Letter O Worksheet Printout

Open up opportunities with our outstanding Letter O Worksheet!

What Makes the Letter O Special?

The Round O: ‘O’ is the round, open vowel, seen in “octopus,” “orange,” and “owl.”

Oceans and Oranges: ‘O’ takes us to the “ocean” and offers us “oranges,” opening up discussions about nature and healthy eating.

Letter O Activities

Ocean in a Bottle: Create a mini ocean in a bottle with water, blue food coloring, and small ocean creature toys.

Orange Art: Use oranges for stamping art, exploring both the shape and color.

Obstacle Course: Set up an indoor or outdoor course with movements/actions starting with O.

Objects in a Bag: Put items in a bag and have kids guess what they are by touch based on their O name.

On the Move: Lead an exercise routine where the moves are named with O words.

Our Alphabet Book: Have kids work together to illustrate and bind their own book of letters including O.

Oral Story: Take turns adding to a story where each addition must start with O.

Letter O Worksheet Printable

Outline the letter O effortlessly using our outstanding tracing Letter O worksheet.

Letter O worksheet printable
Letter O printable