What is The Princeton Review: Is It Worth It? (2024)

The Princeton Review
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The Princeton Review: The Bottom Line

The Princeton Review is an excellent choice for students who want to take full-length practice tests similar to the actual SAT, get individualized feedback, and put in the hard work required for standardized tests. While programs from The Princeton Review are pricey, money-back guarantees can help families assure that they’ll get results as long as their student sticks to the plan. Students who are unsure whether The Princeton Review is a good fit for them may want to try one of the lower-priced options before investing in a longer course. The flexibility of The Princeton ReIn addition, thews online and in-person options allow students to get the education they need at a time that makes sense. 


  • Individualized attention.
  • A large number of unique practice questions.
  • 24/7 access to tutoring with some plans.


  • Expensive.
  • Some plans require students to meet a practice score threshold to be eligible for a score guarantee.
  • Homework is required for some plans.

You want to maximize your SAT score–here, we’ll go over everything you need to know to decide whether The Princeton Review is the right fit for you.

Taking the SAT is a nerve-wracking process, and students want to do all that they can to fully prepare for the test that will help determine their higher education options. Taking an SAT prep course can help both to boost scores and ease the anxiety that many students feel as they prepare for a test that will play a role in determining where they spend four years following high school graduation.

Choosing a reputable test prep program, such as The Princeton Review, can provide students with the math, language, and writing skills that they need to decipher tough SAT questions while working toward a score increase. Programs like the SAT prep courses offered by The Princeton Review allow students to keep a constant barometer on their progress toward success on the SATs, motivating them to continue moving forward in studying practice materials as test day approaches.

Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know to decide whether The Princeton Review’s SAT prep programs are the right fit for your test prep needs.

What is the Princeton Review?

Students and parents alike have grown to trust The Princeton Review for the high-quality test prep necessary for SAT score improvement

Established in 1981 by John Katzman and Adam Robinson, The Princeton Review is a well-respected test prep company that prides itself on continual evolution to provide students with the highest-quality test prep courses available today. In addition to SAT prep programs, the company also offers ACT prep and general tutoring for students who want to take their academics to the next level. Princeton Review test prep programs are popular with college and graduate school students preparing to take the DAT, CFA, GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and MCAT.

The company offers a money-back guarantee, providing a refund if their scores are not higher than before they started their test prep program. In order to qualify for the money back guarantee, students must take a practice test prior to the start of their first test (or the test may be taken as a course requirement) while observing all of the standard requirements for their test (including time limits).

Test scores must be shown on the Online Student Dashboard to be considered an official starting point. Suppose the student’s score does not improve following successful completion of the course (successful course completion requirements include attending all scheduled classes, taking all required practice tests, and completing all required homework). In that case, the student will qualify to get their money back for the course, fewer materials fees, and shipping charges.

Students and parents alike have grown to trust The Princeton Review for the high-quality test prep necessary for SAT score improvement. The company’s online and in-person tuition means that the vast majority of students can fit prep into their schedule, no matter how stacked their days may be with challenging classes and extracurriculars.

Princeton Review Pricing

Take a look at the different pricing for The Princeton Review’s live online classes, self-paced online classes, and in-person SAT prep courses

The Princeton Review provides pricey–yet effective–test prep programs for high school students. Here, we’ll take a look at the different pricing for The Princeton Review’s live online classes, self-paced online classes, and in-person SAT prep courses.

Please note prices are subject to change and are accurate as this review was written. You might also be interested in our Checkvist review.

SAT 1400+ Program: $1,899 (on sale, typically $2,199, payment plans available)

  • Available both online and in-person
  • Includes 36 hours of instruction
  • Customized homework assignments

This program guarantees a score of at least 1400 on the SAT. To be eligible for the guarantee, students must begin the program with a practice test score of at least 1250. Students in the 1400+ program have access to top-tier instructors trained to help high-achieving students take their SAT scores to the next level. Students receive instruction tailored to help them grow their strengths and hammer out their weak spots.

