles to help with her personal branding goals. It is short, but it effectively conveys everything a reader would want to know to decide if they will work with Mikhail.

16. Wonbo Woo: Producer

Wonbo Woo is the executive producer of the video content for WIRED. Because of his long list of accomplishments, his website bio had to carefully choose what he would highlight.

To grab the reader’s attention, he starts with one of the most important and impressive awards he received, his Emmy Award and his Nieman Fellowship from Harvard. This grabs the reader’s attention and sends them into a narrative outlining more of his accomplishment. He also presents a wide variety, helping the reader see how well-rounded he is as a content producer. Unlike many of the bios here, it simply focuses on his content and accomplishments, but it works because these are the most important facets of his career.

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