Number 7 Flashcard Printable With 14 Activities

Download our number 7 flashcard printable featured in our helpful learning guide; check out our top activities to help children learn how to read and write numbers.

The number 7 is a fantastic next step for preschoolers in their counting journey. It might seem like a big leap, but here’s a great idea: let’s learn about the number 7 in an exciting adventure with creative writing; download out number 7 printable and try out our top activities.

This approach isn’t just fun; it’s a smart way to help kids practice their numbers while tapping into their natural creativity. By including writing into your number lessons, you’re offering an engaging and imaginative way for young learners to grasp the concept of 7. To learn more about writing skills for young minds, check out our round-up of metaphor examples for kids.

Number 6 Activities for Kindergarten

Here, you’ll find ideas for writing number stories involving games, everyday objects, and school-based activities. We’ll also share tips for incorporating the number 7 into your child’s daily routine through counting games, rhymes, and hands-on experiences. For more ideas, read our round-up of the best children’s book authors.

1. Tracing Number 7

Distribute worksheets with the number 7 outlined in dotted lines. Children can use colorful markers or pencils to trace these lines, helping them understand the shape and structure of the number. This activity provides early number recognition through visual tracing.

2. Finger Painting 7s

Set up a finger painting station where kids can use their fingers to draw the number 7. This sensory activity is not only fun but also helps in memorizing the shape of the number. The tactile experience of finger painting reinforces learning.

3. Playdough Number 7

Give each child playdough to roll and shape into the number 7. This activity is excellent for developing fine motor skills and allows children to explore the number’s shape. Manipulating playdough helps strengthen hands and fingers while learning the number.

4. Number 7 Hunt

Organize a classroom scavenger hunt where children search for items grouped in sevens or find images of the number 7. This game helps them associate numbers with real-world objects and quantities. The scavenger hunt style makes learning an engaging challenge.

5. Sand or Salt Tray Writing

Fill a tray with sand or salt and let the kids write the number 7 in it with their fingers or a stick. The sensory feedback benefits learning and can be very soothing for young children. The tactile experience provides multi-sensory input for stronger memory retention, too.

6. Number 7 Collage

Provide magazines or newspapers and have the children cut out the number 7. They can then glue these onto a piece of paper to create a collage, helping them recognize the number in various fonts and sizes. The collage helps little one’s identify the number 7 in different visual contexts.

7. Number 7 Stamping

Use stamps or homemade sponge shapes to stamp the number 7 on paper. This can be a fun way to learn the shape of the number. The stamping provides repetition for reinforcement of the number form. Check out our guide with the best authors like Roald Dahl for kids.

8. Connect the Dots to Make 7

Create worksheets where connecting the dots forms the number 7. This activity is great for number recognition and helps develop fine motor skills. Connecting the dots integrates visual and motor skills.

9. Number 7 Story Time

Read a story focusing on the number 7. After the story, have the children draw or write the number 7, linking the story to the writing activity. Associating the number with a story aids verbal and written learning.

A great story incorporating the number 7 is Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of seven blind mice who each encounter a different part of a mysterious object and try to identify what it is. 

The story engages young children as they learn about the number 7 and teaches lessons about understanding and perspective. Each mouse’s experience represents a different day of the week, making it an excellent tool for teaching both counting and the days of the week. For more, check out our round-up of the best Stan and Jan Berenstain books.

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10. Outdoor Number 7 Trace

Use chalk on a playground or sidewalk for children to trace or draw large number 7s. Doing this activity outdoors provides a change of scenery to engage children.

11. Number 7 Matching Game

Create cards with groups of seven objects and others with the numeral 7. Children can match the groups of seven with the number 7. 

12. Bean or Button Number 7

Have children glue beans, buttons, or similar small objects to form the number 7 on a sheet of paper. Counting and assembling the objects helps build number sense.

13. Number 7 Puzzle

Create a simple puzzle where the pieces form the number 7 when put together. Puzzles develop spatial and problem-solving skills along with number recognition. Check out our guide with the best authors like Roald Dahl for kids.

14. Digital Drawing of Number 7

Use a tablet or computer drawing program for children to practice drawing the number 7 digitally. Integrating technology provides an additional approach to learning numbers.

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