This program includes 24/7 access. In addition, the tutors work virtually, allowing students to get the help they need, no matter when they can study. This program is ideal for students who are working to gain acceptance at 30 colleges and universities in the U.S. You might also be interested in our Princeton Review vs. Kaplan guide.

SAT 1500+ Tutoring: $328 per hour (on sale, typically $383 per hour, discount for multiple students who sign up at once)

  • Available both online and in-person
  • Ideal for students who are aiming for Ivy League school acceptance

While the average SAT, the score is 1068, the average score of students accepted into Ivy League schools like Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania is 1510. Students who are aiming high need high-level test prep.

This program includes 18 hours of tutoring customized to the student’s unique needs. Students get more than 25 SAT practice tests, eight single-section practice tests, access to more than 2,000 practice questions, and more than 240 online drills designed to help students hone their skills. With more than 135 interactive video lessons and unlimited access to the SAT Advantage sections, students who take advantage of the 1500+ Tutoring program can rest assured that they’ve put in the hard work required to blow the SAT out of the water.

Essentials: $749 (on sale, typically $949)

  • Available both online and in-person

The Essentials program is perfect for students who want focused time to do the work necessary to boost their scores at a price that makes sense. In the Essentials program, students can access three scheduled practice tests, 23 optional practice tests, and eight single-section practice tests. Students get access to course materials as soon as their enrollment is complete, allowing them to start immediately. The Essentials program includes 18. In additional hours of classroom time, access to more than 135 video lessons, and unlimited access to SAT Advantage Live Online instructional sessions.

SAT & ACT Self-Paced Exclusive Program: $499

  • Available online only
  • Offers Advanced Placement class video lessons in addition to SAT and ACT prep

The SAT & ACT Self-Paced Exclusive Program works well for students who do not have the time to attend live in-person or online sessions. In this self-paced program, students can access over 370 online drills, more than 3,200 practice questions, and full-length and single-section SAT and ACT practice tests. In addition to access to question review sessions, students can also access video lessons to help them succeed in their current AP courses. Advanced Placement video lessons are available in U.S. government, U.S. history, world history, chemistry, and English language). In this program, students can add ten hours of on-demand tutoring.

Private Tutoring: $150 per hour

  • Available both online and in-person

This one-on-one tutoring program allows students to receive customized instruction leading to SAT success. In addition to private tutor access, students can also boost their scores using length and single-section practice tests, over 200 online drills, more than 135 interactive video lessons, and interactive score reports.

On-Demand Tutoring: $39.99 per hour

  • Available online only
  • Available 24/7

With on-demand tutoring from The Princeton Review, students can access their tutor on their mobile device, tablet, or desktop and get help in more than 80 subject areas. This means that students can get the tutoring they need for SAT prep while also having access to tutors who cap them succeed in other areas of their academic journey. Families can save money by purchasing On-Demand Tutoring when subscribing to five hours of tutoring per month, as the price drops to $31 per hour.

On-Demand College Essay Review: $59

  • Available online only
  • Get personalized writing feedback within 24 hours of submission

While this option does not technically give feedback on a student’s practice SAT writing section, it does provide feedback on the student’s general writing style, which can lead to SAT writing section score improvements.

Check The Princeton Review website if you decide to sign up for one of their SAT prep classes, as their discounts change regularly–and can save students hundreds.

Who Is The Princeton Review For?

There’s no doubt about it, any student interested in doing better on the SAT can benefit from what The Princeton Review offers. Here, we’ll look at three different types of students and how they might benefit from a test prep course from The Princeton Review.

Students Who Want Sky-High Scores

Students already thriving academically may be ready to take their SAT scores to the next level through The Princeton Review’s 1500+ and 1400+ programs. Students must review the requirements to be eligible for the money-back guarantee for these courses. Students interested in gaining admission offers from the top 30 schools in the U.S. are most likely to find these courses beneficial.

