Where Can I Check My Writing Online?

You might ask yourself, where can I check my writing online? Learn it here in this article.

Checking your writing for grammar and spelling mistakes is an important part of the writing process. Many online grammar checkers, like Grammarly and Ginger Software, can help you check everything from verb agreement to plagiarism, so you create error-free writing every time.

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Online Grammar Checking Programs

Where can I check my writing online?

If you are looking for a grammar check or proofreading tool, you’ll find several online writing assistants that can be a great help. These programs allow you to upload your content and have it automatically checked, using powerful AI to perform grammar-checking activities.

It doesn’t matter if you are struggling with prepositions, pronouns, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, sentence structure, word choice, punctuation errors, or passive voice, using an online tool to check for grammar errors will help you can up your writing. Here are some of the top online grammar-checking tools you can use to check your writing. 

1. Grammarly

Grammarly desktop app
The Grammarly desktop app is powerful and fast

Grammarly remains one of the top grammar check programs available. It has a free version and a premium version. With the premium subscription version, you will get access to a plagiarism check option in addition to grammar, spelling and writing style help.

Grammarly provides grammar suggestions that you can accept or deny, based on your goals for your writing. You can upload your document to the online platform or download the browser extension to check your writing as you go. The grammar corrector can also be added to the Microsoft Word word processor. One of the benefits of Grammarly, when you use the extension, is the fact that it works in the background, checking your work as you go. 

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2. Ginger Software

The Ginger grammar checker
The Ginger grammar checker

Ginger Software offers another free grammar-checking writing tool that you can use online. Like Grammarly, Ginger has a Safari or Chrome browser extension and the option for a premium, paid program. It also switches between both US and UK English language checking options, as well as translation into over 60 languages.

Ginger does not offer a plagiarism detection option. It does work with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. If you are looking for a multi-lingual grammar-checking program that has a robust free version, Ginger may be the ideal option. Ginger also works in the background, checking your work as you write on your favorite online platforms. Do you need help converting image files into text? Check out our round-up of the best OCR software!

Ideal for Non-English Speakers

Ginger is a popular alternative to Grammarly. Although it doesn't have as many features, it's relatively accurate and affordable. It's also useful for non-english speakers.

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3. ProWritingAid

Grammar checking with ProWritingAid
ProWritingAid has a free grammar checker as well as two paid, premium options

ProWritingAid is a grammar-checking and style editor designed for writers to help them edit their work quickly and ensure a good writing style free from grammar errors and punctuation mistakes. It integrates well with Gmail, WordPress, and Google Docs, and it offers a robust list of suggestions, like synonyms for clichés and other over-used words.

ProWritingAid is known as having the most reporting options among the online grammar check options. Like the other tools, ProWritingAid has a free grammar checker as well as two paid, premium options. Many consider ProWritingAid to be one of the most robust options, at least if the user buys a paid version.

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4. Outwrite

Outwrite grammar editor
Outwrite also provides an add-on for Google Chrome

Outwrite is a grammar and plagiarism checker tool that helps with paraphrasing too, so you can improve the quality of your writing by phrasing things more clearly. If you are looking for a way to make your writing more concise and clear, this might be the ideal choice.

Like the other tools, Outwrite checks grammatical mistakes and plagiarism issues, but it also has a tool called the AI Eloquence Engine. This tool will provide recommendations for improving the readability of your work by shortening sentence length, avoiding passive voice instances, and eliminating extra, unneeded words. Outwrite focuses on readability and style more heavily than grammar, though it does have a grammar checker.

5. PaperRater

PaperRater grammar editor
PaperRater’s grammar editor

If you are looking for help with academic writing, PaperRater is a good choice. This program checks for problems with English grammar rules, typos, and spelling errors, and it also checks for plagiarism. It’s designed specifically for students and professors.

Because this program is for academic papers, it provides readability statistics. Knowing readability can help you know if you are writing on grade level. If you are working on your work for school and want to check your paper, then you’ll want to check out PaperRater. 

6. Hemingway App

Hemingway App grammar editor
Use the Hemingway App with other grammar-checking programs to ensure you are getting all of your grammar mistakes highlighted

The Hemingway App checks readability. It does not focus on misplaced commas and spelling or punctuation mistakes, but rather on how easy the work is to read. The program highlights sentences based on potential problems, like readability issues or passive voice.

Use the Hemingway App with other grammar-checking programs to ensure you are getting all of your grammar mistakes highlighted. With the feedback from Hemingway App, you can brush up on your writing skills and make your piece easier to read. Keep in mind that Hemingway App will not make grammar suggestions, which to some users could be a deterrent to this program.

7. WhiteSmoke

Whitesmoke proofreader
Whitesmoke proofreader

WhiteSmoke corrects grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. It also has a translator that has over 50 languages. WhiteSmoke has a mobile app that works on Android and iOS as well as programs for Mac OS, all web browsers and Windows.

One of the features that sets WhiteSmoke apart is its templates, which can help you with formatting for different interfaces. This tool utilizes Natural Language Processing technology and AI to analyze the texts you upload. WhiteSmoke only works if you are online, so you cannot check your work if you aren’t connected to the Internet. 

8. Linguix

Linguix's editor
Linguix’s editor

Linguix is a free writing assistant that works through a Chrome add-on. Once turned on, it will check your grammar and spelling in real-time as you type in your favorite websites. Instant feedback helps you clean up your writing and present a polished finished product to your reader.

Linguix also has a paraphrasing engine that will help you make your writing clearer to your reader. This tool is particularly helpful for non-native speakers. Another feature of Linguix that makes it appealing is its customizable style guide that allows writers to customize some of the suggestions to fit their needs.

9. Copyscape

Copyscape grammar editor
Copyscape plagiarism detection in action

Copyscape is a great tool to help you check your writing for plagiarism. You can upload your entire piece to Copyscape, and it will scan the web for duplicated content. Even if you didn’t intentionally duplicate your work, you will get an alert if there are similar pieces out there.

Copyscape does have a cost unless you can upload your piece to a dedicated URL to run it through. However, the cost is just a few cents per scan, and most authors feel this is a worthwhile investment. Pairing Copyscape with a grammar-checking program will help you double-check for plagiarism while also getting a solid grammar check on your work.

10. Writer.com

Writer.com grammar editor
The Writer.com grammar editor

Writer.com provides a professional-level writing checking program that many businesses incorporate into their workflows. It has a grammar and spelling checker that will scan work in real-time, but it also offers the chance to build a style guide that the entire business can use.

With the writer.com style guide, a business can provide automatic suggestions for the best vocabulary and phrasing to use to meet their brand’s goals. This tool helps keep writing consistently across a brand’s written messages. Keep in mind that there is a high cost for this program, but for businesses, that cost is worthwhile to get a large number of tools available with this program. Do you need help with your article writing? Check out our round-up of the best article writing software to help you begin your journey in writing!

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