14 Synonyms for Amazing: Strengthen Your Writing Today

Because of its over-use, the word amazing has lost its impact, but these synonyms for amazing can freshen up your writing.

Writing that uses weak words is boring. Unfortunately, amazing is one of the weak words that are over-used in English writing. It basically means something that causes great surprise or wonder. To make your work more interesting, consider similar words, called synonyms, to replace overusing of the word amazing.

The following word list includes some engaging synonyms for amazing that you can use to replace this commonly-used word and strengthen your writing. 

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Synonyms for amazing

Amazing is the present participle of the verb “to amaze.” It can function as an adjective to describe something you find fascinating. Yet, it gets used too often in English grammar. You might find our guide on reticent vs. reluctant helpful.

As you work on making your writing more engaging and your Scrabble word list a bit longer, consider these synonyms for amazing.

1. Awe-inspiring

Something that inspires awe is certainly amazing. This word applies well for situations and items that make you stop in your tracks and take another look. Here’s an example sentence:

  • The Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring sight.

2. Confounding

Amazing can have a more negative connotation, and thus the thesaurus lists confounding as one of its related words. Something that is confounding is baffling or frustrating, and this can amaze the viewer because of just how frustrating it is. Here is an example sentence:

  • Lauren found her brother’s inability to see reason to be confounding. 

3. Dazing

Dazing can mean stupefying or dazzling, so it has both a positive and negative connotation. Some example sentences include:

  • The dazing bright light made it hard to see the road.

4. Dumbfounding

If something is so amazing that you find yourself speechless, you could call it dumbfounding. The dictionary definition of dumbfounding is “confounding briefly and with astonishment.” Here’s an example:

  • The dumbfounding announcement meant several employees would lose their jobs.

5. Enthralling

Amazing things can capture all of your attention, and in these instances, the word enthralling is a more meaningful substitution. When something enthralls you, it is so mesmerizing that you can’t pay attention to anything else like this sentence implies:

  • The enthralling story kept my attention so much that I read the entire book in two days.

6. Eye-opening

This synonym for amazing implies that the event or item is so exciting, it opens the person’s eyes to a new idea or thought. Eye-popping is a related word with similar meaning. Here’s an example:

  • The eye-opening speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the Civil Rights Movement’s momentum for the better.

7. Flabbergasting

Flabbergasting experiences overwhelm a person with surprise, shock, or wonder. This word often gets used when something unexpected takes place, like this example:

  • The surprise party was flabbergasting to the guest of honor.

8. Incredible

Incredible refers to something so amazing it is hard to understand or believe. This example sentence uses the word well:

  • The incredible claims about the new drug made people skeptical about trying it. 

9. Jaw-dropping

Synonyms of amzazing
Jaw-dropping means something is so impressive you have to stand with your mouth wide-open

Something that is so impressive you have to stand with your mouth wide-open is called jaw-dropping. This replacement for amazing gives more emphasis and meaning to the sentence, as this example shows:

  • The wedding’s reception was a jaw-dropping experience.

10. Mind-blowing

A mind-blowing or mind-boggling experience is one that is literally impossible to wrap one’s mind around. However, this word has more power than amazing because of its intensity, as this example shows:

  • The new scientific discovery had a mind-blowing effect on the way cancer treatment worked.

11. Riveting

Riveting is similar to enthralling. When something is riveting, it’s impossible to ignore. This example shows it used in a sentence: 

  • The basketball game was riveting as the underdogs came from behind to win at the last second.

12. Stupefying

When something is stupefying, it is astonishing or astounding. This synonym for amazing indicates something hard to believe, as in this example:

  • The ease at which he scaled the wall during the tournament was stupefying.

13. Stupendous

Something that is stupendous causes astonishment or wonder. This word can also mean of a large size or greatness, like this example:

  • He made a stupendous mistake when he called the wrong girl to ask for a date.

14. Mind-bending

This synonym for amazing word will appeal to Matrix and science fiction fans. When a character comes across a concept that changes their view of the world, it can also change how they think! You can also check out these synonyms for but.

  • Neo took the red pill and awoke into the real world. What happened next was a mind-bending experience.

A Final Word on Synonyms for Amazing

Learning synonyms for common words help you become a better writer. This skill also makes it easier for you to write engaging works while making you a better crossword player.

The next time you feel the temptation to write amazing, why not substitute another word instead? Your audience will find themselves better able to understand your meaning with more specific wording.

When you’re done, check out this article on the most common grammar mistakes and learn how to remove them from your writing.

FAQs About Synonyms for Amazing

What is another word for amazing?

If something is amazing, it can be riveting, mind-blowing, or even dumbfounding, depending on your meaning.

What does amazing mean?

Amazing means a cause of great surprise, or astonishing. It is a word that can be used with both positive and negative connotations. 

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