Students Working on Test-Taking Skills

For some students, test-taking is not a skill that comes easily. Despite understanding the information, many students struggle to master the skills that allow them to show off their intelligence through standardized testing. The Princeton Review offers many supports to help students boost their test-taking skills and knowledge within the tested subject areas. Throughout their studies, students learn how to use their time efficiently, getting through as many questions as possible. Students also learn strategies that they can use to narrow down potential correct answers and learn how to use quick pre-writing skills that can help them nail the writing section of the SAT.

Students With Test-Taking Anxiety

Test anxiety plagues many students, and it can feel nearly impossible to overcome with a test so crucial as the SAT. However, taking a test-prep course like those offered through The Princeton Review can help students with anxiety realize that they’ve done all that they can to prepare for their exams. Through test-prep courses, students feel a sense of community with others who are preparing for the test, helping them realize that they are not alone in their worries about how the SAT will contribute to the determination of their higher education options.

How Does The Princeton Review Work?

There’s no one answer to the question of how The Princeton Review works, as the test-prep company offers many options to students looking to improve their SAT scores. Here, we’ll explore a few of the ways The Princeton Review supports students as they navigate the test-taking process.

Individualized Instruction

Many of The Princeton Review’s test prep programs provide students with individualized instructions, allowing them to get the support they need. The Princeton Review provides expert-level tutoring that allows students to use thesis development, evidence, reasoning, and high-level word choice to create a high-scoring comprehensive essay. Both online and in-person options allow students to get the instruction they need in a way that makes sense.

Comprehensive Feedback

It’s one thing to see a practice test score–it’s another to see precisely how improvements can be made. The Princeton Review’s interactive score review allows students to see how their practice scores are changing and understand the concrete next steps they need to take to drive their scores even higher.

Drills and Practice Questions

Taking advantage of the minutes between activities and assignments can be essential for students who want to get their scores a few points higher. In addition, having access to The Princeton Review’s drills and practice questions can make it easier for students to boost their scores on their own time.

Areas for Improvement

While the Princeton Review is an excellent fit for many students (and has the student scores to prove that their program works), a few aspects of the program could be improved.

  • Expensive: SAT prep courses can be a bit of a catch-22, especially for high school students who are working to pay their way to score improvement. You tend to get what you pay for when it comes to SAT prep classes, but there’s no denying that the highest-level course options are far out of reach for students who are paying their way.
  • Outdated platform: It’s easy to navigate the Princeton Review platform once you start online classes, but the dashboard could use an update. Many students are frustrated that personalized feedback isn’t provided for each practice question. An updated platform could improve the user experience and make it more likely for students to spend more time studying.
  • Limited self-paced options: For today’s busy self-pacedddool student, it’s tough to set aside the time necessary to attend an in-person or live class online. Many students wish that the Princeton Review provided more self-paced options to make learning easier on their own time.

The Princeton Review: Review Criteria

To write this review, we considered several facets of what The Princeton Review offers, including program pricing, student reviews, program results, and score guarantees. We also considered the various options available for online and in-person tuition for students interested in taking classes with The Princeton Review.

Why You Can Trust Me

As a veteran high school teacher who helped many students through college admissions, I understand the anxiety that many students feel around the SAT and ACT. High-quality SAT prep software can help students develop a study plan to target their areas of weakness through drills, practice questions, practice exams, and other research-proven test preparation methods. When you take a Princeton Review SAT prep course, you’ll take your SAT exam confident that you’ve done all you can to get the best score possible.

Taking online classes through Princeton Review is the perfect way for busy students to manage their extracurriculars, current classes, and test prep. After watching students struggle to make it to in-person classes and keep up with their other responsibilities, it’s clear that the SAT advantage goes to students who find ways to students who figure out how to make their test prep program work for them. If live classes are a good fit for you, by all means, go for it–but if you’re looking for score improvement on your own time, be sure to check out all that the Princeton Review offers online.

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