Number 0 Flashcard Printable With 13 Activities

Download our number 0 flashcard printable featured in our helpful learning guide; check out our top activities to help children learn how to read and write numbers.

The number 0 may seem odd to preschoolers, but understanding zero is an important foundational concept. To make learning about 00 engaging, encourage creative writing explorations and download our number 0 printable

Zero can be a tricky concept for little minds to understand. Using activities that engage their minds and excite them will help them to understand this essential mathematical concept. Writing provides a wonderful way for young kids to practice numbers while letting their imagination explore this unique digit. To learn more about writing skills for young minds, check out our round-up of metaphor examples for kids.

Number 0 Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool

Here, you’ll find ideas for writing number stories involving the absence of objects, drawing pictures using 00, and acting out scenes where 00 represents nothing. We’ll also share tips for incorporating zero into your child’s daily routine through counting games, rhymes, and hands-on experiences. For more ideas, read our round-up of the best children’s book authors.

1. Tracing Number 0

Provide worksheets with the number 0 outlined in dotted lines. Children can use crayons, markers, or pencils to trace these lines. This helps them get familiar with the round shape of the number and improves their hand control. Check out our guide with the best authors like Roald Dahl for kids.

2. Finger Painting 0s

Set up a finger painting station with non-toxic paints. Kids can use their fingers to draw the number 0 on paper. This activity is excellent for tactile learning and helps young writers memorize the shape of the number 0 while getting messy with paint.

3. Playdough Number 0

Give each child a portion of playdough and encourage them to roll and mold it into the shape of the number 0. This creative activity is great for developing fine motor skills and allows children to tactilely explore the number’s shape.

4. Number 0 Hunt

Organize a classroom hunt where children search for circular objects or images that resemble the shape of the number 0. This game helps them associate the number with circular objects in their environment.

5. Sand or Salt Tray Writing

Fill a tray with sand or salt and let the kids write the number 0 in it using their fingers or a stick. Writing in sand or salt provides valuable sensory feedback, which is beneficial for learning and memorization.

6. Number 0 Collage

Provide magazines, newspapers, or printed pages for children to cut out circular shapes or the number 0. They can glue these cutouts onto paper, creating a collage that helps them recognize the number in different contexts.

7. Number 0 Stamping

Use rubber stamps or homemade sponge shapes to stamp the number 0 on paper. This activity is fun and educational, helping children learn the shape of the number as part of arts class.

8. Connect the Dots to Make 0

Create worksheets where connecting the dots forms the number 0. This activity is great for number recognition and helps develop fine motor skills.

9. Number 0 Story Time

A delightful book that introduces the concept of the number 0 is Zero by Kathryn Otoshi. This beautifully illustrated story is about the number Zero, who feels like nothing compared to the other numbers. Zero tries to find value in herself and discovers she has an important place in the world. 

This book teaches the concept of the 0 simply and engagingly and conveys a meaningful message about self-worth and inclusivity. It’s a great choice for teaching young children about the number 0 while also sharing a story with a positive and empowering lesson. For more, check out our round-up of the best Stan and Jan Berenstain books.


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10. Number 0 Song and Dance

Invent a catchy song or chant about the number 0, incorporating movements that mimic drawing a circle in the air. This kinesthetic learning approach helps children remember the shape through movement and rhythm.

11. Outdoor Number 0 Trace

Use sidewalk chalk to draw large number 0s outside. Children can trace these numbers with different colors of chalk, making learning a full-body, outdoor activity. The act of drawing in bright colors outdoors will help children remember the shape of the number, they’ll enjoy the activity and memorize the motion of drawing it.

12. Bean or Button Number 0

Provide a sheet with a large number 0 outlined and have children glue beans, buttons, or small pebbles. This activity enhances fine motor skills and creates a tactile number 0 for them to touch.

13. Digital Drawing of Number 0

Introduce children to technology by using a tablet or computer with a drawing program. They can practice drawing the number 0, which helps develop digital literacy and hand-eye coordination.

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