Top 101+ List of Connectors In English To Aid Flow In Your Writing

Check out our list of connectors in English to aid the direction of your work and strengthen its structure.

Our list of connectors in English will enable you to keep your ideas flowing. Implementing them in your writing helps you achieve coherence and increases your article’s readability.

In this article, we’ll go over different types of connectors and when they’re used. 

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What Are Connectors In English?

Connectors are words or phrases that connect statements between sentences and paragraphs. While those statements can stand independently, connectors help define their relationship and provide a deeper meaning.

Don’t confuse connectors with conjunctions. While the former is used to connect ideas between complete sentences, the latter is used to connect clauses within a single sentence. You can check out our list of conjunction words for more information and examples.

List of Connectors In English Printable

List of Connectors in English-Printable
List of Connectors in English-Printable
Above allEven soNow
AdditionallyFirstly/secondlyOf course
AfterwardsFirst of allOn balance
All in allFor exampleOn the contrary
All things consideredFor instanceOn the whole
Along withFor one thingOn top of that
AlsoFor this reasonOverall
AltogetherIf I’m not mistakenPreviously
Apart fromIn additionPrimarily
As a matter of factIn any casePut differently
As far as… concernedIn a similar veinSimilarly
As forIn conclusionSoon
As illustrated byIn contrastSpecifically
As I see itIndeedSubsequently
At any rateIn factTalking of
At lastIn other wordsThat is
At leastIn particularThat is to say
BarringIn regard toThat said
BasicallyIn that caseThat’s why
Because ofIn that respectThen
BesidesIn the first place/in the second placeThen again
Be that as it mayIn the same wayThereafter
By and largeLastlyThereupon
By comparisonLaterThis can be seen in
ClearlyMore specificallyThus
ComparablyMost importantlyTo begin with
ConsequentlyMost notablyTo be honest
ConverselyNamelyTo summarize
CorrespondinglyNeverthelessTo sum up
Due toNextWhat’s more
EssentiallyNotwithstandingWithout a doubt

Connectors Of Contrast 

Conectors of contrast are words or phrases used to indicate a contradiction in speech or writing.

  1. Alternatively 

We can watch a movie. Alternatively, there’s a cool TV show on the next channel.

  1. Apart from

 I’m fine. Apart from the black eye, I wasn’t physically hurt in the accident.

  1. Barring

Don’t worry. Barring you and me, no one else knows anything.

  1. Be that as it may

He did a lot of great things during his career. Be that as it may, he’s too old now to be working.

  1. By comparison

My daughter is great at soccer and baseball. By comparison, my son can’t hit a ball to save his life.

  1. Conversely 

You can add the fluid to the flour or, conversely, the flour to the fluid.

  1. Even so

The apartment is tiny. Even so, they made it highly functional with minimal furniture.

  1. In contrast

May was cool and rainy. In contrast, June was dry and warm.

  1. Nevertheless

He was tired. Nevertheless, he accepted her invitation to the movies.

  1. Notwithstanding 

This small altercation notwithstanding, they both had a marvelous time at the party.

  1. On the contrary

You think she likes you. On the contrary, she finds you quite annoying.

  1. That said

He was 98 and in bad health, so it was expected. That said, it’s never easy to see someone you love die.

  1. Then again

I like this dress more. Then again, it costs double the price of the one I first tried.

  1. Though

The apartment is very nice. Though, it’s quite small.

Connectors Of Comparison 

Connectors of comparison are phrases or words used to express similarities between ideas.

  1. Also

I’m looking forward to meeting your fiancé. Also, I’d like to meet his parents at the wedding.

  1. Comparably

John is great at math. Comparably, he’s also good at other school subjects.

  1. Correspondingly

She’s good at graphic design. Correspondingly, her photography work is just as good.

  1. In a similar vein

Many people go to the gym for muscle definition. In a similar vein, yoga also does that to your body.

  1. In the same way

Vitamin intake is essential for your well-being. In the same way, physical exercise is just as important.

  1. Like

He always had trouble meeting new people. Like his brother, he’s extremely introverted.

  1. Similarly

You can’t make calls during a flight. Similarly, you should turn off your phone while inside an airplane.

Connectors Of Cause & Effect 

These connectors are used to express a clear cause-and-effect relationship between two ideas.

  1. Because of

Monstera is a tropical plant. Because of that, it won’t grow as tall as it does in its natural habitat.

