Johnny Cash Lyrics Compiled For First Time In New Book

It’s good news for Johnny Cash fans, as his lyrics are being collected for a new book which is set to be published by the end of the year.

This is the first time The Man In Black’s lyrics have been compiled for publication, with the Cash estate making the decision to commemorate the country music star’s writing in the form of a book entitled ‘Johnny Cash: The Life in Lyrics by Cash with Mark Stielper.’

The title will also contain never before seen material, along with commentary from the musician’s son, John Carter Cash. Alongside Cash’s son, historian Dr. Brian Dempsey has overseen the visual elements of the book.

The ‘Ring of Fire’ singer died in 2003, with his aforementioned son stating that there is “no better way to know (Johnny Cash) than to look at his written works.”

He added: “Whether the songs he recorded, his poetry, or material not published in his lifetime, he put his heart, blood, and spirit into everything to which he added a pen,”

Johnny Cash had a 45-year career where he composed over 600 songs and released more than 70 albums. Among his most famous works are I Walk the Line and Folsom Prison Blues.

The publisher of the work, Lee Brackstone, described the title as a “portrait… of a man whose outlaw spirit is now deeply and irresistibly entangled with the whole concept of Americana.”

The book will be hitting shelves on November 23. There will be 750 deluxe editions of the book, costing £95 each. These will contain exclusive material and special editions will be available in record stores only.

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