Articles About Badminton: Top 5 Examples 8 Prompts To Use

Badminton greatly improves a person’s physical and mental health. If you need guidance on writing articles about badminton, use our examples and prompts below.

I remember getting drafted to be a badminton varsity player in high school. But because of heart problems, I couldn’t continue my training. I had to deal with the regret of not being able to participate in a sport I genuinely enjoyed. 

I still play badminton from time to time to stay healthy. Aside from improving muscle strength and flexibility, it also lowers the risk of diabetes and reduces stress. See our essays about badminton to get more information about this sport.

5 Example Articles

1. Play Badminton Forever: A Systematic Review of Health Benefits by David Cabello-Manrique

“… Badminton, compared with other types of physical sporting activities, offers, for the most part, better outcomes pertaining to the three types of health (physical, mental and social), with benefits also seen for disabled individuals and even in visual health.”

Manrique et al. use various studies to explain how badminton benefits health. Researchers say that badminton lessens the risks of asthma and cardiac arrest and improves endurance, body shape, power, and more. Studies show that it reduces depression and anxiety and enhances cognitive function, alertness, and self-esteem. They also state that badminton promotes social interaction and communication.

2. Gail Emms: ‘I Lost My Identity in Badminton. I Lost Me’ by Donald McRae

“‘That was a great part of my life but it doesn’t define me for ever…’ I lost my identity in badminton. I lost me. But slowly I’ve found who I am. I’m beginning to find a new way forward.”

This article contains McRae’s interview with former badminton Olympian Gail Emms, her accomplishments, and her life after retirement. McRae details Emms’s struggle to find new opportunities as companies look for experience and knowledge outside her medals. According to the responses on Emms’ blog, many former athletes experience the same because their coaches and training only focus on the sport but do not prepare them for life outside of it. Despite her challenges, Emms is now helping athletes move forward.

3. ‘Outdoor’ Badminton Gets Support From Local Federation By Bong Lozada

“The Badminton World Federation is developing Air Badminton and the country’s governing body, Philippine Badminton Association, looks to promote the sport to the far reaches of the Philippines in the next few months.”

Lozada focuses on air badminton – a type of outdoor badminton that can be played on any surface. Experts in his interviews compare it with 3×3 basketball and beach volleyball, where people play outside the courts to make it more accessible. The Philippine Badminton Association plans to send air shuttles to schools and launch tournaments to promote air badminton.

4. Change in This Important Rule of Badminton Will Not Happen, BWF AGM Proposes To Be Demolished, Know What Is the Matter by Editorial NewsNCR

“Badminton World Federation held its 82nd Annual General Meeting on Saturday in which it was decided that there would be no change in the ongoing scoring system and the Best of Three scoring system would be continued. In this meeting, the new scoring system did not get the required two-thirds majority, due to which it was rejected.”

This article reports on the Badminton World Federation’s decision on the second proposal to change the original scoring system. Although various badminton associations worldwide supported this appeal and had more participation, the members still disapproved of the change and were adamant about keeping the three-game system with 21 points. 

5. Olympics-from Dresses and Skorts to Hijabs, Badminton’s Women Wear What They Like by Richa Naidu

“Female athletes have fought long and hard for the right to choose what they wear when they compete at the Olympics, and at the Tokyo Games more and more athletes and fans are speaking out and taking action.”

Naidu’s article tackles the typical sports clothes for female athletes. Female badminton Olympians can wear whatever they want, whether shorts, skorts, dresses, skirts, leggings, or even hijab. However, this differs from other sports, such as beach handball, when a team gets fined for wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms.

Naidu explains that in the past, skirts were used to make badminton more feminine and attractive to spectators and sponsors. But as days pass and more athletes dislike wearing skirts, manufacturers and associations embrace and promote new designs.

8 Prompts for Writing Articles About Badminton

1. Badminton in Different Eras

Badminton is considered the second-leading sport, with over 200 million players worldwide. Write about the history of this sport, the similarities and differences between the different eras, and the greatest and most influential badminton players of these times. 

Then, talk about famous badminton scandals and other significant events that have significantly affected badminton, its players, and spectators at different periods. Be careful to conduct thorough research and have multiple sources to double-check your information.

2. Types of Badminton Shots

There are different badminton shots, such as clear, drop, drive, lift, and smash. Produce an article explaining badminton shots, either basic, intermediate, or advanced. Demonstrate how to do these shots and name the famous players who are good at performing each badminton shot in their rallies, so the readers can learn about all of the different moves to play.

3. Badminton Injuries Every Player Must Be Aware Of

Studies show that the ankle is badminton players’ most commonly injured body part. Use this prompt to discuss the different injuries a badminton player is prone to, from the most common to the most dangerous. Discuss the causes, symptoms, treatments, and preventions.

For example, ankle sprains are common and often re-injured. One wrong move can significantly impact the ankle as it holds the entire body’s weight. Explain that a bruised and sore ankle joint can be prevented with a proper warm-up, proper nutrition, and enough recovery time. Support your article with famous players’ experiences with injuries.

4. Badminton Leagues and Tournaments

Badminton leagues and tournaments
Use this prompt to identify which leagues or tournaments a rookie badminton player should aim for to garner attention and be a professional

Help ease the confusion between leagues and tournaments by pointing out their differences and similarities. Then, discuss the prominent badminton leagues today, including where and when they usually occur, their histories, points systems, rules, and more.

You can also identify which leagues or tournaments a rookie badminton player should aim for to garner attention and be a professional. Make your article more engaging by interviewing a professional badminton coach or player to have an expert commentator on these organizations and competitions.

5. Effective Badminton Winning Strategies

Apart from skills, it’s crucial to have an excellent strategy to win a badminton game. Talk about distinguished badminton-winning methods used by professional singles and doubles players. Discuss who can effectively use these strategies, if some competitions limit these techniques, and for what reasons. An example is changing the game’s pace, preferring short serves, etc.

6. Best Physical Traits of a Badminton Player

Examine the best body type for badminton by talking with experts and choosing a lineup of leading players that fit their descriptions. Then, analyze their resemblance to prove your point. You can also dive into the training an aspiring badminton player should undergo to compensate for their lack of these physical attributes. However, remember to include that even if there’s a preferred body type for badminton, many can still participate.

For instance, a badminton player’s height has its pros and cons. Taller players can make good drop and smash shots, but shorter players have stronger badminton drives and can quickly crouch.

7. How To Be a Professional Badminton Player

Badminton for Beginners by Stephen Plitt is one of the most popular offering guidance to many aspiring badminton players. In your article, include other popular media about badminton that can help beginners and professionals in this sport. Offer a summary, the reason for its popularity, how it can assist readers, and some information about the author.

8. Costs in Badminton

Costs in badminton
In your article, identify badminton equipment commonly purchased by people who play badminton as a hobby

From rackets to sportswear, everyone who plays badminton spends a lot of money on this sport. In your article, identify badminton equipment commonly purchased by people who play badminton as a hobby. Then, explain the reasons behind badminton’s popularity and why these individuals are willing to spend money on it.

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