Essays About Badminton: Top 5 Examples and 8 Prompts

Are you having trouble writing essays about badminton? Then, continue reading this article for essay examples and prompts to help you. 

Badminton is a good sport for those who want to get a total body workout. Sports activities can boost your heart health, improve blood flow rate, add strength to your muscles, burn calories, and give you good cardio. Badminton is great no matter your age or fitness level; anybody can play badminton. Even people with disabilities compete in badminton games at the Paralympic Games. 

Writing an essay about badminton is an excellent way to encourage people to play badminton or join your badminton club. Writing can also help you explain why you love the sport. 

Below are some badminton-focused essays to give you an idea about how you could write your essay about badminton.

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1. Essay on My Favourite Game Badminton by Prasanna

“I love the feeling of getting better and better at the game. Badminton requires practice and precision. My arms feel heavy after a long session, but I love how strong I feel afterward.” 

Prasanna’s essay explains the sport and why she thinks badminton is a sport of beauty. In addition, her essay discusses how badminton helps release stress, allows her to spend time with family & friends, and keep her physically active.

2. The Importance of Badminton and Badminton Courts by James Taylor

“The game promotes the social health of the participant since the social interactions while gaming will bring about a positive feeling amongst the players. Playing badminton improves the flexibility and muscle strength of the participant. This will see the participant developing resilience as well as endurance when playing.” 

Taylor describes how badminton became his favorite sport and how he became a professional badminton player. He talks about how he felt when he saw people vandalizing the badminton court and why it should be respected. He also provides a few benefits of badminton, like improving reflexes and the intelligence of a player.

3. 9 Reasons You Need to Start Playing Badminton by Chris Duncan

“In turn, this can help reduce depression, anxiety, and stress and improve our overall mood and sleep. Talking to other players and rallying in singles or doubles means that badminton is a social sport. This can be particularly beneficial in combating loneliness among older players.” 

Duncan’s essay lists the various benefits of playing badminton. These benefits include physical and mental benefits. It also shares that badminton is a good activity or hobby for kids who need physical activities outside of school.

4. Essay on Badminton by Prasanna

“Speed and stamina are required to play badminton as the person playing [has] to keep moving throughout the game at different sides of the court. So, the person playing has to keep himself physically healthy to shine in the game.” 

This essay describes badminton, its rules, how it’s played, and how one can win a badminton game. It also covers a brief history of the sport, the field or court, and gear, like the net, shuttlecock, and racket.

5. 10 Common Sports Injuries in Badminton – And How to Get Back on the Court by Justin Ma

“Though Badminton isn’t a contact sport, injuries are more common than you’d think.  [There are] a lot of joint impacts, fast-paced footwork, shoulder rotation, and stretching to make contact with that hard-to-reach shot. This level of activity can often result in minor injuries.” 

No sport is safe from injuries, even badminton. Justin Ma’s written piece describes the most common injuries badminton players get. As he discussed each injury, he also included some tips on identifying, reducing, and treating the injury.

8 Essay Writing Prompts About Badminton

Writing an essay about badminton can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. 

If you need to write an essay about badminton, consider using the essay ideas and prompts we included below.

1. Reasons Why Kids Should Play Badminton

Essays About Badminton: Reasons why kids should play badminton
Discuss how joining sports like badminton can develop a child’s physical and social intelligence

A typical essay idea used in essays about badminton is why people should join the sport. You can use the same topic but focus on a specific demographic: kids. Discuss how joining sports like badminton can develop a child’s physical and social intelligence. 

Is it a better hobby than a sedentary PC or video games? Discuss this for an interesting argumentative essay.

2. How Badminton Boosts Mental and Physical Health

The badminton court is like a clinic or gym in that it can help people improve their mental and physical health. Badminton does more than lower blood pressure, reduce risks of diseases, and boost your cardiovascular health. Its players also improve their reaction times, self-discipline, and stress management.

Discuss the mental and physical health benefits of playing badminton in your essay, and use research data and statistics to back up your arguments.

3. Badminton Etiquette

Use this essay topic to discuss the universal badminton rules and etiquette. You can also include etiquettes unique to specific clubs, countries, or types of play. For example, singles badminton has a different set of etiquette from doubles.

 In your next essay, discuss the etiquette players should practice on and off the court.

4. Maintaining Your Badminton Equipment and Court

Your gear is essential for your career or hobby as a badminton player. Unfortunately, many players invest in high-quality and durable equipment, which is often pricey. 

Use this topic to discuss the proper way of maintaining badminton gear. You can also include the appropriate methods of preserving a badminton court if you have one in your backyard or are a co-owner of one.

5. How Many Years Does It Take to Become Good at Badminton?

Have you been a long-time badminton player and have had years of experience in the sport? The topic we mentioned is a common question asked by many new players who want to become good at the sport someday.

Use the idea above to share your experience and observations about the average badminton player’s skill progression. It’s also an excellent chance to discuss that becoming good isn’t only about long you’ve played but how often you actively improve yourself. 

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6. Badminton: A Short History and the Sport’s Status Today

Are you interested in the history of badminton? Do you want to discover and discuss how badminton has evolved over the years into its modern form today?

Use this essay topic to discuss how badminton began and how it changed over time. It may help you to do some research and readings on the subject before you start writing.

7. What to Do to Avoid Badminton-Related Injuries

In many sports, injuries are unavoidable. In badminton, you can reduce getting injured by being careful and precise with your movements. Effectively warming up and stretching well before any badminton activity is essential. 

You can discuss helpful tips that can keep people from getting injured, like playing light if they don’t feel a hundred percent mentally and physically.

8. At-Home Exercises That Can Improve Your Badminton Skills

Although badminton is an indoor sport, there will be times when you can’t go to the court, or the court is closed. Sometimes, players need to take a break from badminton to help their injuries heal. 

If you know some house-friendly exercises, this is the essay topic for you! Include at-home activities that players recovering from injuries can follow.

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