Letter K Worksheet Printout

Kickstart knowledge with our key Letter K Worksheet!

What Makes the Letter K Special?

The K Sound: ‘K’ has a crisp and clear sound, noticeable in words like “kite,” “kangaroo,” and “king.” It’s a sound that kids can have fun making!

Knights and Kites: ‘K’ starts various interesting words, from the adventurous “knights” to the playful “kites” soaring in the sky.

Letter K Activities

Kingdom of K: Create a kingdom in a craft project where everything starts with ‘K’ – kings, kites, and kangaroos!

Kite Making: Craft a simple paper kite and decorate it with images of other ‘K’ words.

Kim’s Game: Show kids an array of items and have them memorize, then cover to recall.

Make A “K”: Use play dough, clay or other materials to form the letter “K”.

What’s My “K” Clue?: Provide clues to guess the “K” item without saying it.

Scavenger Hunt: Send kids to find specific items around the room starting with “K”.

Kids Choice: Vote on an activity where the instructions or materials start with “K”.

Letter K Worksheet Printable

Keep keen with tracing the letter K using our kid-friendly letter K worksheet.

Letter K worksheet printable
Letter K printable