  1. Consequently

She missed a couple of classes last week. Consequently, she wasn’t prepared for the upcoming exam.

  1. Due to

We can’t go on vacation this summer. Due to our limited budget, we can’t afford that right now.

  1. For this reason

In the last few months, there’s been a noticeable rise in the number of accidents. For this reason, the government has decided to lower the speed limit in the city.

  1. Hence

The engine was overheated. Hence, the vehicle broke down.

  1. That’s why

Most bugs aren’t able to survive cold temperatures. That’s why you don’t see them during winter.

  1. Thus

Most of their stuff was destroyed in the fire. Thus, he has very few photos from his younger days.

Connectors Of Sequence 

Sequence connectors are used to link ideas from one sentence to the next and create coherence. In other words, they show the order or sequence of ideas. 

  1. Afterwards

Let’s go out for dinner. Afterwards, we can go to the movies.

  1. At last

She has been studying every night for the last few months. At last, she passed the final exam.

  1. First of all

This is a tough problem to solve. First of all, we must identify the key issues.

  1. Firstly/secondly

Firstly, you need to combine all the ingredients into a bowl. Secondly, you need to mix them until you get a smooth batter.

  1. In the first place/In the second place

In the first place, I don’t feel like going. In the second place, the weather is too awful to go out of the house.

  1. Lastly

I would like to thank the producer, director, scriptwriter, and whole crew who helped me achieve this award. Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for supporting my dream.

  1. Later

She told them the problem was solved. Later, they discovered that things were far from resolved.

  1. Next

We have everything we need from this shop. Next, let’s go to Walmart. 

  1. Now

Back in the day, Jim worked as a researcher at the university. Now, he’s a renowned professor.

  1. Previously

The theory that the Earth is round was gradually adopted in the Middle Ages. Previously, people believed it was flat.

  1. Soon

It’s almost summer. Soon, the weather will be unbearably hot.

  1. Subsequently

The collected goods are subsequently stored for return to the supplier.

  1. Then

I picked her up from work at 5:30. Then, we went to a nice restaurant.

  1. Thereafter

She worked at a local newspaper until 2001. Thereafter, she moved abroad and started working for an international magazine.

  1. Thereupon

They went for a walk at the beach. Thereupon, he proposed to her.

  1. To begin with

The trip was a disaster. To begin with, Angie’s luggage got delayed.

Connectors Of Emphasis 

These are the connectors you want to use when you want to emphasize a specific idea.

  1. Above all

I like Matt. Above all, he’s always genuine and outspoken.

  1. Actually

I don’t think you should do that. Actually, that’s a horrible idea.

  1. As a matter of fact

Spanish is not difficult to learn. As a matter of fact, it’s considered one of the easiest languages.

  1. Basically

I only had one or two spelling errors to fix. Basically, the article is well-written.

  1. Certainly

John wasn’t acting himself around her. Certainly, he’s still mad about that disagreement.

  1. Clearly

I’ll leave you to it. Clearly, you have too many things on your mind.

  1. Essentially

There’s a logic behind these serial numbers. Essentially, the higher the number, the newer the model is.

  1. Evidently

They told us masks would protect us from the virus. Evidently, they’re trying to frighten us into obedience.

  1. Indeed

The pandemic harmed the country’s economy. Indeed, foreign investments are at an all-time low.

  1. In fact

He’s not that funny. In fact, I find his jokes annoying and offensive.

  1. More specifically

Jennifer is interested in learning new languages. More specifically, she would like to master Spanish and Portuguese.

  1. Most importantly

We need to do some renovations around the house before moving in. Most importantly, we need to replace old pipes.

  1. Most notably

His party is focused on fixing urgent issues in society. Most notably, a high level of unemployment.

  1. Obviously

That shark is enormous. Obviously, we’re going to need a bigger boat.

  1. Of course

The car broke down on our way to the opera. Of course, we were late for the show.

  1. On top of that

The cake is soft, tasty, and filling. On top of that, it has zero sugar.

  1. Particularly

Older people are more vulnerable to infections. Particularly, they’re susceptible to flu.

  1. Primarily

This is a very deep, psychological book. Primarily, it’s about guilt and regret. 

  1. Without a doubt

We should hire Jonas. Without a doubt, he’s the best candidate we’ve seen in years.

Connectors Of Example 

As the name suggests, these connector words and phrases are used when giving an example. 

