80+ Multi-Syllabic Words To Improve Your Vocabulary

Multi-syllabic words can be challenging to remember and pronounce. In this article, we have compiled the many types of multi-syllabic words for you. 

What are Multi-Syllabic words?

As the word suggests, words with several syllables are known as multi-syllabic. Whether we notice it or not, most of the words we use contain multiple syllables. Most of the terms we use, from basic household objects to complex adjectives, are multi-syllabic. 

Below is a list of words containing between two and five syllables. 


Open Syllables

A vowel at the end of a syllable indicates an open syllable. As in no, my, and us – there is nothing following the vowel. Note that ‘y’ is considered an open vowel. An open syllable is so named because the vowel is “open,” meaning that nothing follows it but open space. The lengthy sound of the vowel can be heard in words with open syllables.

Open syllables are uncommon in one-syllable words, although common in multi-syllabic ones.

  1. Banana 

Sara was advised to eat a banana before going to the gym.

  1. Tomato 

George has a few tomato plants in his backyard. 

  1. Potato 

The students learned to make a potato battery in school today.

  1. Macaroni 

Marco’s grandmother makes macaroni from scratch and doesn’t use a pasta maker.

  1. Avocado 

It takes about two months for an avocado pit to grow roots. 

  1. Sofa 

The dog is not allowed on the sofa, but he refuses to listen. 

  1. America 

The Grand Canyon is a touristic jewel in the United States of America.

  1. Canada

Canada makes claims to the North Pole along with Russia and Denmark. 

  1. Bicycle

Zara just learned to ride a bicycle and takes it everywhere.

  1. Hello

She dropped by to say hello.

Closed Syllables

A vowel followed by a consonant in the most basic form makes up a closed syllable. A consonant “closes in” on the vowel, earning the moniker “closed syllable.” Vulnerable vowels tend to make short sounds in closed syllables.

Remember that a syllable can close with more than one consonant.

  1. Sister 

My sister has made plans for the upcoming weekend with her friends.

  1. Finger 

Dave cut his finger while preparing salad for dinner. 

  1. Doctor 

The doctor suggests I avoid junk food for a healthier heart. 

  1. Hammer 

Ron is working on a renovation at a friend’s house, but he forgot his hammer at home.

  1. Zipper 

Amy cannot get her pants zipper to budge and is late for work. 

  1. Letter 

My grandmother and I used to be pen pals. I would receive a letter from her every week.

  1. September 

The leaves change color and shed as the cold sets in September

  1. Hamburger

Denise claims to have eaten the best hamburger last summer when he was invited to a barbecue party.

  1. Jacket

It is cold outside, so wear a jacket.

  1. Ticket

I found a ticket to a show on the sidewalk on my way home. 

Double Vowels

When multi-syllabic words contain two vowels seated next to each other, we call them double vowels. Note that certain vowel combinations are difficult to pronounce, but while we break them down into syllables, the double vowels become part of the preceding or succeeding consonant’s syllable. 

  1. Weekend

The thunderstorms ruined our weekend plans.

  1. Tuesday

Patricia’s birthday is Tuesday, but she has invited her friends over for a party on Saturday.

  1. Cupboard

You can find canned goods inside the cupboard.

  1. Teacher

Sandra works in a private school as an elementary-level Math teacher. 

  1. Upstairs

I couldn’t sleep a wink because the upstairs neighbors had been moving their furniture all night.

  1. Coffee

You can recycle your used ground coffee beans as a body scrub that will make you smell like sweet coffee all day.

  1. Bedroom

The guest bedroom has a bathroom, but Kevin insists on using the one in the common area. 

  1. Restroom

They had been driving all morning, and Sally needed to make a quick stop at the restroom.

  1. Dinosaur

The school took the kids to the museum where they saw dinosaur fossils from a hundred million years ago. 

  1. Equal

I cut the apple in two but they were not equal parts. 


Blends happen when words have a consonant and a vowel or a consonant and another consonant. They “blend” into one another instead of giving the consonant the vowel extension. These words are simple to break down into syllables. The consonant and the blend that follows are taken as one syllable. 

For instance: Blend is broken down into Ble and nd. In this case, we notice two blends that make two syllables in this multi-syllable word. 

  1. Closet

Andrew was scared of the monster in his closet, but it turned out to be an empty plastic bag moving to the wind.

  1. Dresser

The movers disassembled the mirror from the dresser before packing it in. 

  1. President

There aren’t many men who could be described as benevolent. Still, our president has earned his respect through honest work.

  1. Umbrella

The beach was packed with families who drove down for the holidays. We could not find a spot to park our umbrella!

  1. English

Although easy to learn, English is difficult to master due to its lack of phonetic spellings. 

