Number 3 Flashcard Printable With 14 Activities

Download our number 3 flashcard printable featured in our helpful learning guide; check out our top activities to help children learn how to read and write numbers.

The number 3 is a wonderful early milestone in a preschooler’s counting adventure. It’s one of the first numbers they learn, and understanding it paves the way for grasping larger numbers. Consider incorporating creative writing activities to make learning about 3 engaging and fun. 

Writing is an excellent method for young children to practice their numbers while stretching their imagination. It’s suitable for kids just beginning their numerical exploration or those ready to take on more challenges, making learning an enjoyable and playful experience. Download our number 3 printable to get started. 

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Number 3 Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool

Here, you’ll find ideas for writing number stories involving games, everyday objects, and school-based activities. We’ll also share tips for incorporating the number 3 into your child’s everyday routine with counting games, fingerplays, and hands-on experiences. For more ideas, read our round-up of the best children’s book authors.

1. Number 3 Tracing Sheets

Distribute worksheets featuring the number 3 in dotted lines. Encourage the children to trace over these lines using their favorite colors. This activity not only familiarizes them with the shape of the number but also aids in developing their pencil grip and control.

2. Finger Painting 3s

Create a fun finger painting station with various non-toxic paints. Children can dip their fingers in paint and draw the number 3 on paper. This messy play is enjoyable and a fantastic way for children to learn the shape of the number through a tactile and sensory experience.

3. Playdough Number 3

Provide each child with playdough and guide them to roll and shape it into the number 3. Manipulating playdough is excellent for strengthening fine motor skills and gives children hands-on experience in forming the number, enhancing their understanding of its structure. Check out our guide with the best authors like Roald Dahl for kids.

4. Number 3 Hunt

Organize an engaging scavenger hunt where kids search for items grouped in threes or find images of the number 3. This activity is an exciting way to help children connect the concept of the number 3 to real-world objects, enhancing their counting and observational skills.

Sand or Salt Tray Writing: Fill a shallow tray with sand or salt and let the kids write the number 3 using their fingers or a stick. The sensory feedback from the sand or salt benefits learning and can be a soothing activity, especially for children who need a break from more traditional learning methods.

5. Number 3 Collage

Provide old magazines, newspapers, or printed pages and ask the children to cut out the number 3 wherever they find it. They can then glue these cutouts onto a piece of paper, creating a collage. This activity helps them recognize the numbers in various fonts and sizes and develops their scissor skills.

6. Number 3 Stamping

Use rubber stamps or homemade sponge shapes for a stamping activity. Children can stamp the number 3 on paper, learning its shape in a fun and interactive way. This activity also allows for creativity, as children can experiment with different colors and patterns.

7. Connect the Dots

Create a simple worksheet where connecting the dots forms the number 3. This enjoyable activity helps improve number recognition and fine motor skills as children carefully connect each dot.

8. Number 3 Story Time

Read a children’s book all about the lucky number 3. After the story, have the children draw or write the number 3, linking the story to the writing activity. This approach helps reinforce the number through storytelling, making it more memorable and enjoyable.

For the number 3, a charming book to consider is “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” With its well-known story of Goldilocks encountering three bears, this classic fairy tale is a great way to introduce young children to the number 3. 

The narrative revolves around Goldilocks’s three distinct choices – trying three bowls of porridge, sitting on three chairs, and testing out three beds. This repetition of the number 3 throughout the story helps reinforce the concept in a fun and memorable way, making it a perfect choice for teaching young kids about numbers. For more, check out our round-up of the best Stan and Jan Berenstain books.

9. Number 3 Song and Dance

Invent a catchy song or chant about the number 3, and include movements that mimic writing the number 3 in the air. This kinesthetic approach to learning helps children remember the shape through movement and rhythm, making the learning experience dynamic and engaging.

10. Outdoor Number 3 Trace

Use sidewalk chalk to draw large number 3s outside. Children can trace these with different colors of chalk. This large-scale activity is excellent for gross motor skills and turns learning into a full-body experience, perfect for active learners.

11. Number 3 Matching Game

Create a simple matching game with cards showing groups of three objects and others with the numeral 3. Children can have fun matching the pairs and interactively reinforcing counting and number recognition.

12. Bean or Button Number 3

Provide a sheet with a large number 3 outlined and give the children beans, buttons, or small pebbles to glue along the outline. This activity is excellent for fine motor skills and creates a tactile number 3 for them to feel.

13. Number 3 Puzzle

Use a simple jigsaw puzzle where the pieces come together to form the number 3. This can be a group activity that encourages teamwork and problem-solving, along with number recognition.

14. Digital Drawing

Introduce children to technology using a tablet or computer with a drawing program. They can practice drawing the number 3 using their finger or a stylus. This activity is excellent for tech-based learning and helps develop digital literacy from an early age.

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