Articles About Beauty: Top 5 Examples and 8 Prompts

Beauty refers to characteristics pleasing to our senses and perception. Discover our top picks of examples of articles about beauty, including prompts.

There are different ways to see and measure the beauty of a person, thing, or place. For example, TC Candler’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces”, a yearly beauty ranking list recognized worldwide since 1990, use details such as originality, poise, and aesthetic features. Beauty standards constantly change and depend on factors like preferences, societal pressures, and beliefs.

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5 Example Articles

1. Inner and Outer Beauty: Exploring Female Beauty in Contemporary China By Hua Ma

“It reveals that participants’ understandings of female beauty are not limited to outer beauty, but rather foreground the importance of ‘inner beauty’. The data found that these concepts have a symbiotic relationship whereby each affects the other.”

Ma recognizes that despite eliminating particular beauty practices from the development of the beauty industry, many people are still more focused on women’s appearance. She reviewed books and studies on Chinese beauty culture and feminism and interviewed 20 Chinese women for her research. The author found that inner and outer beauty has an inseparable direct relationship and encourages women to balance these two types of beauty.

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2. A History of Beauty Trends — And the Standards That Shaped Them by Leah Dolan

“… A set of medieval manuscripts with formulas for skin care, hair dye, and perfume, the desire to make ourselves more presentable — and even attractive — stretches back through history. And rather than embracing the subjectivity of beauty, societies have instead categorized and quantified these elusive qualities into prescriptive beauty ‘standards.’”

Politics and society have always influenced beauty standards. Dolan explains how beauty trends begin to catch on. She also discusses how beauty can liberate and empower women. Dolan notes that beauty will continue to evolve in the future, with many ideas about beauty created and swayed by modernization. 

3. Upholding ‘Harmful Beauty Ideals’ Cost Americans Over $300 Billion in 2019 by Renée Onque

“Unhealthy beauty ideals… are beauty norms that are narrow and unrealistic. They’re typically only reflective of white standards and lack diversity of all sizes, ages, skin shades, hair types and body shapes.”

Onque writes an impactful article by beginning her piece with the story of a girl bullied because of her natural body. This girl believes harmful beauty practices such as bleaching and hair strengthening will save her from discrimination. Onque’s article presents methods to reduce the effects of dangerous beauty ideals, such as promoting safer online platforms and positive body image in schools.

4. 7 Creative Ways To Use Coconut Oil in Your Health and Beauty Regimen by Jessica Migala

“They’re cooking with it. They’re pouring it in their coffee and slathering it on their toast. They’re even smoothing it into their hair and skin, and more. It seems there’s nothing coconut oil can’t do!”

Migala shares natural and cheaper ways of maintaining good health and beauty with coconut oil, substantiated by research and studies. However, she reminds readers to be careful with coconut oil consumption due to its saturated fat content. Some uses of coconut oil include being a natural lubricant, preventing athlete’s foot, and treating eczema and acne. Medical doctors also review the article to enforce reliability.

5. Why the Beauty Industry Will Never Fully Embrace Spots, Scars, and Pimples by Glen Jankowski

“These features were minor such as faint eye wrinkles or a slightly unsymmetrical nose. There were no images of men with acne. We also found similar results for the images of women.”

Jankowski tackles the controversy sparked by beauty brands avoiding models with facial imperfections and blemishes. He explains that brands overuse airbrushing to smooth the skin instead of embracing imperfections. He also found that these techniques may affect the brand’s reputation, causing customer distrust.

8 Prompts for Articles About Beauty

1. Inner vs. Outer Beauty

Inner vs. outer beauty
In this prompt, discuss whether one is more important between inner and outer beauty and why

Briefly describe what inner and outer beauty are and compare them. Discuss whether one is more important than the other and why. Then, support your statements with research. You may reach out to multiple people and ask their opinion on the subject, but ensure you choose diverse participants with different lifestyles and values.

2. Debunking Beauty Myths

Humans are always searching for ways to maintain or improve their beauty. Unfortunately, this continuous search also gives rise to falsities and myths. Produce an article that exposes the truth behind popular beauty myths that people, especially women, still believe in today. Dig into its origins and why these myths trick many people. Include their effects, and offer effective alternatives.

3. Metaverse and Beauty

Experts share that virtual body-shaming and unattainable beauty standards are promoted in the metaverse. In your article, introduce the metaverse and list popular games within it where players can customize their digital appearance. Then proceed to discuss how it positively and negatively influences beauty expectations in real life. Discuss the adverse effects that virtual avatars have on a person’s perception of beauty in real life. Conduct interviews with Metaverse users to create a compelling piece.

4. Social Media’s Impact on Young People: Beauty Standards

For this topic, discuss the rampant use of Photoshop and filters and how it affects youth who thinks these altered images are authentic. Then, open a discussion about “influencers” selling beauty products and if these can be considered scams. Include active efforts by organizations and governments to prevent young people from thinking they can achieve unrealistic beauty standards. For example, delve into the “disclaimer labels” pushed by countries like France and Norway to let people know images have been altered and address their effectiveness. 

5. Beauty and Makeup

Nowadays, many people use cosmetics to feel and look good. Use this prompt to discuss the bestselling cosmetics and why they stick out from the rest. Then, examine the common purposes for using makeup and if they are necessary. Consider if there is a safer and more natural way to maintain beauty.

For example, many consumers seek a full-coverage concealer to cover facial blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, and acne. However, home remedies such as placing cucumbers under the eyes or avoiding certain foods can help alleviate these problems.

6. Beauty 101: What Is Acne?

Beauty is a broad topic, so you can focus your article on a specific area. Choose a popular subject that solves a universal problem, so many readers will be interested in the article, like how to deal with acne. Discuss what acne is, which body parts they usually appear on, causes, types, treatment, and prevention. Then, describe how acne affects a person’s physical and mental health. 

7. Tattoos and Piercings: Do They Ruin Beauty?

There are mixed opinions on body art. For some, it’s a part of their culture and a way to express themselves, while for others, it appears unprofessional and can be viewed as destroying natural beauty. Dedicate your article to encourage appreciation for body art by sharing its history and what it can represent. Deliberate on why body art should not limit an individual’s work opportunities and if it’s acceptable that some employers withhold jobs based on a person’s tattoos and piercings.

8. Top Beauty Tips for Teenagers

Top beauty tips for teenagers
In this prompt, recommend strategies on how teenagers can better understand the meaning of true beauty and positive body image

Teenagers can become very self-conscious of their physical appearance because of the pressure to fit in and be accepted by their peers. Write an article containing beauty tips appropriate for young individuals, with particular attention to their skin sensitivity and health. 

However, the desire to belong and be admired also has drawbacks, such as focusing more on physical appearance. So, recommend strategies on how teenagers can better understand the meaning of true beauty and positive body image to increase self-confidence.

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