  1. Children

The park is for children, but most parents also bring their dogs to play with them. 

  1. Brother

Harry did not like that he got most of his clothes from his brother as hand-me-downs. 

  1. Student

The same student disrupts the entire class, but Mr. Belcher was determined to teach his lessons today to the ones who would listen to him.

  1. Eclipse

Dave saw the solar eclipse through his old X-ray reports.

  1. Flute

Sara plays the flute and wants to join the orchestra. 

Silent E

Some words have the vowel e, which is silent if preceded by a consonant. Note that this gives the consonant a heavy pronunciation. 

  1. Inside

The rice balls my grandmother prepares always have a little surprise on the inside. 

  1. Outside

Carrie suggested they move the party outside as it was getting too hot to stay indoors. 

  1. Notebook

Ella protected the bag with her life because it contained a notebook from her late mother.

  1. Microwave

Everyone brought homemade food representing their culture, but Pam only got microwave popcorn.  

  1. Signature

The chef was proud of his signature dish. It was an old family recipe he recreated to make it his own. 

  1. Lemonade

The policeman was ridiculous; children don’t need permits to run a lemonade cart!

  1. Overtime

The engines running overtime caused the ship to sink to the bottom of the ocean. 

  1. Basement

The children decided to take over the attic and the basement as their new bedrooms, leaving the actual bedrooms for the parents to use as home offices.

  1. Female

More female workers were hired last year than ever before.

  1. Future

The future of this company is very bright. 


Much like the Silent E, words that end in -le also consider the suffix a singular syllable. 

  1. Single

The papers did not cover a single auction from the last night’s charity event for the orphans but found space to write sleazy tabloids about movie stars. 

  1. Purple

Jesse knit her nephew a purple baby blanket.

  1. Middle

Most people prefer the window seat for the view or the aisle seat for ease, but Charlie likes to seat himself in the middle. 

  1. Table

The enormous table in the dining room could seat 52 people, but the management decided against overcrowding the space. 

  1. Apple

Ron found himself in an orchard, but since it wasn’t the fruiting season, he could not enjoy an apple on this crisp, sunny morning. 

  1. Pineapple

The parents did not realize their child was allergic to the pineapple on their pizza.

  1. Terrible

Their business faced terrible times when the pandemic hit.

  1. Vegetable

Bob’s grandfather would take him to the vegetable market every Sunday, where he would shop for a week’s worth of food and chat with his farmer friends until noon.

  1. Handle

The jug’s handle broke, and it now looks like a vase.

  1. Maple

Pancakes with maple syrup are comfort food for most people. 


Multi-syllable words that end in –tion are considered as one syllable.

  1. Application

His application came in late, but the university made an exception because of his family’s yearly donations to the university.

  1. Education

Universities allowing online learning has made education accessible to people from across the globe. 

  1. Conversation

Some people prefer to have a deep and stimulating conversation over small talk. 

  1. Occupation

It is unfair to expect sixteen-year-olds to find an occupation that would make them happy as adults.

  1. Operation

After the initial hiccups, the operation went smoothly, thanks to expert orders from the chief in command. 

  1. Transportation

The townsfolk have difficulty traveling without a car as public transportation is unreliable in rural areas. 

  1. Medication

Joey took part in a medical study, but he wasn’t sure whether the medication was real or a placebo. 

  1. Multiplication

Maryam graduated 3rd grade but still finds it difficult to finish her multiplication homework without her father’s help. 

  1. Vacation

I haven’t been on vacation in two years!

  1. Election

They are cleaning the streets as the election date is approaching. 


One could argue that this category is not different from double vowels, but we beg to differ. The pronunciation for multi-syllable words with i+vowel is more enunciated on both vowels. In contrast, one vowel is usually silent in the double vowel category words. 

  1. Lion

Alex rushes home to watch his favorite lion documentary on TV. 

  1. Quiet

Everyone stopped talking, but the quick, quiet glances spoke volumes despite the hush.  

  1. India

Food in India is sacred; each meal is prepared with love and many spices.  

  1. Somalia

After being disrespected, the delegate from Somalia refused to negotiate the terms of the agreement. 

  1. Believe

Greg found it hard to believe that his puppy would tear open the pillows with such violence. 

  1. Medium

The instructions said to cook over medium heat for five minutes.   

  1. Cafeteria

The students could only afford food from the cafeteria, but they quickly realized how healthy and filling the portions were. 

  1. Vegetarian

Sara is a vegetarian but will eat the occasional egg or meat product because she doesn’t want to inconvenience her hosts.

  1. Radio

The song became famous after being played on the radio.

  1. April

The assignment is due in April, but we need to start working on it today.

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