Top 16 Grammarly Tips and Tricks

Good grammar, spelling, and word usage don’t always come naturally. These Grammarly tips and tricks can eliminate errors in your writing and improve its quality. 

English is a complex language. There are a ton of rules; and, every one of those rules seems to have at least one exception. Then there are style conventions, which are bits of spelling and grammar that are not wrong, per se, but that are not the ideal way to communicate. 

Thankfully, tools like Grammarly can help clean up your writing. Whether you are posting on social media or in a professional email, clearer writing with better grammar can make sound accomplished.

Not sure whether that comma belongs there? Confused about adverbs? Adding this popular grammar checker to Chrome or another browser can help you compose clear and mistake-free writing. These tips can help you make the most of it.

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Get Basic Proofreading with Grammarly Free

Top Grammarly tips and tricks

A basic version of Grammarly is available to install in your browser or use on their site. The functions are somewhat limited, but probably enough for very casual writers. 

1. Check Your Language Preferences

There’s a reason that the UK and the U.S. have been described as “two countries separated by a common language.” While we both speak English, each country has a few spelling and grammatical conventions that are different.

In Grammarly, you can pick between American, British, Australian and Canadian English. 

2. Add the Checker to Chrome

There is no need to visit the Grammarly site each time you need help polishing your writing. The free Chrome extension brings Grammarly into whatever site you are on.

Add the checker to chrome
The free Chrome extension brings Grammarly into whatever site you are on

3. Add Grammarly to Microsoft Office

You are not stuck with the grammar tools that come with Word. To add Grammarly to Office, just visit “My Grammarly,” choose apps and then click “Install” next to the MS Office logo.

4. Add Specialized Terminology to Your Personal Dictionary

Grammarly comes pre-loaded with commonly used terms but may not include specialized jargon. If words you use often are being flagged, you can avoid this by adding them to your dictionary.

Just open your Grammarly profile, type in the new word, and click “add.” Just be sure your addition is free from typos!

5. Hit Just the Right Tone

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether the message you are sending has the right feel. Some phrasing may feel too informal for a formal email.

Or, you may be writing while miffed and inadvertently slip into an aggressive tone. Grammarly’s tone detector uses a combination of grammar rules and machine learning to analyze your message.

Step Up Your Game with Grammarly Premium

6. Develop a Consistent Style

Both “Aug. 25” and “August 25” are technically correct. However, it can look sloppy if you are switching from one to the other in the same document.

Grammarly Premium comes with a consistency checker that will help you ensure that you are using the same spelling and punctuation throughout a document.

Develop a consistent style
Grammarly allows you to set goals that include choosing an informal, neutral or formal tone

7. Write for the Right Audience

Grammarly allows you to set goals that include choosing an informal, neutral or formal tone. You can also set your goal to match the venue, whether it’s a casual conversation, creative endeavor, academic tasks or business writing.

8. Make Your Writing More Inclusive with Grammarly Tools

More and more people value inclusive word choices, but sometimes it can be hard to recognize these kinds of errors. Grammarly has inclusive language tools that can help you choose the language that is the most respectful and up-to-date

9. Use Grammarly Suggestions Make Your Writing more Diplomatic

Another premium feature in Grammarly detects language that can be overly harsh, and then suggests alternatives that are less likely to upset the reader.

10. Be More Direct with the Confidence Setting

Grammarly Premium’s Delivery Confidence setting also can identify unnecessary qualifiers that make you sound less sure of yourself. The result is snappier, more confident writing.

11. Avoid Unintentional Plagiarism

Few writers set out to copy someone else. To be sure you aren’t unconsciously stealing phrases you’ve seen somewhere else, use Grammarly Premium’s plagiarism checker before you hit send.

12. Make Your Writing More Lively

Do you have a tendency to use the same words over and over? Grammarly Premium can identify sentences that are too much alike. Varying word choice and sentence length makes for a more engaging read.

13. Enhance Your Vocabulary with Word Suggestions

Doesn’t “thrilled” sound much better than “very happy?” Instead of relying on intensifiers, expand your vocabulary to use punchier word choices. Grammarly will flag weak word choices and make suggestions for more effective words.

14. Make Your Writing Smoother and More Fluent with Grammarly’s Flow Tools

Good, fluent writing is pleasurable to read. Excess words and poor sentence rhythm can sound choppy and unnatural. Grammarly Premium has a fluency feature that will offer better word choices to improve the flow of your writing. 

15. Save Money with an Annual Subscription

If you’ve tried the Premium version and find that it’s a good fit for you, consider buying your membership a year at a time. You can save almost $20 a month paying this way instead of getting billed every month.

16. See if Your Job Will Pick Up the Bill

Grammarly also has business plans available at a discount. If your job has three or more people who can use some help with their writing, it may be worthwhile for your employer to buy memberships for you.

The Final Word on Grammarly Tips and Tricks

Grammarly offers useful tools for casual and serious writers alike. It’s easy to install and use. Putting its recommendations into effect can help eliminate spelling and grammar errors.

If you are looking for writing tips that can improve your tone and your communication style, consider investing in a premium subscription. 

FAQ About Grammarly Tips and Tricks

What is the difference between Grammarly and Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly’s free version works on a limited number of sites and offers basic spelling and grammar advice. Grammarly Premium works across all sites and offers far more advanced support. 

How much is Grammarly Premium?

How much Grammarly Premium costs depends on your billing plan. Plans that are billed monthly are $29.95 per month. If you opt for annual billing, the price drops to $11.66 per month.

How do I choose the best Grammarly plan?

There is no one choice that is perfect for everyone. If you are looking for a simple spelling and grammar checker for social media posts and periodic emails, Grammarly’s free version is probably fine. If you write regularly, you may wish to spring for a Premium account. 


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