67 Beautiful Words Related to Light To Help Your Writing Shine

Browse our list of beautiful words related to light to describe characters, settings, and feelings to help your readers feel a wonderful sense of warmth in your writing.

From the dim sparkle of twilight to the hopeful radiance of dawn, light plays a key role in describing settings in literature. Utilizing beautiful and positive words relating to light will help your readers picture each scene. Words related to light are versatile and can be applied as easily to settings as to the glow of a character’s warm heart or ethereal presence.

What Are Beautiful Words Related to Light?

Example of beautiful words related to light
“Backlit” is one good example of a beautiful word related to light

The English language is rife with terms for light. Whether you’re describing a source of photons, a person’s sunny personality, or a physical lack of weight, beautiful words related to light are myriad. Describing a person’s radiance goes far beyond telling your readers that the character is healthy, and telling them how the sunset backlit the dock over the water is far more vivid than simply telling them the day was ending. Use these words to brighten up your characters, settings, and more.

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Everyday Beautiful Words Related to Light

Whether you use these words to describe people you love in everyday life or to talk about the glow of your characters, many of these terms will create a sense of brightness and vibrancy. Several others can be used to enhance descriptions of your settings. Light-related words lend themselves to being used for contrast. These terms can make it easier for you to compare the light in the personality of one character with the lack thereof in another.

1. Ablaze

The house was ablaze as the fire department worked to calm the flames.

2. Aflame

The campfire logs were aflame as the campers made toasted marshmallows for their s’mores.

3. Afterglow

The sky was painted red, orange, and yellow with the afterglow of the volcanic eruption.

4. Aglow

She plugged the cord into the outlet, and the Christmas tree was aglow with warm light.

5. Backlit

The backlit stage outlined the silhouettes of the actors as the overture began.

6. Beacon

From the ship, they could see the beacon of light shining from the lighthouse ahead.

7. Beam

Thankfully, the beams of her headlights perfectly illuminated the road, despite the fog.

8. Brighten

Linda always has trouble reading the menu at dark restaurants so she has to ask them to brighten the lights.

9. Brilliant

The diamond ring was brilliant, and the light danced as she showed it to her friends.

10. Burning

Though the campers had gone to bed hours earlier, their campfire was still burning.

11. Candelabra

The guests marveled at the candelabra hanging from the ceiling as they entered the reception.

12. Dawn

Alex loved walking his dog every morning, just after dawn.

13. Daybreak

She pulled over the bridge into the city at daybreak, ready to begin her workday.

14. Dazzle

The Christmas lights dazzled Austin as he walked through the holiday display with his family.

15. Ember

The smoldering embers remained in the grill after they were done cooking their salmon.

16. Ethereal

She had an ethereal glow and it was as if a light was radiating from her, despite it being a dark night.

17. Flash

Dominique warned her friends that she’d use the flash on her camera as she took their photograph.

18. Flicker

The streetlights seemed to flicker in the snow as the storm began to pick up.

19. Floodlight

The floodlights made it look like noon in the stadium, even though it was nearing 10 pm. 

20. Glare

The glare on the shiny pages of the book made it tough for some children to see the pictures.

21. Gleam

Joseph had to turn his eyes away from the mirrored surface as the gleam of the light hurt his eyes.

22. Glint

After combing the beach for hours, she was relieved to see the glint of her misplaced car keys poking out of the sand.

23. Glisten

The crests of the waves glistened like diamonds in the midday sun.

24. Glitter

The broken glass on the corner of the street glittered in the streetlight.

25. Glow

There was no denying that Erica had a glow as she seemed to radiate happiness.

26. Half-light

They walked along the river as the sky turned from the hot afternoon sun to the half-light of the evening. 

27. Halo

He swore she was an angel. If he squinted, he could almost make out her halo.

28. Headlight

Gerald turned his car’s headlights on before he pulled out of the garage.

29. Ignite

Her doctor explained the importance of keeping her oxygen tank away from cigarettes, as a spark could cause the tank to ignite.

30. Kindle

They weren’t sure whether they’d be able to get the charcoal fired up again, so they tried to use dry leaves as kindle.

31. Limelight

The cheerleading squad was proud to stand in the limelight at their competition in front of their families and friends.

