James Patterson Pens Book ‘Things I Wish I Told My Mother’ With Wife Susan

Literary supernova, James Patterson, has teamed up with his wife, Susan, for a new book entitled ‘Things I Wish I Told My Mother’.

Discussing the book, which is currently available in bookstores and online, James Patterson told WPTV how the pair have an excellent working relationship. He said: “I’ve said this before. I’m so happy for her. It’s a cool thing because it’s unbelievable fun for her, and it’s fun for me too.”

Susan Patterson discussed her process for writing with her husband, stating she is “really excited about (the process). To sort of look at the book, and there it is after working on it for a while. It has been great.”

Discussing the creation of the title, Mrs Patterson added that it was a creative collaboration between her and James. She said: “We were sitting together, and I said, ‘There were so many things I wish I could have told my mother. Jim sparked to the idea. … He said, ‘You know, that could be a good book, I really like that!'”

Although Patterson is more recognized for his work writing thrillers, he has shown what appears to be genuine excitement in creating this work with his partner.

The 76-year-old Along Came A Spider author added: “What’s so powerful and the cool thing about the book is, the book is even better than the title, and the title is a really good title. Everybody has that … I should have shared more with my mom, or I should have shared more with my daughter, and this novel really captures that.”

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Our review stated the following: “James Patterson’s Masterclass videos are a must-watch if you’re an aspiring author. He teaches things that you normally won’t learn by reading blogs or online videos. This is because it compiles the list of information and knowledge he had gathered throughout his lifetime.”

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