Essays About Quotes: Top 5 Examples and 7 Prompts

Quotes are essential to relay a speaker’s exact words to avoid changing their meaning. See our essays about quotes examples, including prompts for your writing.

Quotes are phases, short passages, and sentences copied from original speeches or books. In writing, there are two primary purposes of quotations: to give information and to inspire. Usually, motivational and inspiring quotes are applied in journals, while quotations and citations are for essays. 

Some quotes can be misinterpreted because of a lack of context, so make sure you research the roots of your quote before you include them in your papers. To write an essay about quotes, you must explore their different applications and incorporate their importance.

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5 Essay Examples

1. Essay on Quotes by Anonymous on Toppr.Com

“People like to read well-written quotes. This is because quotes are concise sentences that have the capability to awaken motivation, wisdom, inspiration and happiness. Reading a good quote is akin to eating a slice of a delicious cake or a piece of good chocolate.”

Quotes can motivate, inspire, and encourage people to take action. In this essay, the author says quotes are meaningful because they can lift your mood and can help us to see the bright side of every bad situation. They also improve perception and self-confidence, reducing stress and anxiety during challenging times in life.

The writer also mentions that to make an impressive speech, post, or writing, you must practice writing quotations. The quotes should always convey the central message of the speaker succinctly so the audience can easily understand them. The chosen quotes should be catchy and exciting, with proper usage of metaphors, and adequately demonstrate the writer’s intelligence level. You might also be interested in our list of quotes about communication.

2. Religious Quotes on Poverty and Their Interpretations Essay by Anonymous on IvyPanda.Com

“This quote questions whether a life of luxury is truly worth the number of lives that could have been saved if the money had gone to them instead.”

This essay contains three passages from St. Ambrose, St. Augustine, and Mother Teresa that criticize the rich. The piece highlights a specific word or phrase to adequately explain the three quotes’ meaning to the readers. 

The excerpt above is part of the author’s explanation of Mother Theresa’s quote, where they interpret “living as you wish” as a person’s expensive but unnecessary lifestyle. According to the writer, Mother Theresa wants to convey that there are other ways to spend the money that rich people have. They explain that instead of eating in fancy restaurants, traveling abroad, buying big mansions, and spending on worldly things, it is better to donate and help save other people’s lives.

3. Words as a Very Powerful Device: Quotes and Sayings by Anonymous on EduBirdie.Com

“Both will want to impress their new in-laws, create a good impression with their guests, and honor their new spouse as well. There’s also the fact that weddings are an emotional occasion, especially if you’re the one who’s getting married. While putting all of these together may sound like a tall order, they can deliver it using wedding quotes and sayings.”

Throughout the essay, the writer guides the reader on creating an organized, beautiful, and meaningful wedding speech with quotes. The author notes that at a wedding, the first speaker, usually the husband, will thank all the guests and entourage for attending and helping with the wedding, the parents, and finally, their spouse.

It’s a nerve-cracking task because the speaker should impress everyone at the celebration. The essay recommends using wedding quotes available on the internet or bible verses to help deliver the speech. The writer reminds us that the speech should only have a few quotes to avoid confusing the audience.

4. How Emerson’s Quote Has Changed My Life by Anonymous on Eduzaurus.Com

“… A quote written by Ralph Waldo Emerson states. ‘The power which resides in him is new nature, and none but he knows what that he can do, nor does he know until he has tried.’ This quote is stating that you will not know what you like nor what you are good at until you have tried.”

Emerson’s quote talks about peoples’ hidden talent that is not yet known, even to them. This quote resonates with the author, and they explain it throughout the essay. Emerson’s penchant for writing quotes about taking risks and trying new things led the author to change schools and leave the people he grew up with.

Although the writer is afraid of the new social challenge, with the good influence of Emerson’s words, they gritted through the difficult first days until they adjusted to the new environment. Since then, the author was no longer afraid to try new things as they learned to trust themselves and be more optimistic.

5. Ender’s Game Quotes by Writer Barney

“There is not teacher but the enemy. This quote from the book taught me that, you could learn from anyone, even the people you hate and consider your enemy.”

Barney picks three quotes from “The Ender’s Game” book and shares what he learned from each passage. He says that the lines he chose taught him many things related to real-life situations, such as lying. He explains that sometimes people don’t lie on purpose, but they unconsciously do it as they believe it is the best thing to do. Ultimately, the essay shows how quotes from fiction books still offer knowledge we can use in the natural world

7 Prompts for Essays About Quotes

1. What Is a Quote?

Essays About Quotes: What is a quote?
In your essay, discuss the common reasons writers include quotations in their essays, the dos and don’ts, and the advantages and disadvantages of adding quotes

A quote is the repetition of the exact words spoken and written by someone. Briefly explain its origin, meaning, and its use in different types of writing. Then use a specific form of writing to focus on, for example, essays. Discuss the common reasons writers include quotations in their essays, the dos and don’ts, and the advantages and disadvantages of adding quotes that every writer should know.

Check out our article on why to write quotes for a list of motives you can expand on in your essay.

2. My Favorite Positive Quote

We all have positive words that inspire us. Use this prompt to share the ultimate positive quote that significantly impacts your life. Discuss who it was from, how you first saw or read it, and why you liked it. Explain your interpretation of this quote and how you apply its message to your life choices.

3. What Is a Wisdom Quote?

Being wise means making decisions based on your knowledge and experiences. For this prompt, choose at least three well-known wisdom passages most can recognize and explain them individually. Then, discuss how effectively these quotes give someone wisdom and change their perception of life. Include the action these quotes inspire and how to put them into practice.

4. Love Quotes That Strengthen My Relationship

Essays About Quotes: Love quotes that strengthen my relationship
In your essay, choose five love quotes and discuss how these words guided you in managing your romantic relationships

Whether you’re looking for a proposal idea, words to add to your love letters, or something to clear your mind during a complicated relationship, love quotes can help you. To write this essay, choose at least five love quotes from your notes and interpret them individually. Then discuss how these words guided you in managing your romantic relationships.

To help you pick your next essay topic, check out our top topics about love.

5. Inspirational Quote from My Favorite Character

Our favorite quotes come from characters we most relate to, so in this prompt, focus on the character you connect with the most and pick a quote they said that resonates with your beliefs and personality. 

An example: Edna Mode of The Incredibles once said, “I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.” Her forward-thinking makes her a fantastic character, and her excerpts remind me not to wallow in my past mistakes to better myself today. 

6. Does a Quote Change a Person?

Don Yaeger from Forbes said that meaningful quotes affect his life and those around him. Share your opinion on this statement and whether a simple quote can have that much power. Back up your argument with relevant information and studies to persuade your readers to believe you.

7. How I Use Quotes in My Writing

Quotes are essential to ensure there’s no room for misinterpretation. For this prompt, share how you prefer quotes in your pieces besides their grammatical explanation. For instance, you can say you like using quotes at the beginning of your writing to pique your readers’ interest and encourage them to keep reading. Explain your process of picking a quote and other ways you incorporate it in your papers. If you are interested in learning more, check out our essay writing tips!

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