32. Lite

Her report was a little lite; her professor hoped she’d turn in something more substantial.

33. Moonlight

The moonlight was so bright that the outdoor lamps at the party were barely necessary.

34. Pastel

Her shirt was a pastel pink, perfect for the baby shower.

35. Reflection

Buster looked at his reflection and turned his head to the side, as the puppy had never seen himself.

36. Sconce

The many sconces gave the hotel an old-world feel, perfect for the wedding.

37. Sheen

The sheen of the oil on the puddle created a rainbow effect in the sunlight.

38. Shimmer

Her sequined dress shimmered as she admired herself in the mirror.

39. Shine

Meredith opened the curtains first thing in the morning, allowing the sun to shine into her living room.

40. Skylight

Delores loved the skylight in her bedroom, allowing her to enjoy the stars as she drifted off to sleep.

41. Spark

There was an undeniable spark between the two friends, and everyone at the party noticed.

42. Sparkle

Monique’s new eyeshadow sparkled beautifully under the light, as did her freshly done manicure.

43. Spotlight

Not one to enjoy the spotlight, Calvin shied away from speaking in front of his coworkers unless his boss required him to make a speech.

44. Starlight

Night quickly began to fall, and Ellie relaxed and enjoyed her late-night dinner under the starlight at the seaside restaurant.

45. Streetlight

Ginny loved her New York City apartment but struggled to sleep at night due to the streetlight in front of her window.

46. Sunlit

The sunlit patio was the perfect place to practice yoga, especially on a sunny July afternoon.

47. Sunset

“Make sure you come inside before sunset,” Christy yelled to her son, who was playing with his friends. 

48. Sunshine

The sunshine and the cool autumn breeze made it a perfect day for the pumpkin patch.

49. Twilight

As the warm weather rolled in, the twilight hours began later and later, and the family enjoyed their extra hours under the summer sun.

50. Twinkle

The horse had a twinkle in its eye as it carried Santa down Main Street for the parade.

51. Ultraviolet

Protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays is important, as overexposure without sunscreen can lead to skin cancer.

52. Wavelength

It was clear that the couple was on the same wavelength, as they could relay their thoughts to one another with a simple glance.

Complex Beautiful Words Related to Light

These less common words can go the extra mile in helping your readers understand the depths of your characters, and many can be used to illuminate feelings within relationships. Many of these words can work both to explain physical light and to describe hard-to-name personality characteristics. If you’re using a word especially unusual, provide context clues, so your reader can follow your description. Check out our list of magical words for writers!

53. Enkindle

He used the candle lighter to enkindle the campfire, as it was easier to use than a book of matches.

54. Enflame

Conrad was enflamed when he realized that his boss didn’t tell him the truth about having to work over the holidays, and he had to take a deep breath to control his rage.

55. Incandescent

The crowd marveled at the incandescent performance put on by the opera singers.

56. Illume

Thankfully, all hope wasn’t lost for their game night, as the darkroom was illumed by the light of the candle during the power outage.

57. Iridescent

The children created gigantic iridescent bubbles in the front yard using massive bubble wands and a soap solution.

58. Irradiate

The gentle light shone through the floor-to-ceiling windows, irradiating the family as they relaxed.

59. Lucent

Even when the TV turned off, it remained lucent for a few minutes, taking some time to fully fade to black.

60. Luminescence

Bioluminescence is a type of luminescence in which living things go through a chemical process that allows them to emit light.

61. Luminosity

The luminosity of the Miami skyline came into view, and Billy finally knew that he had arrived home.

62. Mellifluous

The warm, golden light mellifluously flowed through the house, welcoming guests inside to warm up.

63. Opalescent

The snow had an opalescent quality, reflecting various colors as the sun danced on the side of the mountain after the blizzard.

64. Phosphorescent

Otto loved his new science kit; the experiment designed to show phosphorescence helped him create a glow-in-the-dark slime.

65. Resplendent

The color of the coral under the water was resplendent, and the divers loved watching the reef dance with the sun.

66. Scintillant

The dolphins were scintillant as they moved in and out of the water, with their skin glistening as the sun hit their fins.

67. Unclouded

His judgment was unclouded and he could finally see clearly that it was time to quit his job.

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