  1. As illustrated by

Budget cuts are a must. As illustrated by the chart, we’ll face debt within a year unless we make changes.

  1. For example

Many countries have more than one official language. For example, Belgium has three.

  1. For instance

There are numerous writing tools you can use. For instance, Grammarly can help you with your spelling, tone, punctuation, and style.

  1. In particular

During high school, Mona showed great enthusiasm for science. In particular, her talent for solving math equations was quite obvious. 

  1. In that case

You don’t seem happy at your job. In that case, why don’t you quit?

  1. Specifically

I need to go grocery shopping. Specifically, I need to restock my spices. 

  1. That is

Rye is much better than oats if you’re trying to cut down on calories and fat. That is unless you’re gluten intolerant.

  1. This can be seen in 

The gap between the rich and the poor has never been bigger. This can be seen in the latest UN report.

Connectors Of Explanation 

Connectors of explanation are typically used to give reasons behind ideas.

  1. At any rate

The house requires way too much work and investment. At any rate, it’s not worth it.

  1. At least

You should tell her how you feel. At least, you should say what hurt you the most.

  1. For one thing 

He’s not that nice. For one thing, he talks to everyone with a condescending tone. 

  1. In other words

The company has decided to let her go. In other words, she’s fired. 

  1. In that respect

I’m not sure who was the more arrogant of the two. In that respect, she and Jerry seemed suited for each other.

  1. Namely

The entire group of people is marginalized by the new law. Namely, pensioners are completely excluded.

  1. Put differently

There was a lack of communication between the team members. Put differently, no one got along.

  1. That is to say

We never met. That is to say, we were never formally introduced to one another.

Connectors Of Focus

You can use focusing connectors between ideas to express your opinion on the topic.

  1. As I see it

How could such a petty argument turn into a full-blown fight? As I see it, you guys have serious issues in communication.

  1. As far as… concerned

I don’t think about divorce. As far as I’m concerned, marriage is for eternity.

  1. As for

My parents already left. As for me, I’ll stay until the end of the event.

  1. If I’m not mistaken

He said, “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?” If I’m not mistaken, that’s a double entendre.

  1. In regard to

I have read your report thoroughly. In regard to the last point, we should discuss it further in person.

  1. Talking of

I just finished my shift. Talking of work, do you have any news regarding your application?

  1. To be honest

I have placed an order over a month ago. To be honest, I don’t think it will ever arrive.

Connectors Of Addition

Addition connectors are used when we want to give more information in the second sentence.

  1. Additionally

You can vote at your polling place. Additionally, you can vote by mail.

  1. Along with

Matt decided to take the job. Along with a high salary, the position offered numerous attractive benefits.

  1. Besides

I don’t feel like going out for dinner. Besides, it’s raining.

  1. In addition

The college offers on-site classes. In addition, you can take online classes in specific subjects. 

  1. What’s more

Cooking for your pets means you can add variety to their diet. What’s more, you know exactly what they’re eating.

Connectors Of Summary/Conclusion

These connectors are words or phrases that summarize a main point or conclude an idea.

  1. All in all

There are rocky mountains on the left and the ocean on the right. All in all, it’s a beautiful view.

  1. All things considered

You only have to pay a $20 one-time fee for the program. All things considered, that’s a good deal for something you’ll be using regularly.

  1. Altogether

There’s a huge master bedroom on the first floor, while guest rooms are situated above. Altogether, there are four bedrooms at your disposal.

  1. By and large

She was apprehensive at first but quickly warmed up to the dog. By and large, she’s doing a fine job for a first-time pet owner.

  1. In any case

I don’t know where I would wear such an extravagant dress. In any case, it’s too expensive for my budget.

  1. In conclusion

Eleven patients experienced hypertension, while three patients showed vitamin deficiency. In conclusion, the study confirmed the relation between the symptoms.

  1. On balance

The pay is great, but the workload is too heavy. On balance, I think I’m better off where I am right now.

  1. On the whole

I agree with several points, but I see room for improvement in the last one. On the whole, I like the idea.

  1. Overall

Profit is low, so there’ll be significant budget cuts this year. Overall, we need to let around 100 people go.

  1. To summarize

While some people are genuine, there are many scammers online. To summarize, never trust strangers on the internet.

  1. To sum up

He has many ideas, but most of them are never realized. To sum up, he’s very lazy.


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