120+ Sad Words List To Use In Your Writing

If you’re looking for a sad words list to help you convey melancholy in your writing, read on.

This comprehensive sad words list should help you improve your vocabulary and express your glum feelings adequately. As not everything you write will have a positive connotation, it’s important to know alternative ways to express sadness in your writing.

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Sad Words List Printable

Sad words list printable
List of sad words printable

Sad Words List

BereavedFall apartMournful
BitterFall to piecesOppressive
BleakForlornOut of sorts
Cast downGrayPitiable 
CheerlessGrim Plaintive
CrestfallenGrievingReduced to tears
DemoralizedHeartbrokenSick at heart
DiabolicalHurtingTake something hard
DiscomposedIn agonyTear-jerker
DisconsolateIn the doldrumTragic
DiscouragedIn the dumpsTriste
DisheartenedIn tearsTroubled
DispiritedKnocked sidewaysUnhappy
Down in the dumpsLump in one’s throatWretched
Down in the mouthMegrim

What Are Other Words For Sad?

The word “sad” is most commonly used to express the feeling of being unhappy. But in many situations, there might be a better way to describe how you feel instead of using the aforementioned three-letter word. 

  1. Aggrieved

She was aggrieved at his harsh words.

  1. Agonizing

John made an agonizing decision to leave her.

  1. Anguished

He may have seemed indifferent, but he was anguished on the inside.

  1. Bad

Maria felt bad about hurting him that way.

  1. Bereaved

Jack expressed his condolences to the bereaved family.

  1. Bitter

His death left her feeling bitter and lonely.

  1. Bleak

I don’t want to go outside; the weather is bleak and murky.

  1. Blue

Jennie felt blue for weeks after her cat passed away.

  1. Broken

She was so broken about the breakup, sobbing and refusing to leave the house for weeks at the time.

  1. Brokenhearted

Mike was brokenhearted when his wife suddenly died from a heart attack.

  1. Cast down

She is not easily cast down by harsh criticism and bad reviews of her work.

  1. Cheerless

The room was cold and cheerless, with dimmed lights and floors made of stone.

  1. Comfortless

I feel comfortless when I see older people struggling to make ends meet.

  1. Crestfallen

She was crestfallen when she got laid off, but she tried hiding it.

  1. Dark

He’s depressed, so everything seems dark and gloomy to him.

  1. Dejected

I feel dejected as I am angry that he left so suddenly without saying goodbye.

  1. Demoralized

The team was demoralized after losing the match again.

  1. Deplorable

The refugees were living in deplorable conditions after fleeing the warzone.

  1. Depressed

The death of her child left her feeling depressed for life.

  1. Desolate

The town looks desolate after the war, with empty storefronts and barricaded doors.

  1. Despairing

She felt helpless and despairing after discovering she had terminal cancer.

  1. Despondent

Sarah found herself becoming increasingly despondent as her work was rejected over and over again.

  1. Devastated

The kids were devastated that the fair was canceled at the last minute.

  1. Diabolical

Listening to her singing with that diabolical voice was painful.

  1. Disappointed

They were very disappointed when their daughter dropped out of college to start a modeling career.

  1. Discomposed

He was obviously discomposed during the speech; his voice was shaky and quiet.

  1. Disconsolate

While dealing with depression, I felt like the most disconsolate person alive.

  1. Discouraged

She was very discouraged from getting a bad grade on the exam.

  1. Disheartened

Jack checks his mailbox every day and returns, disheartened by the lack of letters from her.

  1. Dismal

With how things are going right now, the future seems bleak and dismal.

  1. Dispirited

The army was dispirited after yet another lost battle.

  1. Distraught

She is still too distraught to talk to the police about the assault.

  1. Distressed

The news of his death distressed his mother deeply.

  1. Disturbing

With the main character dying in the end, this movie is too disturbing for me to watch.

  1. Doleful

All the dogs had their doleful eyes pinned on me while I was enjoying my sandwich.

  1. Dolorous

It’s pretty silent here, aside from an occasional dolorous cry of a wolf coming from the woods.

  1. Down

I was down for weeks after losing my job.

  1. Downcast

He also has bipolar disorder: sometimes fidgety, sometimes downcast.

  1. Downhearted

Instead of being downhearted about it, you should do something to change the outcome.

  1. Down in the dumps

I’ve been down in the dumps since my favorite team lost in the finals.

  1. Down in the mouth

Despite everyone having fun at the party, Jane seemed down in the mouth before eventually leaving early.

  1. Dreadful

Unfortunately, the weather was gloomy and dreadful for the entire trip.

  1. Dreary

After living in this dreary apartment for so long, I’ve finally found a more lively place to move into.

  1. Droopy

Her eyes would get all droopy when seeing him struggle to do anything after the accident left him in a wheelchair.

  1. Elegiac

His stories are elegiac, dramatic, and obsessed with death.

  1. Fall apart

Christine will fall apart if her dad dies.

  1. Fall to pieces

My heart fell to pieces after I broke up with my partner of many years.

  1. Forlorn

After the war, the house stood forlorn and empty for years before finally being renovated this year.

  1. Funereal

As soon as she addressed the group in a funereal tone, everyone knew what she was about to say.

  1. Gloomy

The gloomy memories still haunt him to this day.

  1. Glum

She seemed quite glum after receiving the news.

  1. Gray

At the house, the mood was gray as everyone was hoping for news from the hospital. 

