How to Get Paid to Write Articles: Step-by-Step

Are you wondering how to get paid to write articles? Check out this comprehensive guide!

This article explains how to get paid to write articles and offers some resources that’ll kickstart your freelance writing career.

While most writers will not get rich writing articles, freelancing is a great way to make a little extra income. Some writers can carve out a niche and make a full-time income with freelance writing, but you have to know where to start. 

Whether you view yourself as a blogger, tutorial writer, or full-time article writer, there are many ways to make money writing. Discovering how to get paid to write articles is a good way to launch a successful writing career. By following these steps, you can begin looking for writing jobs and enjoy a lucrative side job or full-time career as a writer.

How to Get Paid to Write Articles: Steps to Take

How to get paid to write articles?

Writing articles is a fun side gig as you can try lots of different niches and topics while also building a portfolio of clients. New article writers can expect to get paid three to four cents per word. More experienced article writers can get paid eight cents or more per word. If you are interested in becoming a freelance article writer, these specific steps will help you get paid to write faster.

1. Set up a PayPal Account

Many of the sites that pay writers for their work use PayPal as their payment method. If you don’t have a PayPal account, this is your first step.

Keep in mind that PayPal will view you as a business when you start earning money for your article submissions. Consider setting up a business account from the beginning to avoid the need to upgrade down the road. Business accounts are free, but you will pay some fees when you get paid.

2. Create a Writing Website

You need a place to display your writing. Learn how to use WordPress, and set up your own writing website. Showcase some high-quality works that you’ve written on the site.

When you apply for writing gigs, you can send companies to your writing website to showcase what you can do. You can also link to other bylined articles you write for clients once your site is set up. You might also be interested in our guide on the best way to get paid to write emails.

3. Submit Guest Posts for Popular Blogs

As a freelance article writer, you need to build a writing portfolio. Beginners can find this to be the most challenging part of the process. If you have good writing skills, start by submitting guest posts to popular blogs.

Guest blogging usually does not earn income, but it can help you get some bylined pieces out there that you can use to build your writing portfolio. Focus on blogs in the niche you find most interesting to write about, and submit helpful articles that people will enjoy reading. That way, you can point to these guest blog posts when pitching clients later on. Sometimes, you can even land clients directly if you’re writing for a popular site. 

Learn more about what is guest blogging?

4. Send Articles to Print Magazines

How to get paid to write articles?
One place you can start looking for published articles in a print magazine is Reader’s Digest

Print magazines are still a solid option for publishing your written work. Each one has specific submission guidelines, but if you can submit feature articles that fit those guidelines, they may take them for publication.

Getting an article published in print usually brings high income. This process is challenging because you have to submit and face the real issue of rejection, but once you get a submission accepted, you’ll enjoy the extra money.

One place you can start looking for published articles in a print magazine is Reader’s Digest. They pay $100 per story or joke of 100 words or less, which is a lucrative pay rate.

YouTube video
Watch the Become a Writer Today video on getting paid to write

5. Follow Freelance Websites That Pay Writers

New writers often wonder where they can write for pay. Creating a list of websites where you can publish your work will help. This list is not exhaustive but will get you started:

  • Copyhackers: If you can write non-fiction, 2,000 or more word articles on any particular niche topic, you can publish on Copyhackers. This website pays very well for its blog posts.
  • Narratively: If you want to get paid to publish a personal essay or personal story, this is the site for you. The focus is highly human-interest. 
  • Listverse: Listverse publishes listicles, which are highly clickable, numbered posts. They pay $100 per post and take just about any topic.
  • CopyPress: CopyPress offers freelance writing gigs for copywriters and editors. Pay rate varies based on the project.
  • Fiverr: Though this isn’t a great site for a professional writer, Fiverr can help you grow your business. Keep in mind that you don’t have to pay $5, but you can bid on and accept freelance gigs through the platform.
  • iWriter: Writer has different writing tiers for its writers, and the higher tiers can be lucrative. Build a profile here and work to increase your star rating to get higher-paid gigs. 
  • A List Apart: This web design-focused company takes pitches and will pay $200 per article if yours is accepted. The publication requirements are strict, but the pay is worth it.
  • nDash: nDash is an excellent site for writers because it does not charge writers. Instead, it charges clients! Whatever you set your rate as, you get the full amount when someone hires you.

