Essays About Sociology: Top 5 Examples and 6 Prompts

It can be tough to write essays about sociology. Here are examples and prompts you can look into to aid you in writing.

In simple terms, sociology studies the dynamics of human social relationships, including institutions in the community. Sociology is an empirical science using observation and experiments. It’s a rational science because it considers ideas and reasons from logic. As a result, writing a sociology essay can be intimidating. 

Sociology is learning how human society works. It oversees many branches, including criminology, political, historical, theoretical, and industrial sociology.

Here are essays about sociology examples you can read to understand the topic better:

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1. Essay on Sociology: The Meaning of Sociology by Puja Mondal

“Sociology as [the] science of society refers to a body of knowledge about [a] society which has been empirically tested. Society may be defined as the complicated network and ever-changing pattern of social relationships… Sociology has been defined in [a] number of ways by different scholars. There are as many definitions of sociology as there are sociologists.”

Mondal shares the origin of “Sociology,” including how the Father of Sociology, August Comte, decided to call his endeavors such. He notes that it’s the youngest of social sciences and studies society in totality. He lists sociology’s various meanings interpreted by different scholars. He also analyzes, compares, and contrasts these definitions.

2. Essay on Sociology for Students and Children by Prasanna

“The study of society has become an integral part of our lives and cannot be escaped. Sociology is important to understand why society functions the way it does and the relationships within it… sociology has emerged over the years as an important discipline which is an important response to the challenge of modernization. It is a social science-based of interaction between humans and the various processes that change them.”

Prasanna indicates that sociology encompasses social lives, social causes, social changes, and human behaviors. She explains sociology as a science, citing its process of getting results and information. She broaches the old roots of sociology, delving into the study’s remnants in medieval Arabic writings. She also mentions other relevant details, such as the first Department of Sociology. She ends the essay by noting that sociology is one of the highest levels of science.

3. Sociology of Personal Problems and Experience of Society by Writer Morton

“…if someone is going through a difficult time in their life, sometimes it is not by choice nor are they experiencing this event alone. The individual’s life can be impacted by a societal condition… No matter what I decide to do with my career, I know that society will perceive me in its own way and that is okay.”

Morton explains one of sociology’s concepts, where a personal problem is also a societal issue, bringing up an example to support his claim. To make his essay more relatable, he shares his experience as a student and how Sociological Imagination and Symbolic Interaction aided him in understanding what was happening around him. He says that we act on “symbols” based on the meaning we attached to them. These meanings are ever-changing depending on our environment, people, and experiences.

4. What I Learned in Sociology 101? by Sheri Page

“Nurses are critically involved in making sense and giving purpose to life, illness, and death… Sociology confronts problems which are often subjects of major controversy in society, such as the relationship between social class and illness, the changing role of religion, the rising divorce rate and the changing nature of work… Whether you are choosing a career that works with a general public or a career that has minimal dealing with the public, taking sociology ensures that you are prepared for whatever may come your way.”

Page focuses on how much she understood sociology and how it’ll aid her as a nurse. She shares that she thought learning psychology was enough, but her Sociology 101 made her comprehend that there’s so much more she should recognize about people’s behavior and reasoning. She connects sociology to death, healthcare, and culture. 

She also mentions how she wants to learn more about the world and pass on this love of learning to her sons. She wants them to know how to embrace the world and not condemn anyone for their values and beliefs. Finally, she announces that sociology should be a required class.

5. Essay on Nature of Sociology by Pranav Dua

“Sociology, as a branch of knowledge, has its unique characteristics. It is different from other sciences in certain respects. An analysis of its internal logical characteristics helps one to understand what kind of science it is.”

Dua delves into what separates sociology from other branches of science. He uses Robert Bierstadt’s “The Social Order” to list the main characteristics of this science. These primary characteristics involve sociology as an independent, social, pure, abstract, generalizing, rational, and empirical science with a definite discipline.

6 Prompts on Essays About Sociology

Sociology is a broad science with complicated subtopics. To make your essay writing more manageable, below are simple prompts you can choose from:

1. My Sociology Subject Reflection

Essays About Sociology: My sociology subject reflection
You can talk about your teacher’s methods of teaching the subject and the lessons you remember the most and include your takeaways after you finish the term

If you’re required to take a sociology subject during your school years, you can write an essay about this experience. For example, you can talk about your teacher’s methods of teaching the subject and the lessons you remember the most and include your takeaways after you finish the term. 

If you haven’t had any sociology subject yet, you can refer to someone who has already taken it and ask their opinion on the matter. 

2. Reflection on a Sociology Movie

Many movies use sociology’s principles to explain human behavior. Pick a movie and share your thoughts. How did it use sociology’s concepts? Include the movie’s goal. Some iconic movies you can analyze are Sixteen Candles (1984), The Breakfast Club (1985), and The Shawshank Redemption (1994).

3. Sociology For Me

Start this essay by writing its book definition, then move on to explain how you understand what sociology is all about. Is it just the study of human interactions? Is it more? How does it affect the community? You can also add examples or personal experiences to support your understanding of sociology.

4. Why Sociology is Important

In this prompt, discuss why we need to study sociology. How does it help us in our daily living? Then connect real-life examples of this branch of science to persuade your readers.

For help with this topic, read our guide explaining what is persuasive writing?

5. Revolutionary Changes Explained by Sociology

Compare customs that were normal then but are uncivil now. Then explain why through the lens of sociology. For example, you can talk about outdated Victorian etiquette, such as prohibiting young ladies from going on walks without an escort and talking with their acquaintances amidst a crowd. Note how young ladies today differ from before and what caused this shift in norms.

6. Sociology and Customs Around the World

Some customs are acceptable in one country but aren’t in another. This prompt is similar to the previous number, but it’s more fitting if you want to talk about something happening in the modern world. 

For instance, tipping is customary in the US and UK, but in Japan and South Korea, giving employees tips is insulting because they take pride in their jobs.

Here’s a great tip: If you want to make your essay more readable, here’s our guide on transition words you can incorporate into your piece.