  1. Grim

No plant will thrive in this grim and dark space.

  1. Grief-stricken

He was grief-stricken and inconsolable after his mother passed away.

  1. Grieving

The grieving family is still battling to come to terms with their loss. 

  1. Gutted

I was gutted when they left.

  1. Hangdog

Her hangdog face said it all: nothing has gone according to plan.

  1. Heartbroken

Obviously, she was heartbroken after he left her.

  1. Heartrending

Seeing his parents struggling to make ends meet while he lived a luxurious life in the city was heartrending.

  1. Heartsick

The kids were heartsick to learn of their parents’ divorce.

  1. Heartsore 

They had no idea how heartsore she felt after the breakup.

  1. Heart-wrenching

She couldn’t hold back tears while reading his heart-wrenching letter.

  1. Heavy-hearted

Mike had to put on his best smiley face even though he felt heavy-hearted.

  1. Hopeless

I felt so hopeless after the doctor told me the disease was untreatable.

  1. Hurting

I don’t think he’d want to go out with us; he’s still hurting about the loss of his mother.

  1. Inconsolable

The kids were inconsolable after the trip to Disneyland was canceled.

  1. In agony

I was in agony from the news after the bus crash.

  1. In the doldrums

He’s been in the doldrums ever since he lost his job.

  1. In the dumps

I feel like I’m down in the dumps whenever I spend winter in the mountains.

  1. In tears

Jane was in tears after finding out the news about her brother.

  1. Joyless

Finally, the papers are signed, and she’s out of that joyless marriage.

  1. Knocked sideways

She was knocked sideways by her father’s illness.

  1. Lachrymose

After three relatively upbeat songs, he switched to his lachrymose repertoire.

  1. Lamentable

Nelson’s lack of understanding is lamentable.

  1. Languished

She languished in her home alone for years before getting help.

  1. Leaden

The class was silent while he read his leaden essay about the hardships of his family.

  1. Listless

All that rain made me feel listless.

  1. Low

You shouldn’t tell her such depressing things when she’s already feeling low.

  1. Low-spirited

No matter what I said or did, Jack was too low-spirited to be cheered up.

  1. Lugubrious

He looked so lugubrious, as if he was about to cry at any moment.

  1. Lump in one’s throat

I had a huge lump in my throat from watching this sad movie.

  1. Megrim

Since you have no common sense, I’ll leave you to your megrim.

  1. Melancholic

All of his literary work has a melancholic tone to it.

  1. Miserable

Mitch felt miserable after Jane moved out with the kids.

  1. Moody

She often gets moody and distant after watching the movies about the war, as her father died in it.

  1. Morbid

The things he’s saying are quite morbid and depressing.

  1. Mournful

I don’t think Dad would want us to be mournful.

  1. Oppressive

He felt oppressed by the gloomy ambient in the house.

  1. Out of sorts

I’ve been out of sorts all day, not willing to get out of bed.

  1. Pensive

Mary seemed pensive and quiet, not interacting with anyone in the room.

  1. Pessimistic

The song has a beautiful melody, but the lyrics end on a pessimistic and gloomy note.

  1. Piteous

They looked piteous, like drowned mice.

  1. Pitiable

He looked horrible in those pitiable clothes.

  1. Plaintive

Left alone in the open, the dog let out a plaintive cry.

  1. Poignant

The wrinkles on our faces are a poignant reminder that time passes.

  1. Reduced to tears

This movie got me reduced to tears.

  1. Rueful

She looked rueful while telling us her marriage was a huge mistake.

  1. Saddened

Danny was saddened to see her fall apart after her brother’s death.

  1. Sick at heart

He was sick at heart to think he’d never see her again.

  1. Sickening

It’s sickening to see such cruelty exist in the world, and you can’t do much about it.

  1. Somber

The whole group was in a somber mood after learning of her fate.

  1. Sorrowful

She managed to put a smile on her face, but everyone knew how sorrowful she was.

  1. Spiritless

He was too spiritless to say yes to anything I suggested.

  1. Sullen

The entire room lapsed into a sullen silence after hearing the tragic news.

  1. Sunk

She was sunk after the whole affair with the cheating husband.

  1. Take something hard

Jamie really took it hard when Diane left.

  1. Tearful

Jake sounded tearful on the phone.

  1. Tear-jerker 

I don’t want to watch another tear-jerker movie. Let’s watch a comedy instead.

  1. Tragic

While it started happily, the ending of the song was tragic.

  1. Triste

He wasn’t as triste as I expected him to be about it.

  1. Troubled

It’s obvious that Jessie was troubled about something.

  1. Uneasy

I’m uneasy about the future without him in my life.

  1. Unhappy

Everyone was unhappy with the budget cuts.

  1. Unfortunate

What happened to her was quite unfortunate.

  1. Upset

She’s still upset about the news she received over the phone.

  1. Wailing

According to customs, the wailing mourners should gather around the coffin.

  1. Wistful

She played a wistful song about a long-lost love.

  1. Weepy

The ending of the movie made him all weepy.

  1. Weltschmerz

She was struck by a sense of weltschmerz as she discovered that adult life is not as fun as she thought it would be.

  1. Woebegone

Don’t be so woebegone, I can solve the issue.

  1. Woeful

The dog let out a woeful cry as the owners left the house.

  1. Wretched 

Jane felt so wretched because she thought they’d never see each other again.

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