These are only a few examples of publications that pay freelancers. Check out our guide to writing jobs.

6. Build a LinkedIn Writer Profile

Many businesses look for freelance writers through LinkedIn. After you create your writer’s website, create a LinkedIn profile. Consider publishing posts in your chosen niche through LinkedIn to gain readership.

Keep tabs on your LinkedIn account, and respond to people who reach out. You may land a few gigs when you do.

Other freelance writers have success blogging on and writing for popular Medium publications. You can save some time by posting the same piece of content on both social media networks, thus boosting your potential reach.

7. Join Freelance Writing Jobs Sites

Finding content writing jobs
Best freelance ghostwriting gigs come from private clients

Sometimes, the best freelance ghostwriting gigs are those that come from private clients. They cover topics like setting freelance writing rates and pitching clients. Some of the most popular sites include:

Another popular option is Writers Work. Read our Writers Work review.

8. Pitch Ideas to Publications

If you have a particular niche you enjoy writing about, you can make money online by pitching ideas to websites and publications in that niche. To get an idea about what they might take as far as articles, follow them on social media.

If you have a topic idea that fits their readers, reach out to the site to see if they are taking submissions. You just might find that a few that offer pay to content writers who create appropriate pieces for their readers.

10. Start Writing For Content Mills

If you want to gain exposure and experience as an article writer, apply for a content mill. These sites don’t pay that well (3 cents to 5 cents per word) but they’ll help you understand what clients expect from article writers. Plus, you can build up a portfolio of work, try different niches and use all of this valuable experience to pitch more profitable clients later.

Read our guide to writing for content mills.

11. Get Used to Rejection

Part of learning to make money writing is the sting of rejection. You may submit pitches and articles to many websites before someone takes one and pays you for it. Learn to accept rejection, as it is part of the process.

If someone rejects a piece and gives feedback, learn from that feedback. Use it to make your next article more effective and publication-ready.

12. Keep an Income Diary

Track your income and where it came from. As your freelance writing business grows, you’ll discover which sites are the most effective, and which ones are best left alone. 

Start focusing your efforts on the sites and platforms that are the most lucrative. Drop those that do not pay well, and you will start building a better income level.

13. Monetize Your Blog 

While freelancing, blog and publish articles related to your niche on your website. Then, monetize it by adding advertisements or affiliate links. This strategy gives you a side hustle that earns money residually on your writing.

As you build your blog, focus on SEO to reach more readers through the search engines. The more traffic your blog has, the more income you will get from those posts.

Learn more about the best affiliate programs for freelancers.

A Final Word On How To Get Paid To Write Articles

This guide explores different venues you can use to get paid to write articles. Before you start your article writing business, make sure you have solid writing skills. Then, build a small portfolio of writing samples you can show people that showcase your skills.

Remember, a writing business starts slowly, but if you are a true entrepreneur, you can build a successful one. Take some time to explore your desired writing niche, but don’t be afraid to jump out there and get started.

Writing has the potential to be a highly lucrative opportunity if you put in the effort to grow your freelance writing business. Take the time now, and soon you will enjoy the rewards of a successful writing gig on the side.

FAQs on How to Get Paid to Write Articles

Can I write articles for money?

Yes, writing articles can be a good side gig for people with solid writing skills. Learn the publication platforms you can tap to get a solid income and start pitching article ideas.

How to start writing articles for money?

The first step in writing articles for money is to set up a writer website and post some sample articles. Then, set up accounts on various writer websites. Finally, start submitting pieces and get paid for your writing.

Is article writing a good career?

Article writing is a good career if you enjoy the written word. Although you may not see job ads with the title “article writer”, you can easily break into this area by applying for “content writer” jobs. Typically, these jobs involve writing blog posts and articles several hundred or several thousand words in length. Rates start at three to four cents per word.

What is feature article writing?

Feature article writing describes picking a topic or a story and writing at length about it. A profile of a celebrity, a sports figure or a political are examples of features. Similarly, a feature article may be about a newsworthy location or an event. Usually, feature articles have more colour and personality than news articles. They are also more opinion-focused.

What is magazine article writing?

Magazine article writing is similar to feature article writing with the caveat that the article in question is meant for print. It may involve interviews, a profile or an insight into an interesting or newsworthy event. Magazine writers usually get paid by the word.

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